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Finding a friend in adulthood with 7 simple but clever ways

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We do not address the issue alone enough. This is while loneliness affects everything. Loneliness exacerbates feelings of depression and anxiety, makes it difficult to focus on tasks, and therefore affects our jobs. Loneliness endangers human health and carries as much risk of death as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Fortunately, the opposite is also true: when we see ourselves in relation to others, we become physiologically relaxed; For example, our heart rate decreases. Laughing is remarkably good for health, whether with co-workers or friends. In this article, we will get acquainted with 7 ways that make it easy to find a friend in adulthood. Stay with us.

If you have moved or migrated from one city to another several times in your life, you go through the transition process each time. You have to adapt to the situation every time. One of the most challenging parts of this application is finding new friends. It does not matter if you have recently moved or some of your friends are married or have children; In such cases, you may suddenly feel more lonely. Finding new friends in adulthood is really important. Maybe the tips I have written in this article can help you in this regard.

1. Attend training courses

Last year, I took an improvisational acting class on Thursday evenings. Some of my classmates were there to improve their public speaking skills, and some, including me, wanted to have some new fun.

it was very exciting. Once a week, I had the opportunity to experience madness and creativity. It was easy to make friends there; Especially since the art workshop held a monthly show and after that we all went to the cafe. Just by attending a class, I was able to have a whole new set of acquaintances.

One of the best ways to make friends is to attend classes or other regular meetings. When we see people over and over again, emotional connection, cognition, and recognition become easier.

2. Attend courses

The idea behind the previous case applies here as well. There are groups for climbers, those interested in cultural and artistic issues, mathematics, and so on; In these groups, people pursue common interests.

I repeat, when you want to make friends, attend meetings that are held regularly, such as a group that goes hiking every Friday.

3. Tell others you are looking for a friend

Do not be afraid to let others know that you are looking for friendship and community. For example, say, “Hello, I’m a newcomer and I want to be with others and participate in their communities and get a job.” “Tell me if there is any news.”

Kind people will be found to invite you to their communities or advise you on the communities you can join. For example, if you tell your co-workers on Thursday afternoon that you want to make a plan for the weekend, they will help you and suggest things you can do during the holidays.

4. Connect to your college friends network

I left Barcelona in my early 20s. I knew I was going to stay there; That means I needed relationships; So I wrote on the college graduates page: “Hello, does anyone know Barcelona?”

Within 6 hours, an email connection was established between me and a friend from school. Eventually he let me stay at his house and thus I was able to save on accommodation. He helped me find a language teaching job; He also introduced me to three of his Italian humorous roommates.

To this day, he is one of my closest friends.

In addition, you can search on social networks and find clues from old friends. You will be amazed at how responsive it is.

5. Listen, look for similarities and praise

Share the happiness of your friends

Getting along with others is much less about yourself and more about focusing on them. Do not try to be an interesting person, but treat others as if they are interesting to you. What is the best way to do this? Listening, searching for similarities and positive attention. Research shows that listening to others and showing a desire to hear more from them simply makes you popular.

Numerous studies have identified similarity as a vital element; So if others point to a common theme, highlight it.

Finally, pay attention to the positive points. Be enthusiastic and encouraging when someone talks about the good in their lives. The surprising finding of research is that the closest and most intimate relationships, in which the most trust flows, are determined not by the individual’s reaction to other frustrations and losses but by his or her response to good news.

6. Do not be a stranger

The first and most important thing is: free up your time. What is the most common topic of controversy among friends? Time commitment. Daniel Hruschka has reviewed research into the causes of conflicts between friends. He realized that most of the reason for differences between friends goes back to time commitment. Spending time with another is a reliable sign of the value we place on him; No one likes to be underestimated.

If you want to be close friends with someone, you have to keep in touch with them. Now the question is, how often do you need to see each other? Studies show that at least once every 2 weeks.

So even if necessary, set a reminder alarm on your phone once every 2 weeks. But there is a better way to make sure you do not forget…:

7. Create a group

Create groups and make friends in adulthood

Denmark has the happiest people in the world. Why are Danes so happy? One of the reasons for this happiness is the membership of 92% of them in one of the types of social groups.

Ruut Veenhoven is a sociologist. He and a group of colleagues collected happiness-related data from 91 countries. This sample represents two-thirds of the world’s population. Accordingly, Denmark has the happiest population in the world, followed by Switzerland with a slight difference. Interestingly, a more detailed survey found that 92% of people in Denmark belong to groups ranging from sports to cultural interests. To avoid loneliness, we must prepare for an active social life, maintain our friendships, and enjoy lasting relationships.

The best way to ensure that you are a member of a group is to form a group yourself. This will make it easier for you to stay in touch and manage your friendships with less energy.

Weekly lunch, football game once every 2 weeks, monthly group charity work, each night dedicated to a night to watch movies; Whatever you prefer, it can be useful. Your friends bring new friends; Then meeting interesting and new people will no longer be a difficult task. Everyone should be thankful for finding new friends from the group’s founder, you.

Try to form a strong relationship group for everyone. Numerous studies show that older people are happier. One reason is that they have pushed awkward patches out of their relationship. Other studies show that people seek out situations that improve their condition as they age; For example, they eliminate acquaintances and friends who are likely to be offended.

The last word

The most important thing when looking for a friend in adulthood is to know that it is possible and that you who are looking for a friend have no problem. Loneliness can be dangerous and can damage our health and self-esteem. Remember that you are not alone. People out there are looking for friends right now in the city you are in; They are just as worried or insecure as you are. We are all on the same path.

Tell us about your positive dating experiences. Do you have a group that you regularly follow with your friends? What groups?

Friendship is the most difficult concept in the world to describe. This concept was not something you were taught in school; But if you do not understand the meaning of friendship, in fact, you have not understood anything.





Finding a friend in adulthood with 7 simple but clever ways

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