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Everything about compound play; This is a sensational Korean series

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The composite game series became the most watched work in 90 different countries 10 days after its release on Netflix. This is the first time a Korean series has topped the US charts. But what was the reason for this pervasive popularity? What happened that this series suddenly attracted the attention of the world’s audiences, regardless of their language and culture, and even thinkers, psychologists and sociologists started discussing it? In the following article, focusing on the articles that have recently been published in prestigious publications about this popular series, we will find appropriate answers to these questions. Stay with us to give you more detailed information about the compound game series.

What is the story of the game series composed of?

The composite game series is a work made in South Korea, directed and written by Hwang Dong-hyuk. The series aired on Netflix on September 17, 2021. This dystopian drama does not have a complicated story: it is about people who are constantly piled on top of each other because of poverty, misery and debt, or on the other hand because of the stress of life. In the capitalist system, they are willing to do anything to get rid of this awkward situation, which is suddenly met with a tempting offer.

What is this offer? Join and participate in a survival war game in which all participants will be killed in the end; Of course, except for one whose reward for courage (perhaps stupidity or cruelty) will be the equivalent of $ 38 million.

The locations where the series is filmed have a kindergarten-like atmosphere, and the games in which the participants engage are childish games such as a green light, a red light (something like our own play), tug-of-war, and an arch or pair. This atmosphere is reminiscent of the classic dystopian book and popular teen novel, The Lord of the Flies, by William Golding. The main theme of this book is how quickly the very people we call civilized, in order to get rid of the bad situation they are in, or just to prove their superior instinct, unpleasantly lose their rationality, sympathy, and the like. And literally, they get wild.

What is the reason for the growing popularity of the compound game series?

Undoubtedly, one of the main elements in the remarkable success that has been shown to the composite game series is the current developments related to technology and the world of communication. Many people watched the series on Netflix, started talking about it on social media and commented on it, and so many people, from all over the world, wanted to see it. But this is not the whole story and the reason for the popularity of the series.

This is not the first time a film, series, work or book has been made in the genre of ruined city or even a game of death and survival. Prominent examples in this genre include the movie “The Hunger Games” (The Hunger Games).

But what makes this work stand out and stand out in some way, along with its other good features, are real-life, near-realistic characters, a deep story, and a clever theme chosen for it.

Characters, plots and roles close to the reality of life in the series

All the characters in this series are ordinary people in today’s societies, each of whom deals with their own problems and troubles. For example, the main character in the story is a man who can not even buy a birthday present for his daughter. Due to the debts and bad financial situation of this man, his wife left him, married another man and took custody of his daughter. Another character in the story is a man named Ali who immigrated to South Korea from Pakistan due to his country’s poor condition. Another is a North Korean citizen who somehow found his way to South Korea by fighting human traffickers.

The story of all the characters is completely understandable and close to the reality of life, and therefore it is easy to communicate with them and their narrative. This is one of the points that makes the story of the series tangible and effective.

The deep story and clever theme of the composite game series

The clever theme of the composite game series

Another positive point that has caused the popularity of the work is related to the deep story and narration of the series and the clever theme that has been intended for it.

Have you ever wondered why children’s games are primarily designed for survival and victory in this war? When a child enters a game, he thinks of nothing but winning and gaining a top position. Now let’s extend this theme to the larger world. After participating in children’s games, especially when their lives are at stake and losing the race means losing their lives, they can no longer be traced to humanity, and all their instincts are focused on one thing: beating other competitors and winning. In this situation, they will do anything to win the race: from betrayal and deception to cruelty and forgetting emotions such as compassion and humanity.

This theme is in a way a satire on the capitalist system in today’s societies and the policies that govern it. In such societies, it seems that everyone, depending on their competencies, abilities and efforts, can find a proper place in the world and life; But the reality is something else: whoever is more adept at deception will be more likely to succeed. The easier it is for anyone to cover up their ignorant human emotions and ignore them, the easier it will be to stop the rain. This is the truth behind capitalist systems.

Beautiful and thought-provoking ending to the story of the composite game series

Warning! This part of the article may reveal the story of the series. If you do not want to reveal the story of the compound game series, do not read this short part!

