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Game of Thrones management strategies from the language of the characters in the story

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Leaving aside the dissatisfaction and frustration of some fans with the episodes that aired in the final season, this series, which has countless fans, continues the story in each episode in such a way that you can not wait to watch the next episode! What makes Game of Thrones fascinating is the change and growth of the characters in each season. In contrast to series that make us laugh or take us into a dark world, Game of Thrones teaches us lessons in business and leadership and life lessons. Remember the Lannister motto at the beginning of this motto: Do ​​not owe anyone! Read this article to know why Lannisters believed in this principle.

The characters in the story are treated in a way that teaches us to learn from our mistakes, to become wiser, to understand the world around us, and to never give up. Read more about management strategies in the language of the characters in the story.

Tyrion Lannister: Never forget who you are, others will notice. This is a weapon that will never harm you

This is the most important lesson for any entrepreneur. Simply put, always be yourself. Others will try to change you, but if you know who you really are, those around you will automatically recognize your true self. In this way, your business will thrive on a solid foundation.

Lord Veris: Even very small humans can have very long shadows

Do not underestimate anything in life. Various people have often ignored Tyrion Lannister and deemed him worthless. They often forgot what a wise man he was. Whenever the Lannister family gets into trouble, Tyrion makes the most of his intelligence. The fact that she is now Queen Daenerys’ deputy leaves no room for further explanation!

As an entrepreneur, you need to know that problems always arise. On your way you will encounter unforeseen obstacles; In such difficult times, awaken your inner “Tyrion”. Remember that you do not need to be in power to be strong.

Peter Bilish: Chaos is not a bad thing, chaos is a ladder of progress

Peter Belish, known as the “Little Finger,” may seem like a minor character, but he’s a protagonist in every plot.

Moving in the right direction is something that everyone does; Look for the rough path because it is on this path that you become a real entrepreneur. If you have not yet dealt with the problems and you know this is an advantage, you should know that you have not learned much! Where it is dark and ambiguous, it is full of valuable opportunities. This is where you find out how far you can go up the ladder and get closer to your goal.

Lord Tywin Lannister: The one who insists he is the king is not the real king

Game of Thrones Management Strategies You need to take the lead.

If you have to remind others that you are their leader and ask for respect, know that you are done. You lack the most basic leadership trait. The true leader does not force others to follow him, others do it of their own free will. You have to reach such a position yourself, no one can give you the position of a leader ready and willing. Daenerys is a queen who has won the respect and loyalty of her fans. Lannisters, on the other hand, are rulers and are treated like rulers, no more.

In the real world, be an entrepreneur who strives to grow his business and his employees; Everything else goes on.

Daenerys Targaryen: I get what I owe with blood and fire

Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of dragons, has gone through the most difficult difficulties. It does not matter if the enemy forces are against him or ineffective strategies, he will not back down. So whenever you fall to the ground, remember Daenerys and his instructions.

If you lose a contract, you will have other contracts ahead of you. Just try, evaluate the route, work on your plans again and again. If you are sure that your plan is safe, you will succeed.

Tali family motto: family, duty, honor

This simple and universal belief should be a model for every human being. Although the slogan refers to the rules of governance in the series, this principle should be the headline of any business.

In a world where organizations face highs and lows, nothing will be sustainable without trust, loyalty and teamwork.

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Game of Thrones management strategies from the language of the characters in the story

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