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Extreme sports; Which are the most popular?

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Extreme sports, also known as extreme or risky sports, have many fans; Especially among those who love adventure and trying new things. In this article, we have tried to introduce you to some of the most popular sports and give you more details about them. If you love excitement, stay with us!

Extreme Blue Sports

1. Scuba Diving (Scuba Diving)

Scuba diving or scuba diving is one of the most popular and dangerous sports with which you can go to the depths of the seas and oceans and see new manifestations of beautiful nature. In this popular sport, complete diving equipment such as special clothing and oxygen capsules and other items will be provided to you, and with the help of these, you can spend more time in the water and swim to lower depths. Of course, you will do all this under the supervision of an experienced instructor and diver, and you will not be in danger.

Kish and Qeshm can be mentioned among the cities in the country where this popular sport is popular.

۲. Wakeboarding

Wikboarding is an extreme water sport

Wickboarding is another extreme and exciting sport that is done on seawater. Anyone who wants to try it will be placed on a surfboard (the legs will be fully attached to it with special tools to minimize the possibility of the surfboard being released) and will hold the end of a rope with the end attached to a jet ski. . This jet ski moves on the water at a speed of about 50 kilometers per hour and pulls the athlete on a surfboard behind him.

This sport is extremely interesting and exciting, and if you are not afraid of water, it will surely be a lasting experience for you. Some southern coasts or the coasts of Mazandaran and Gilan can do this sport.

3. Kitesurfing risky sea sport

Dangerous water sports kite surfing

This extreme sea sport is very similar to the previous one. In fact, in it, the athlete will be placed on a special surfboard and will be pulled on the surface of the water with the help of a rope whose end is connected to something else. The difference between kite surfing and wikiboarding is that kite is used instead of jet ski to draw the rider.

You can try this extreme water sport in both freestyle and surfing. In the first you will be dragged on calm waters and in the second on rough and turbulent waters; Just check the sea or lakes of Iran and see which one is suitable for this sport.

Barefoot water skiing is another extreme sport that is very similar to the ones mentioned, in which, as its name suggests, a surfboard will not be considered for the athlete and he will be drawn on the water with his bare feet. If you dare to try it, it is incredibly exciting and interesting.

4. Kayaking on roaring waters

Kayaking is another extreme water sport

A kayak is a small boat in which the boatman sits in a small built-in lounge and steers the boat with a special double-sided paddle. Kayaks are made in single, double and quadruple types. If you want, you can do this sport with friends and as a team.

Kayaking is a fascinating summer sport. Of course, it should be noted that the extent to which the sport is extreme or risky will depend entirely on your discretion. If you love excitement and adrenaline rush, you can go kayaking on rivers and roaring seas. If you want to just have a good time in peace, you can float the kayak in calm waters and enjoy more of the silence and the beautiful scenery around.

Riding in kayaking waters with relatively low waterfalls is another extreme sport that has its own fans and is very exciting. Of course, doing it requires a little skill and not everyone will be able to experience it. For example, those who are in kayaking should know how to hit the tip of the kayak to the surface of the water when descending from waterfalls so that no problem occurs and the balance is not lost.

5. Cage diving with sharks

Dangerous sport of cage diving with sharks

Shark cage diving is one of the most exciting extreme sports that at first glance will seem scary and terrifying. But it must be said that this sport is done in completely safe conditions for the athlete; In this way, the diver will be sent to the depths of the sea in a cage of specific dimensions with complete diving tools and equipment, including clothes and oxygen capsules. He will then have the chance to see and encounter this giant sea creature up close without fear of a shark attack.

Ascending extreme sports

6. Abseiling

Abselling or rappelling of ascending extreme sports

There is a Persian proverb that says, “When a fountain rises, it will be overthrown.” This old adage speaks volumes about how to do this extreme and exciting sport. In it, the athlete is first placed at a high point and then, with the help of special equipment such as rock climbing rope, hook, special belt and the like, begins to descend from that point.

This risky sport is the job of some people! They are attached to a rope to do things like clear the tower windows and lower the floors one by one.

Doing this exercise is not recommended for everyone and requires its own techniques and skills. Of course, if you start exercising at the beginning under the supervision of an experienced person, there is not much to worry about.

7. یخ‌نوردی

Extreme ice skating

Ice climbing is another extreme sport that will be a lasting experience for lovers of excitement and adrenaline; Of course, it also has its own challenges. To do this, you will need different equipment, depending on where you want to climb. These include ice / freezer shoes, ice ax, and the like.

