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Favorite books of the rich; 10 books recommended by the rich of the world

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Imitating the lifestyle of successful and wealthy people is one of the ways that helps us on the path to success. Of particular importance is what the rich use to nourish their souls. In this book introduction, we have looked at books that have been recommended for reading by the wealthy such as Bill Gates, Ilan Musk, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. If you are one of those people who follow the opinions and advice of elders to succeed, do not miss this book introduction.

It will definitely be interesting for you to read more. It should be noted that the books introduced are not related to a specific topic; That is, they are not merely motivational or just scientific. It can be said that what they have in common is that they have been introduced by successful and rich people.

1. Think books and get rich | Bill Gates’ suggestion

the writer: Napoleon Hill
Translator: Mahin Khalsi
Publishers: The new generation
number of pages: 342

Among all the books in the field of success and getting rich, Think and Get Rich is an old work; Because its first edition is related to 1937. Of course, this antiquity has added more value to it in the present age due to its influence and popularity. In this book, Napoleon Hill presents 13 principles for getting rich; Principles and rules that are the result of his more than 20 years of study in the field of wealth.

Hill believes that in order to become rich, we must first know how the rich think and how they live. This way of thinking led him to interview many rich and successful people. This book is the result of his interview and research in this field. Therefore, reading this book provides a lot of experience for those who want to start their own business and get rich.

What makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful people is the certainty of the goal and the intense desire to achieve it. The real world leaders were those who were able to turn their thoughts into skyscrapers, factories, airplanes and more.

۲. The book of power now | Bill Gates’ suggestion

The Power Book Now - Suggested by Bill Gates

the writer: اکهارت تله
Translator: غزل رمضانی
Publishers: Mind pendant
number of pages: 280

As the title suggests, the value of the present and how to live in the present are central to the book. In this book, Eckhart Traps offers ways to get rid of the suffering and monotony that everyday life entails us with and to enjoy the moment more. The knowledge that this book gives us about ourselves and the world around us can be considered a prominent feature. This awareness is expressed in simple language for the general public. This issue has doubled its effectiveness.

The author of this book has suffered from depression for many years and this book is the result of his spiritual awakening. The book Power Now comes from the author’s personal experience, which has greatly enhanced the impact of his words. If you are looking for more peace and satisfaction in your life, this book will guide you in this direction.

Beggars are all those who have not found their true wealth; The same wealth that is the joy of existence. The same source of deep peace that boils inside. They beg again if they have millions of dollars. Such people, with a begging bowl in their hand, wander outside to get pleasure or satisfaction from this or that particle.

3. Book Why do we sleep? | Bill Gates’ suggestion

The book Why we should sleep - suggested by Bill Gates

the writer: Matthew Walker
Translator: Nahid Maleki
Publishers: novel
number of pages: 375

Today’s world, under the influence of technology, instills in our lives speed and anxiety and a sense of inadequacy. These emotions directly affect our sleep and rest time. Now the question arises, why do we sleep at all? Matthew Walker is a neurologist and sleep researcher. In this book, he examines the issue of dreams in a completely scientific way. This book is the result of his research in the field of sleep and dreams.

Why do we sleep? How many hours should we sleep? What effect does sleeping and not sleeping have on our health? And everything else related to sleep is mentioned in this book. As someone who seeks success, sleep can always be a challenge in our daily lives that we must properly understand and plan for. This book, due to its scientific nature, is a good option for awareness in the field of dreams.

There are many ways in which not getting enough sleep can kill you. Some of them are time consuming; But the rest is very urgent. Concentration is one of the functions of the brain that succumbs to even the slightest deprivation of sleep.

4. Opening shoe book | Suggested by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates

Open-toed shoes - suggested by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates

the writer: Phil Knight
Translator: Bashiri Rebellion
Publishers: Milkan
number of pages: 340

Nike is one of the largest and most popular sports brands in the world today. In the book Open Shoes, we are going to hear the story of the company becoming one of the giants that produce sportswear and accessories from Nike, the founder and CEO of Nike. The company was initially started with the name “Blue Ribbon” and only by Phil Knight himself. He was a professional runner and was aware of the importance of shoes for athletes, especially runners. He started his business from here, that is, selling imported shoes.

Phil Knight’s tumultuous life and, of course, the challenging path he took with Nike are full of valuable lessons that will be useful and inspiring to any novice entrepreneur looking to expand his career and earn more. Warren Buffett and Bill Gates consider this book one of the best books published in 2016. If you want to follow a real and interesting story that has many lessons for you at the same time, we suggest you to read Open Shoes.

Regardless of what business you have or what field you have studied, this book is a story of achieving your desires and aspirations. A guide to get from nothing to everything. A guide to listening to your heart and running after your dreams. The story of breaking and returning from the depths of darkness broke. The story of wasting talent.

5. Why do nations fail? | Suggested by Mark Zuckerberg

Why do nations fail?  Suggested by Mark Zuckerberg

the writer: Darun Ajamoglu, James E. Robinson
Translator: Mohsen Mirdamadi, Mohammad Hossein Naeimipour
Publishers: hole
number of pages: 576

In today’s world, economics is the most influential issue in different societies, and economic warfare has replaced the common types of wars of the past. People’s satisfaction with governments is also directly related to the state of the country’s economy. In this situation, starting a business with the goal of getting rich requires a lot of knowledge. In this book, written by two experienced economists, we find the relationship between economics and governments. The authors try to take a fresh look at the economy and its relationship with governments in simple language and with examples from different countries.

