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Facial massage with ice; Benefits, important points and side effects

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Maybe a face massage with ice is new to you; But Korean women have long used this method to care for their skin. Facial massage with ice is one of the methods Cold therapy Or Cryotherapy, in which the skin is exposed to very low temperatures for a few minutes. This method has various benefits for the skin, such as exfoliating the skin and reducing pimples. If you are curious to know what a face massage with ice is like, stay with us until the end of the article to provide you with complete information about this massage.

Reasons for the popularity of face massage with ice

The popularity of face massage with ice is due to the fact that this method:

  • it is cheap;
  • It is easy to do;
  • It is a logical and tangible way;
  • There is a lot of information about it on the Internet;
  • It is a natural method without the use of chemicals;
  • There is narrative evidence to support it (that is, its effect has been proven empirically and among the people, not through scientific research).

This method is commonly used to treat bruises and bruises for the following:

  • Reduce swelling by reducing blood flow;
  • Reducing pain through a temporary reduction in neural activity;
  • Accelerate functional improvement by helping soft tissue repair.

Benefits of face massage with ice

1. Reduce inflammation

When there is damage or swelling in our body, we put ice on it. In face massage with ice, we do the same for the beauty of the skin. Many people with inflammatory skin problems such as acne and rosacea can use cold therapy. Cold therapy reduces skin inflammation, which is a major cause of both problems.

۲. Peeling the skin

Cold therapy removes the outer layer of dead skin cells and stimulates the more uniform and better growth of new cells beneath them.

3. Improve blood circulation

The cold constricts blood vessels, reduces bloating and gives the skin a healthier appearance.

Kate Moss, a 45-year-old model, dips her face in ice water every morning to remove puffiness.

4. Reduce the size of skin pores

Facial massage with ice reduces the size of skin pores

Facial massage with ice reduces the pores of the skin. It is also effective in opening pores that have been enlarged due to excessive secretion of fat. The use of ice softens the face and makes our skin smoother.

5. Improve the absorption of other products

By cooling the skin, the active ingredients of skin care products are better absorbed and their effect is increased. The cold shrinks the capillaries of the skin and creates a “stretching” effect. If you apply the serum on your skin and then put ice on it, the capillaries will constrict and the stretching effect will cause the serum material to penetrate deeper.

After applying the mask on your face, you can also move the ice cubes wrapped in gauze on your face to prevent the brightening and emollient substances in the mask from escaping.

One of the benefits of ice on the face is its firming and irritating effect, which helps to eliminate toxins. The use of ice is also effective in reducing wrinkles.

6. Treatment of puffy eyes

By massaging the face with ice, we can treat puffiness under the eyes

Another benefit of ice massage is the removal of puffy eyes. According to Mayo ClinicTo reduce puffiness under the eyes, you can use a few minutes of cold compresses with gentle pressure. You can use ice cubes made from water or caffeinated beverages such as tea or coffee. Caffeine is contractile and reduces swelling.

A 2013 study found that caffeine penetrates the skin and increases blood circulation.

Another way to treat puffiness under the eyes with ice cubes is to use a cotton cloth and chamomile tea. Make a cold compress with a cotton cloth and chamomile tea and put it on your eyes for a few minutes. You can also wrap the ice cubes in gauze and move it in a circular motion from the inner corner of the eye upwards and to the eyebrows. Drainage of excess fluid dramatically eliminates the tired appearance under the eyes.

7. Shaping the cheeks

If you have sensitive skin, you can use a milder method instead of immersing your face in ice water. Fill the bowl up to one-third full with milk. Milk contains vitamin A (cell regenerator) and lactic acid (natural exfoliator). Pour the ice cubes into the bowl and then soak the face towel in the mixture. Put the towel on your whole face for 15 seconds and repeat this up to 5 times.

You can also pull the pieces of frozen milk from the center of the chin along the jawline to the soft ear, then go up and up the cheekbones and under the eye area and apply it to all parts of the forehead. Repeat this massage for 5 minutes to tighten and shape the face.

Another benefit of ice on the skin is the absorption of blood to the surface of the skin. Soothes blood clots soothes and tightens the skin.