8. Rock climbing / rock climbing

Extreme sport of rock climbing

Rock climbing and rock climbing are other risky sports that have many fans. There are many challenges for those who turn to this sport; Especially those who want to do it in the open air and, in a sense, rock climbing. It requires a lot of physical strength and endurance and may not be suitable for everyone.

Of course, if you are interested in this sport, you can climb for a while under the supervision of experienced instructors in closed and artificial spaces, and as soon as you become familiar with climbing photofan and gain more physical strength, you can do it in the open nature. The good thing about this extreme sport is that you can do it in all seasons due to the existence of special climbing clubs, and there is no limit in this regard. So it will be easier for you to start exercising.

Aerial extreme sports

9. Paragliding (parachuting)

Paragliding is a risky aerial sport

Paragliding or parachuting is another attractive and popular extreme sport. A paraglider is a simple device consisting of a seat attached to a cloth fin. There are two vents or vents in front of this fin, and the air pressure that enters these vents will allow the paraglider pilot to stay in flight for hours and enjoy the beautiful scenery without any stress and pressure.

The good thing about paragliding is that it has easier ups and downs and is easier to learn than other extreme air sports, such as parachuting or the like. The only challenge is to find a suitable place for parachuting, which sometimes makes those interested in this fascinating sport travel for miles and distance themselves from their place of residence.

In different cities of Iran, including Tehran, Tabriz, Qom, Hamedan, Karaj and Mashhad, there are flight sites for this dangerous sport. Of course, it is a bit expensive to try it, and if you want, you can attend its training courses (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and get a coaching degree over time.

10. Sky diving (free fall parachuting)

Sky Diving is an extreme air sport

Skydiving is a high-risk and extremely exciting sport on our list of extreme sports. The way it is done is that the applicants fly by plane to a certain altitude and then experience free fall with the experienced instructor and supervisor who accompanies them, as well as with equipment such as parachutes, reserve umbrellas and helmets.

Sky diving does not require much experience and training, and just jumping from that height is a little daunting for those who are going to experience free fall; However, it is completely safe and there is no danger.

Another point is that landing in this extreme sport is a little more difficult than before (paragliding) and may put more pressure on the person.

۱۱. Bungee Jumping (Jump Jumping)

Dangerous sport of bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is easier to do than most of the sports we’ve covered in this list, and you’re probably familiar with its name. In this extreme sport, the person who is going to do it is placed on the height of the place intended for him and his feet are attached to an extremely flexible string. When it jumps down from a height and the string is pulled to the end, it returns halfway up (due to the elasticity of the string) before reaching complete stasis. Many famous stairs in the world make this sport possible for visitors.

With bungee jumping, you can have a pure and exciting experience of free fall. Of course, not everyone will dare to do this extremely popular activity!

Extreme winter sports

Extreme winter sports

۱۲. Snow skiing and snowboarding

Snow skiing and snowboarding are popular winter extreme sports. Of course, compared to most of what you have read so far, you will need a little experience and training to try these sports; Unless you have a specific destination, you’re just moving the car. On these slopes, skiers are attached to a zipper-like string with special equipment and will not need to do anything other than maintain balance. The high risk of skiing and snowboarding also depends to a large extent on the slope of the place you choose to try this sport: the steeper the slope, the more dangerous and exciting skiing will be.

13. تیوپ‌سواری

Extreme winter sports riding is another sport that, unlike the previous one, does not require training and experience and everyone will be able to try it. Riding takes place on all ski slopes, in which one or more people are placed inside a relatively large tube and dropped from the top of the hill to the bottom. As they descend, the speed of the tube will increase, and at the end of the acceleration path, a tube will be installed to hold the tube.

In recent years, many incidents related to tubing on winter slopes have been reported. Before you try this extreme sport, make sure that the track, equipment and safety tips are standardized in the place you want.

in the end

Extreme or risky sports, despite their relatively intimidating names, are not so scary, and in all of them, all the points related to the safety and health of athletes are considered and observed in advance. The reason for this nomination is that if, God forbid, something happens to the athlete, the consequences for him will be far more serious than normal sports; Because in these extreme sports we usually deal with high altitudes, deep seas, steep slopes and the like. However, if you love excitement and like to experience life in an extreme way from time to time, you can find and do a reliable place for the sport you are interested in with a little research and inquiry.

You say

what is your opinion? Do you agree with doing extreme sports or do you think their experience is not worth the risk? Have you had the experience of participating in the activities and sports introduced in this article? How has this experience been for you? Do you know of any other extreme sport that you think might be out of place in our article and that doing it can be fun and exciting?

If you wish, you can tell us and your audience how to share your feedback, comments and experiences in the “Submit a Comment” section, which will be extremely valuable to us.






Extreme sports; Which are the most popular?

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