At first glance, we seem to be dealing with a highly specialized book that only economists and economics students can understand. But this is not the case; Because the issue is stated in a simple and understandable way for everyone. If you are looking to understand the state of the world economy and its impact on countries with different political approaches, this book gives you a new and comprehensive look at it.

The reason for the incorrect implementation of economic policies and the failure of countries to achieve development lies in one word: Politician dilemma: maintaining efficiency or maintaining the rule of a particular group. The problem of politicians is generally not the lack of science and knowledge. The dilemma of maintaining political power is through sacrificing the public interest or securing the public interest and the gradual loss of political power.

6. History Book Almost Everything | Bill Gates’ suggestion

History of almost everything - Bill Gates suggested

the writer: Bill Bryson
Translator: محمدتقی فرامرزی
Publishers: Maziar
number of pages: 608

Scientific books usually have their own audience and usually each book examines and analyzes a specific topic and discipline. The book we want to introduce is the opposite of this category of scientific books; Because he has gone to different scientific disciplines and has described each issue in simple language so that the general audience can understand it. As to why Bill Bryson thought of writing such a book, the textbooks could never get his attention to the subject as well as his satisfaction in understanding it.

For this reason, he decided to address the weaknesses of textbooks in this work and to look at scientific questions and discoveries from a new perspective. In his book, while answering many questions, he tries to arouse the audience’s curiosity for further follow-up. This feature has doubled the book’s appeal. If you are looking for answers to your questions in an exciting science book, a history book is almost everything.

The first thing you need to know is that in order to be here, trillions of wandering atoms have had to come together in amazing ways, full of grace and love, to be created. Being at the atomic level is not a happy experience. Your atoms, with all their eager attention, are practically not thinking about you, that is, they do not know at all that you are at work.

7. The Book of the Secrets of the Rich Mind Suggested by Anthony Robbins

The Secrets of the Rich Mind - by Anthony Robbins

the writer: T. Harrow Acker
Translator: Mehdi Nekouei
Publishers: New look
number of pages: 292

Why do we not see growth and progress in our work despite our tireless efforts? This is the question that T. Harrow Acker is going to answer in this book. He does not see success as a constant effort; Rather, he considers “how and with what mentality we are trying” to be more important and, in fact, the essence of the story. The contents of the book are written and categorized in the same way.

“In the first part of this book, we will explain how the thinking and action of each of us becomes conditional when it comes to money, and there are four key strategies for reviewing the mental money program,” says the author. “In the second part, the differences between the way of thinking of the rich, the middle class and the poor are examined, and seventeen attitudes and actions are listed that must be operationalized in order for permanent changes to take place in your financial life.”

If you think you have a challenge to succeed in your business and become mentally rich, reading this book will help you reach your goals with more mental readiness.

Your inner beliefs about yourself are very important. Do you really feel that you deserve to be rich? Your personality, your way of thinking and your beliefs play a major role in determining your success rate. If you want to change the fruits, you have to change the roots.

8. Book Zero to One | Suggested by Ilan Mask

Book Zero to One - Suggested by Ilan Mask

the writer: Peter Till
Translators: Wase Alavi, Raheleh Yousefzadeh
Publishers: novel
number of pages: 204

Here is the title of the book Zero to One: Tips on Startups, How to Build the Future. This sentence indicates that we are going to read a book on the central theme of startups and how ideas and companies are formed. This book is one of the most popular books among entrepreneurs; Because it is a good guide and incentive to generate ideas and start businesses.

The author of this book believes that creation is like reaching from zero to one. The name of the book comes from the same belief. If you have an idea for starting a startup or if you are facing entrepreneurial challenges, we recommend reading this book.

Imitating a pattern is easier than creating something new. Doing what we know how to do will take the world from one to n and add something familiar to it. But every time we create something new, we go from zero to one.

9. Zen Mind Book, The Beginner Mind | Suggested by Steve Jobs

Zen Mind, The Beginner's Mind - Suggested by Steve Jobs

the writer: Shunrio Suzuki

Translator: Ali Zafar Qahramani, Nejad

Publishers: بیدگل

number of pages: 209

Shonrio Suzuki is a Japanese priest from the Soto School (one of three Zen sect In Japanese Buddhism). He is the founder of the Zen Center in San Francisco and one of the most influential spiritual teachers of the twentieth century. He spent the last 12 years of his life teaching in the United States. Zen Mind, The Beginner’s Mind is his best-known work in America.

In this book, he describes Zen meditation in simple language and from the earliest stages. The book in 3 parts (correct practice, correct attitude, and correct understanding), tries to provide the necessary training in this field. This book provides useful information about meditation and mindfulness that can be used by both meditators and those who do not have much experience in meditation.

Zen is not excitement, it is the focus of our daily routine.

10. Moby Dick Book | Suggested by Steve Jobs

the writer: Herman Melville

Translator: صالح حسینی

Publishers: Lotus

number of pages: 776

“Moby Dick” is one of the classic American novels and the narrative of the confrontation between man and nature. Excitement and adventure pervade the whole story. However, what makes Moby Dick a lasting and popular work are the symbols and the semantic burden of the story. The story is told by Moby Dick. He is going to hunt whales, which is common at the time.

The book creates beautiful images and scenes from life on a ship and whaling in the mind of the audience that are unique and impressive. The reason for this influence is that Melville, the author of the book, has been a sailor and a shipwright for some time. If you are looking for an exciting and compelling story, Moby Dick is the right choice.

I can not say exactly why I chose to hunt whales. We sometimes do things for no apparent reason.

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Favorite books of the rich; 10 books recommended by the rich of the world

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