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Familiarity with different types of women’s necklaces; What model is right for you?

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There are different types of women’s necklaces. The design, shape, material, size and all the features of these necklaces are different. Necklaces are designed for all styles, budgets and tastes. The same variety of necklaces makes it difficult to choose the best option. See the most important types of women’s necklaces below and learn how to choose the most suitable necklace.

Types of women’s necklaces

The necklaces you see usually fall into one of the following categories. Each has a special feature and is suitable for a particular style.

1. Pendant necklace

This necklace is one of the types of necklaces that all those who are interested in jewelry should have one of them. Pendant necklace is one of the most versatile jewelry and not only makes your style more attractive, but you can also show your personality through it. The plates of these necklaces are designed in different shapes; Moon and stars, trees, precious stones and نوع This type of necklace is suitable for almost everyone with all styles.

2. Collar or choker necklace

Collar or choker necklace is the shortest type of necklace and can be placed around the neck without hanging. These necklaces may be made of metal, ribbon, velvet and even leather. This type of necklace is suitable for dresses with U-shaped collars, round collars and decollete dresses.

3. Collar or collar necklace

This type of necklace is also relatively short and is placed around the neck and a very small amount is hung. Suitable for clothes with open collar or boat. This necklace is a great complement to ball gowns.

Choker necklace (right) and Kevlar (left)

4. Charm necklace

This type of necklace is the best opportunity to show your personality. The average length of these necklaces is 60 cm. Use this type of necklace for all types of collars and monochrome clothes.

5. Opera Necklace

These necklaces are suitable for those who like to add a little dramatic charm to their style. Opera necklaces are between 75 and 90 cm long and you can use them simply or by rotating the neck. These necklaces are usually designed with pearls or beads. You can use it with ski collars or stand collars.

6. Rope necklace

This type of necklace is suitable for boho styles; Light necklaces that are usually long and more than 90 cm long. Of course, there are shorter types.

Types of opera and rope necklaces
Rope necklace (right) and opera (left)

7. Elbow necklace

These enclosed necklaces always seem to have an aura of mystery. A photo of a loved one, a small souvenir or simply a pocket watch can be placed in this necklace. These necklaces are suitable for everyday occasions and are used with clothes that have a round or brick collar.

8. Lariat necklace

Lariat of different types of necklaces

Another attractive necklace to use with open collars is the Lariat necklace. This model looks like the letter Y and has no locks or hooks. The end of them has a knot or a kind of attached pendant that sometimes plays the role of a lock for the necklace.

9. Princess necklace

As the name implies, this necklace has a royal and luxurious look. These types of necklaces usually have precious and shiny stones and jewelry. The shape and size of the stones are different and they are all placed next to each other and designed downwards to finally reach the large and main stone of the necklace. This type of necklace is suitable for clothes that have open collars and no straps. You can use this type of necklace for magnificent occasions such as weddings.

10. Matine necklace

This necklace is suitable for collars that are open to the bottom. Their length is 55 to 60 cm. You can easily set this necklace with formal clothes. These necklaces are usually designed with beads and stones and are shorter than opera necklaces and are located just above the chest.

All kinds of necklaces and princess necklaces
Matinee necklace (right) and Princess (left)

۱۱. Chain necklace

One of the minimal and versatile necklaces is simple chains. This type of necklace is suitable for everyday use, but you can pair it with formal shirts and formal styles. This type of necklace is suitable for all types of collars and is designed and made with different metals and with different lengths.

۱۲. Lavalir necklace

Lavarite from a variety of necklaces

This type of necklace is between 35 and 50 cm long and usually has a pendant-like part. This necklace is suitable for clothes that have very open and weekly collars. Of course, you can also set it with other types of collars because it is located under the clavicle.

13. Necklace necklace

A necklace of different types of necklaces

Neglijeh necklace is a long necklace that is characterized by the asymmetrical length of its pendants or tassels. Pair these delicate necklaces with shiny clothes to complete the beautiful look of the dress with the elegance of this necklace. Decollete and collar collars are suitable for use with this necklace.

۱۴. Jewelry necklace

These types of necklaces are made by putting together a large number of precious and semi-precious stones. They are usually between 35 and 40 cm long and are suitable for shirts that do not have a shoulder strap or a weekly collar. These necklaces usually do not have a main decorative stone and are uniform from beginning to end.

۱۵. Feston Necklace

Feston Necklace

This type of necklace is one of the types of old necklaces and is similar to a decorative pendant from which crescent-shaped chains hang. These chains may be adorned with precious stones. This type of necklace is suitable for decollete clothes.

