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Get some books to boost your mood

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Our well-being depends on what has happened to us in the past or what we are facing now. Sometimes we just get lost in our fears and problems and feel bad, while we can be more lively and happy. What do you think is the reason for this? Why are we sad and bored when we can be satisfied and happy? Well do not worry! We have books that can make you feel better, books that meet your specific needs and help you feel better. In today’s article, we will introduce you to 10 books that can be effective in improving your condition. Make good and effective books that you will enjoy reading.

1. Guardian of lost objects

the writer: Ruth Hogan
Translator: Delaram Amir Mostofian (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Iham (user suggestion)
number of pages: 295

This The story is very fascinating and mesmerizing. The guardian of lost objects takes you into a world of contradictions, where someone makes an inadvertent mistake and pays a heavy price for it. “Ruth Hogan’s first romantic, entertaining and influential appearance is so precious and rare that it is a true story and has clever characters,” the Daily Mail wrote of the book.

The story of this book is about a person who loses his wife’s memento and loses his wife the same day. The death of his wife hurts him so much that he can not calm himself down by any trick. Finally, after enduring painful days, he finds a way to forgive himself and hope, a challenging and engaging way that the audience enjoys.

This book is very cleverly written and encourages the audience to always trust their creativity and make their hard and unpleasant days better by trying and trusting themselves. In this book, you will be with the main character to improve your mood.

۲. The force of the present

The force of the present

the writer: Eckhart Tull
Translator: Masiha Barzegar (suggested by users)
Publishers: Mind hanger (suggested by users)
number of pages: 352

Sometimes we feel bad because we are lost in the past. Sometimes we feel bad because we have not learned to understand now. In order to get rid of this boring situation and to appreciate the current moments better and more, we suggest you the book The Force of the Present.

This book is written with the aim of understanding the present and teaches us:

  • Touch life better;
  • Let go of the past and its events;
  • Let’s make better decisions;
  • Make us feel better.

The Force of the Present is one of the best books on the present and can completely change the life of its audience. If you are also looking to improve your mood and enjoy life more than before, be sure to put the book The Force of the Present at the top of the list of books you should read.

3. Star‌bakhsh

Star section

the writer: Jojo Moyes
Translator: Shahrzad Salehi (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Milkan (suggested by users)
number of pages: 400

Love, friendship and self-awareness are portrayed in the book Star for the audience, beyond all our imagination. This book is written based on a true narrative and the efforts and perseverance of its characters give the audience a feeling of vitality and power.

In this book, you will encounter such warm love and friendship that you will not only read every moment of the story, but you will live with pleasure. The same good feeling and the same vitality of the true narrative will make you feel better. It is as if there is infinitely good work and good energy flowing around you. This book has the power to have a direct impact on your life and after reading it, you will feel energy and vitality.

Sometimes we just need to replace the negative energy and bad mood with the good energy we receive from around us. This book acts as a small and energetic community for you and gives you a good mood.

4. فال نیک

Good luck with a good book

writers: Neil Gaiman, Terry Perchett
Translator: Rajabi Nasab Oath (Suggested by Users)
Publishers: Behnam (user suggestion)
number of pages: 384

The approach of Fal Nick book to improve the mood of its audience is very attractive. Everything starts indirectly and starts from a simple narrative; The world is about to end! It is as if the last day of life of all human beings on earth has been determined and we have no future. A group of people are trying to pack their bags to go to heaven and a group is terrified.

In all this hustle and bustle, the heroes of the story enter. Those who want to delay this end and give people a little more opportunity to live! Indeed, if the world were coming to an end and we knew that everything would be over in a few days, how much grief would we have for our problems? What percentage of our discomfort remained? How did our regrets change? Were we willing to continue to grieve?

If you are looking for a good present and want to make the future better than the past, read the good omen.

The Washington Post wrote about this book:

Many of the literary innovations used in the plot and parts of the story are very good, and the book has a very good characterization. Wow book! Whether this book will be a hellish movie or a heavenly movie is your choice.

5. Princess Wedding

Princess Wedding Make a good book

the writer: William Goldman
Translator: Leila Taheri (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Same (user suggestion)
number of pages: 646

The story is full of true love, adventure, miracle and excitement. In this book, the author combines several genres and gives you a different world. The story of this book is so different and exciting that it takes you away from all your worries; It is as if you live in this book.

This book is good, because it gives your brain a chance to stop analyzing problems a bit and relax by reading this fascinating story. By reading this exciting book, you will calm your mind and by the end of the book, you can look at life again and with a new perspective. Perhaps this is the art of the princess wedding book, which gives us a brief success in a short period of time to let go of our minds and thoughts and forget the problems and troubles. Read this book if you feel you need to step away from your mental worries and relax.