The protagonist of the compound game is depressed after winning this deadly match and earning its huge reward, and when he returns to the real world and leaves the arena, he no longer shows any desire to spend money to get rid of his misfortunes. Do you know why? Because the experience of everything he went through and the unpleasant deeds he did during the war of survival have left a dark and ugly stain on his soul and psyche. Of course, if it is possible to give him another soul and psyche.

In the introduction to one of his plays, the famous American playwright Eugene O’Neill draws the readers’ attention to an interesting and thought-provoking quote from the ancient Bible: “But to lose his soul in return?” Relying on philosophical theories, O’Neill believed that the American capitalist and industrialized system was not only on the path to success and an utopian atmosphere, but on the contrary, was falling into the abyss of collapse, decline and destruction.

This mental illness and disintegration is almost what the main character of the compound game series gets at the end.

Continuation of the success process of Korean works by showing the composite game series

The successful and influential show of the compound game made the investors of the Netflix platform think more and more about showing world works from different cultures and nations, led by South Korea; The path that started with the screening of successful films such as Parasite (Parasite 2019) and the compound game gave it new life.

The series has a season that includes 9 episodes of approximately one hour. The composite game is an outstanding, interesting and thought-provoking effect, and we definitely recommend you to see it.

Answers to common questions about the composite game series

Frequently Asked Questions About Compound Game Series

– Will the compound game series have a second season?

If you have watched the series to the end, you must know that the last sequence about the main characters of the story leaves a little ambiguity, and in this way, the series will have the potential to continue; But according to the director in his interviews, he has no plans to make the second season of the series at the moment, and if he wants to do so in the future, he will probably get help from other directors and filmmakers to advance his goals; Therefore, it is not possible to give a definite answer to this question at the moment, and everything is in line with the words and hadith.

– Is the story of the composite game written based on a specific book?

The rich and profound story of the compound game has led many to think that it may have been adapted from a book or novel with similar themes. But according to the director of the work in his interviews, such a thing is not true. Of course, he mentioned in his speeches that the main idea for writing the story of this work came to him in 2008 when he was reading a comic book, about those who participate in extreme games and competitions.

– Is compound game a real game?

The compound game is the last game in the series to determine the final winner of the competition between the last two people. This game is actually a children’s game that is played in some cities in South Korea, and the director was interested in it as a child. In this game, children are divided into two groups and start playing on the ground in the shape of a squid. The first group are those who have to cross the second group (defenders) to get their feet to the squid.

– On one side, the cards given to people to participate in composite games are drawn in three shapes: a circle, a triangle and a square. Do these forms have meaning?

These three shapes are actually the spheres of the Korean alphabet: O (circle), J (triangle), and M (square), respectively. The compound game is written in Korean as follows: Ojingeo Geim. These three letters and shapes indicate the initials of the Korean compound game.

in the end

The composite game series with a deep and beautiful story and elements of black comedy became a popular and enduring work with incredible speed, and since the airing of its first episode until now, there has been a lot of talk and hadith about it. As authoritative American newspapers like the Guardian publish about it, even thinkers discuss the hidden meanings behind its profound story and its connection to the events and policies of today’s world. Overall, the composite game is a thought-provoking, artistic and crafted work and will definitely be worth the time and watch; Especially since it does not have more than one season, which includes 9 one-hour episodes, and maybe dedicating two days off is enough to see all its episodes. Of course, due to the high violence of this series, watching it definitely has an age limit.

You say

what is your opinion? Have you seen this popular Korean series? What is your feedback on it? Do you think this popularity will last for the series or is it just related to the special atmosphere that has been created since its release?

Do you want other seasons to be made on this series and watch the continuation of its story, or do you think that the continuation of its story in the next seasons will reduce the value of the series?

In the “Post a Comment” section, you can share your feedback and comments about this popular series with us and your audience. Perhaps your particular point of view and feedback, and the perspective through which you look at the series and its story, will make us and the readers of the magazine understand the points that have been hidden from our view.

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Everything about compound play; This is a sensational Korean series

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