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Fear of being judged by others; Roots and how to deal with it

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Fear of being judged by others is usually one of the most common concerns. We do not speak or speak in class or at work so that others do not judge us. This fear often causes us to behave against the wishes of others; But how can we get rid of this painful fear? In this article, we will teach you the skills you can use to deal with the fear of being judged. Of course, before that, we need to know where the fear of being judged comes from so that we can better deal with it. Stay with us.

The root of judging people

Fear of being judged by others is related to the fact that we want everyone to love us. But since such a thing is impossible, people try to show less of their reality. Before we know how to deal with the fear of being judged negatively by others, we need to know where this kind of judgment comes from.

Why do we judge others?

Despite all our efforts to do the right thing, we all occasionally judge others. Judging others creates a sense of false superiority in us; In this way, by doing so, we justify ourselves and our behavior and the behavior of the other person.

The root of judgment Fear of not being good Is. This concern is common among many people. Usually the purpose of judging others is to eliminate feelings of unworthiness or unpopularity. People who have such negative feelings try to alleviate their bad feelings by making others look bad and saying negative things about them.

Judgment can also take place within ourselves; For example, at times when, instead of feeling compassion, gratitude, love, or happiness, we engage in negative emotions such as shame, comparison, fear, anger, or resentment.

Others are always judging: whether positive or negative. Fear of judgment arises when we want others to love us at all times. You should know that such a situation is never possible; Therefore, this feeling always leads to failure and prevents us from experiencing and expressing our true selves.

To solve all these problems, we must learn how to get rid of these feelings and also how to deal with the fear of being judged by others. Here are some ways to get rid of this fear.

How to deal with the fear of being judged by others?

How to deal with the fear of being judged by others?

Now that we have the root of judging others, we need to know that we are out of control of the minds and behaviors of others. The only thing we can do is deal with our fears and correct our behavior. But how can we overcome the fear of being judged by others and gain the self-confidence to articulate our goals? Here are six important principles you can focus on to get rid of this fear forever.

Principle 1: ارزش Value yourself

If other people’s negative thoughts about you are important to you or you are afraid that others will judge you, you will not accept yourself enough. You have to stop doing this and value yourself; So always repeat with yourself:

I am good and I value more than the passing thoughts of others.

Try putting such sentences everywhere in your home or workplace and setting your cell phone alarm to remind you that you are valuable.

When you come to believe that you are valuable and that you prioritize yourself, you no longer care what others think of you or how you are judged; ‌ as a result, you will feel liberated.

Principle 2: Nothing lasts forever

The fact is that the human brain stores limited information forever, and the rest of the information is transient and may be forgotten. Judging others is a trivial matter that may come to mind temporarily and then be forgotten. So when someone makes a judgment about you, it is likely that the judgment will disappear in a few moments or hours.

Thus, there is no reason to worry about others’ short-term thoughts; Because most people prefer to think for themselves instead of thinking for others.

Principle 3: You are not responsible for the behavior of others

Fear of being judged by others in society - You are not responsible for the behavior of others

Trying to control the judgment of others is futile and never succeeds. You can not control the opinions of others. They may not express their judgment frankly, but that does not mean that they do not think in their minds or stop judging.

So do not bother yourself and try to live as you like and do not care about other people’s opinions.

Principle 4: Judging others does not affect your future

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. It is safe to say that judging others will not hurt you in any way unless you allow yourself to. When you succumb to the judgment of others, it means that you are depriving yourself of a sense of worth and instead that what others say is more important to you than yourself.

What others think and say about you has no bearing on your destiny and will not change anything in your life. People can have different opinions about you and have a lot of positive and negative thoughts about you. But do not forget that you will never be rewarded for the positive thoughts of others and you will not be penalized for their negative thoughts.

So do not focus your thoughts on the thoughts of others and focus on the most important issues in your life. When you pay less attention to judgments, you can overcome the fear of judging others forever.

Principle 5: Start the change yourself

If you want to act freely and not be judged by others, it is better to stop judging others forever. Of course, judgment is inevitable, but try to control your mind and do not let negative thoughts about others enter your mind.

Change the focus of your judgments. Whenever you judge someone, ask yourself how their behavior could affect your destiny and future. In this way you can train your mind so that it does not judge others.

Principle 6: Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself - fear of being judged by others

Once you are truly aware of your strengths and weaknesses, you will no longer be influenced by the thoughts and professions of others about you. Never give others a chance to boost your self-confidence.

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. But do not forget that people never give up and we can never do what all people want.

Knowing our strengths and weaknesses, we no longer care about the judgments of others. Do not let the thoughts of others take control of your life. Once you love yourself, you will no longer care about the judgment of others.

You may never be able to stop others from judging you. What you can do is get rid of negative thoughts and have confidence in yourself and what you do. Rest assured, everyone is afraid that others will judge them. You are not alone.

Towards the future!

By following the methods above, you can gradually reduce your fear of being judged by others. The next time you judge someone, try not to think about their judgment and thoughts. Stop analyzing the thoughts of others. Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis to have a positive impact on your life. You will undoubtedly achieve good results.

How worried are you about how others will judge you? How has this affected your life and emotions? How do you deal with that? Tell us about your successful tricks.

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Fear of being judged by others; Roots and how to deal with it

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