6. Rosie Project

Rozi Project Make a good book

the writer: Grim Simsion
Translator: Narges Jalalati (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Tandis Library (User Suggestion)
number of pages: 344

This book is the life story of an accurate, disciplined and very smart university professor who has a plan for all the moments of his life. This professor of genetics teaches at a university in Melbourne and has been working on scientific projects for many years. Of course, despite his great scientific reputation, he is weak in social relations and has few friends.

He has never fallen in love and thinks that he can find a solution by planning his marriage. This genius master sets up projects and compiles a set of questions to find a suitable spouse. In the process of advancing this project, he meets a charming girl named Behnam Rozi, and this is the beginning of a very beautiful and fascinating story.

This story has a different atmosphere and shows different perspectives to the reader. As soon as we see the problems Always They are not like our imagination and to understand that no one is without problems, the author has achieved his main goal. If you want to see different forms of people and their problems and get a more comprehensive view of life, do not miss the book of Rozi Project by reading a beautiful story.

7. Re-parenting; Become a parent again

Re-parenting: Become a parent again

the writer: Yang Kang Chan
Translators: Nasrin Zamanizad, Leila Barzegari (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Naroon Danesh (suggested by users)
number of pages: ۱۴۳

Be in love with yourself. This short sentence is an excerpt from the book Parenting Again. In this book, we are going to enter through peace and friendship. Many of us have been hurt by our parents’ ignorance. It is rare to find someone who has not been harmed by their parents’ wrong decisions.

In such a situation, the children are always complaining and consider their lives wasted. Depending on the extent of the damage they have suffered, they have the right to complain and blame everything on their parents’ mistakes.

Young, the author of this wonderful book, opens a new window for the audience to look at. “Well, you’re right,” he says. Injured, but enough. “Love now and move on.”

If you are one of those people who feel hurt because of your parents, be sure to read this book. By reading it, you will both forgive them and get rid of unpleasant feelings. For this reason, this fascinating book has been included in the list of books that are doing well.

8. Work for very sensitive people

Workbook for very sensitive people

the writer: Allen Ann Aaron
Translator: مینو پرنیانی (suggested by users)
Publishers: Ashian (suggested by users)
number of pages: 350

Sensitivity is one of the common characteristics of people in society. Many people around us have been labeled “sensitive”:
  • Those who are questioning;
  • People who cope well with disorder;
  • Those who are easily harmed by social ills;
  • People who have a very strong logic.

These people are under pressure in society and that is why they are not feeling well. If you are one of these people and you are tired of this situation, this book is for you.

The book “Working for Very Sensitive People” makes you feel understood. It calms your heart and makes you feel better, which is why it is one of the best books to make you feel good.

9. To rise with authority

Have a good time with the authority of a book

the writer: Bernie Brown
Translator: Seyedeh Farzaneh Hosseini (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Milkan (suggested by users)
number of pages: 286

“Rising with Authority” was written by Berne Brown; A popular social worker whose books have changed a lot these days. With this book, we gain the courage to rise again. If you have fallen for any reason and now your life is very hard and difficult, Bernie Brown tells you in this book: “I know and I understand you. “Put your hand on your knee and get up.” Of course, it is not so simple, but with dozens of beautiful sentences and examples that you have no choice but to rise to power!

This book not only examines the process of rising, but also the process of falling, and discusses all the fabric that may have happened to each of us. According to the author, we have all fallen into life and then left it behind. In The Rise of Power we are supposed to read some of these failure stories, but these stories are true and bear no resemblance to the myths told in most success books.

If you feel the need to stand up again, this book is for you.

10. Minds and emotions; Integrated therapy for emotional disorders

Minds and Emotions: An integrated treatment for emotional disorders

writers: Matthew McKay, Patrick Fanning, Patricia Zorita Ona
Translators: Elias Akbari, Mohammad Khaleghi, Mohammad Mehdi Zakeri (Suggested by users)
Publishers: Academic Publishing Center (suggested by users)
number of pages: 260

Sometimes we may not feel good because we can not control our emotions. In this book, skills are taught to the audience so that they can control their emotions properly. With this training, we no longer have to worry about not being able to manage different situations.

If we change from an anxious person to a calm and receptive person who deals with things calmly, we will definitely feel better. The book Minds and Emotions is the result of many fascinating researches and methods to acquaint the audience with the world of inner peace, and for this reason, it has been included in the list of good books. If you also feel the need to manage your emotions, be sure to read this book and feel better.

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In this article, we have introduced you to 10 useful books for feeling better. What book has brought you good mood so far? How to talk about it with us and the audience of the magazine in the comments section. Also, if you have experience reading the books mentioned in this list, let us know what you think.






Get some books to boost your mood

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