8. Acne treatment

Facial massage with ice to treat acne

Although the main cause of pimples and cystic acne are bacteria, a little cold helps to relieve pain and reduce inflammation by constricting blood vessels. Ice reduces swelling and redness of pimples and soothes inflamed and irritated skin. The use of ice, in addition to reducing inflammation, also shrinks facial pores and reduces the production of excess fat.

Topical creams on swollen skin can hardly reach the bacteria in the pores. However, with the use of ice, antibacterial agents and topical antibiotics enter the pores of the skin, because ice exfoliates the skin.

If you use ice massage to treat acne, change the ice and the surrounding cloth regularly to prevent the bacteria from spreading from one part of the face to another.

It is better to use ice cubes and hot compresses on the pimples 6 times in a row. This increases blood circulation, calms the immune system, and eliminates pimples and cysts. To strengthen this type of topical treatment, Dr. Francesca Fusco, a dermatologist, dissolves an aspirin in warm water before it is frozen; Because Acetylsalicylic Acid is effective in drying pimples.

Can we freeze skin benefits instead of water?

Facial massage with ice - use substances such as aloe vera and green tea instead of water

Yes! For best results, you can brew and freeze fruit tea with rose or rosehip rich in vitamin C or green tea full of antioxidants. A number of studies, including a 2013 study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology, show that the catechins in green tea are antiviral and antibacterial.

By using ice cubes made from green tea, you can enjoy the benefits of using ice on your face and the antiviral and antibacterial properties of green tea at the same time.

Another useful ingredient that you can substitute for water is aloe vera. Aloe vera is used to treat some skin problems. Frozen aloe vera retains its healing properties and soothes sunburn and acne. If you do not have frozen aloe vera, you can massage your face with ice after using aloe vera gel on your face.

Wrap one or more pieces of ice in a soft cotton cloth and use it to gently massage your face for 1 or 2 minutes in a circular motion.

Post-massage care

After the massage, you should treat your skin gently and carefully. From chemical or physical peels and the use of irritating active substances (e.g. Retinoids Or avoid benzoyl peroxide and use mild detergents and warm water. If you go outdoors, use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

Tips on facial massage with ice

  • Use a cloth or other retainer between the ice and your skin. This protects your hands and face;
  • Have a clean towel or towel ready to remove excess fluid that may be dripping from your face;
  • Do not keep ice on the skin for a long time. Prolonged exposure to freezing temperature may cause frostbite;
  • Always wash your face before the massage and use a moisturizer to protect the outermost layer of the skin;
  • It is best to avoid sun exposure before using ice to prevent sunburn and skin irritation;
  • To prepare the ice that you use in the massage, have a specific ice mold and wash it after each use.

Side effects of face massage with ice

Cold therapy is more harmful than helpful if not done properly. This should be done properly to avoid risks such as burns, frostbite and nerve damage. For this purpose, it is better to pay attention to the following points:

  • Cold therapy is better for light skin because it may cause discoloration on dark or tanned skin.
  • Although this method is safe for many skin types, if you have sensitive skin or your skin reacts to temperature changes (for example, rosacea prone skin and Cold urticaria), It is better not to do this massage.
  • People with red skin or rosacea can not put very hot or cold things on their face. These people can reduce skin irritation by placing ice cubes on the roof of the mouth. Dr. Fusco says the roof of the mouth is the receptor area that, when cooled, constricts the blood vessels in the face.
Cold therapy is useful for reducing inflammation, redness and bloating and increasing blood circulation and shaping. However, if you have specific skin problems or are taking medication (especially topical medications), consult your doctor before using this method and ask him or her if the use of ice is appropriate for your current health condition or the medications prescribed for you. Or not.

Concluding remarks

Ice massage is a popular method and in the past, ice has been used to cleanse and clear the skin. Catherine the Great, the Russian queen, used ice cubes on her face, neck and décolleté every morning to give her skin a radiant look.

Are you interested in this method by reading this article and want to try it? If you use this method, we will be happy to share your experiences and opinions with us and other friends.

Warning! This article is for educational purposes only and you should consult your doctor or specialist to use it. more information






Facial massage with ice; Benefits, important points and side effects

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