۱۶. Textured necklaces

These necklaces are woven with colorful yarns. This type of art necklace is suitable for use in everyday style. You can use it with T-shirts or collared dresses. For those who are interested in handmade jewelry, this type of necklace is the best option to set with simple clothes.

۱۷. Apron necklace

Just like a baby apron, these necklaces cover a large area under the collarbone and a narrower frame around the neck. Apron necklaces are usually made of pearls, precious stones or beads.

۱۸. Plasterone necklace

Plasterone Necklaces - Types of Necklaces

Plasterone necklaces are large necklaces that cover a large part of the upper chest. This type of necklace is suitable for monochrome clothes and turns a simple style from side to side.

19. Sotvar necklace

Boot Necklace - Types of Necklaces

These types of necklaces are long and have a decorative part of the pendant. Sometimes tassels of different genders are attached to this piece of pendant. This type of necklace with a length of 75 to 90 cm is suitable for round, collar and neckline dresses.

20. Ring necklace

This type of necklace consists of narrow metal rings, some of which are open and have no locks. You can set this necklace with open collars or even seven collars.

۲۱. Granband Shining

This type of necklace is made with wire, beads, fabric and و and is a good combination for artistic and colorful styles. These attractive necklaces can be used for picnics and friendly outings. The twisted necklace is suitable for all types of collars and monochrome clothes.

Choose the right necklace

Choosing the right necklace can be effective in increasing the attractiveness of any outfit and style and the focal point of a person’s clothing. The first step in choosing the right necklace is to know where the necklaces of different lengths are placed. This will help you to carefully choose the length of your necklace.

Standard necklace length guide for women

Women’s necklaces are usually designed in the following sizes:

  • 35 cm necklace: These necklaces, like the choker model, are placed close to the neck.
  • 40 cm necklace: It fits completely around the neck like a collar. This necklace is placed right on the collarbone. In oversized women, it may look more like a choker.
  • 45 cm necklace: It is a common choice for women who sit beautifully on the clavicle.
  • Necklace 50 cm: It falls just below the clavicle.
  • Necklace 55 cm: It is located above the chest or on the chest.

Tips to consider when choosing different types of necklaces

When choosing the right length for the necklace, it is very important to pay attention to features such as neck circumference, height, body shape and face shape.

1. Neck size

If possible, measure the neck circumference before buying any type of necklace, and most importantly a choker necklace. The easiest way to measure neck circumference is to gently remove the measuring tape or sewing meter and wrap it around your neck. Whatever the size of your neck, add 5 cm to it, and this number is the right size for choker necklaces, which are usually 35 cm in size. Add 10 cm to this, and this length is suitable for a pendant necklace, which usually has 45 cm chains. Chokers are better for people with long necks, while people with short necks are better off not covering their necks.

2. Height

Your height is another factor that you should consider when choosing a necklace chain to have the right style. Women who are less than 160 cm tall should choose 40 to 50 cm necklaces. A long necklace can make you look taller. Women who are 160 to 170 cm tall can choose necklaces of any height. Women taller than 170 cm can use any necklace. Necklaces with longer chains look better for tall women because they match their height.

3. Body shape

When it comes to necklaces, keep in mind that people’s eyes stop at the point where your necklace ends, so if you do not want a particular part of your body to be visible, you should not use necklaces that end there. For women with smaller torsos, a long, slim chain or long, multi-layered chains may look great. The necklace below the bust line is not suitable for large women because this long necklace does not hang properly. Instead, try a necklace that is slightly higher on the body, such as a 45 to 55 cm necklace.

4. Face shape

In addition to being a decorative accessory, necklaces act as a frame for your face. Like body shape, necklaces can help you highlight positive facial features and change the look of your face in the eyes of others.

Tips on face shape and choosing the right necklace:

  • Women with round faces should avoid short necklaces or chokers because the roundness of their face makes them more.
  • Those who have an oval face can use any type of necklace and almost any shape, length or type of necklace is suitable for them.
  • Those who have a long face and may want to make their face look wider and rounder, should use shorter necklaces. Short and round necklaces reduce the stretch of the face in the eyes of others. Choker and princess necklaces with a length of 40 to 45 cm are suitable for this purpose.
  • Heart-shaped faces with a choker necklace or short necklace look great because they balance the slim chin.

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Familiarity with different types of women's necklaces; What model is right for you?

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