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Entertaining children at home on quarantine and housekeeping days

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Is it hard to entertain children on quarantine and home days? Tired and no longer know what trick to keep the little ones at home? You are right. Concerns about the corona virus, cleanliness and… on the one hand, and the need to keep children entertained on the other hand can make you very confused. But just impossible, impossible. Because with a little effort and research, it is always possible to find great, high-quality solutions. In this article, we will tell you about ways to entertain children during quarantine days. Whenever you feel that quarantine and housekeeping have put pressure on you and your little ones (maybe your little ones), try one of these methods that you will not lose.

1. play tag

Kids love stickers. Have you noticed how much they like to use stickers with different designs and colors as a reward? Now it’s time to take advantage of the popularity of stickers and start making different crafts with your child by making all kinds of them. For example, you can buy labels for animals and flocks (order online without having to leave the house) and put the labels together on pieces of cardboard or an empty notebook and make up stories with them.

For example, draw and paste the story of forest animals with the help of stickers on a sheet of paper or cardboard. This activity is both suitable and desirable for the child’s imagination and can entertain him for hours. Storytelling with tags or any other activity with them can be fun and engaging.

۲. Puzzle building; One way to entertain kids on quarantine days

Puzzles for kids fun at home

Making puzzles is one of those things that entertains both kids and adults alike. So by buying a puzzle with many pieces (for example, 5,000 pieces), you can provide one of the best means of entertaining children in quarantine days. The puzzle is both fun and enhances children’s problem-solving ability.

While playing with it, or better yet, making it for days on end, it is not only boring but also sweet and creates a passion for the end result in the child (and of course you). Of course, if you do not have a suitable place to spread the puzzle, you will get a little trouble. So be aware of this issue as well.

3. Crafts, making and painting

Drawing to entertain kids at home

You might say that you know a craft and a painting that you also know. True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing.

Identify the world-famous painters and introduce them and their styles to your child and ask him to create something similar to the works of artists. This is both scientific and entertaining. You will become more acquainted with the great painters and artists of the world.

4. Textbooks

If your child is of school age, perhaps one of your main concerns these days is his or her academic retardation. So it is better to get the textbooks and practice the previous lessons with your children.

If the books are in shape, color, and visual appeal, or are accompanied by engaging instructional videos, the child will be more interested in following the exercises. In any case, do not give up studying and do not let this break (which will surely end one day) affect your child’s learning and education.

5. Performing scientific experiments; One of the best ways to entertain kids on quarantine days

Entertain children in quarantine with scientific experiments

One of the best ways to keep kids entertained on quarantine days and stay home is to do science experiments with them. what does it mean? That is, consider simple and interesting experiments that are easy for the child to perform and achieve interesting results with him.

There are also packages containing educational and experimental equipment for children in toys, shops or online stores; For example, small test containers that give the child the feeling of being a scientist, and…. By doing simple and scientific experiments, you will both entertain the child and teach him something.

6. Show play

Play theater for kids' entertainment at home

Write child-like plays and start playing them; For example, review the story of the red cape or any other play with the child; Then perform the show by wearing the costumes for the show – which you choose from your own costumes. It will be interesting and very entertaining. Designing fun games makes hours go by faster and more enjoyable.

7. to cook

Cooking is one of the children's hobbies at home

There are many benefits to cooking with your baby. By doing this, you not only spend time but also teach your child many things; For example, you introduce him to food or teach him measurement: this is a great exercise for math. The ability to work in a practical way is one of the other things you can consider while cooking with your child.

By shooting with a child, you shoot at several signs: both the child is entertained and you, there is education and fun, and most importantly, at the end, you will enjoy a variety of food or desserts.

8. book reading; One way to entertain kids on quarantine days

Entertain children on quarantine days with books

Reading books has been and is the savior of human beings at any time and place. So even now that we are necessarily in difficult days, we should not shy away from books and reading. Reading books in different ways entertains and teaches children.

For example, try to use books and audio stories, or after reading a book, ask the child to play the story with your cooperation. After the story is over, try to tell the story and record your voice with the child. It will be an interesting and fun idea.

9. Play with Lego and house building

Entertaining children on quarantine days with house building

It is also a good idea to use toys that the builder can use; For example, logos or house constructions, that is, the same small piece toys that make it possible to build a house, car, etc., are also very entertaining. Playing with these toys can enhance a child’s understanding and familiarize him or her with the world of engineering.

10. Brain teasers and playing cards

Intellectual game of kids entertainment at home

Brain games are one of the games that give life to entertain children in quarantine days. Maybe a few months ago, you did not even think of games like دبلنا (Or Deborna) How much they will hurt you in the coming days.

Card games that you can use as a group, while entertaining all family members, also raise the spirits of children and parents.

So pay attention to mind games as well. These games both stimulate the mind of the child and other family members and are fun and bring everyone together. Using chess and its light games will also be useful and fun.

۱۱. Rhythmic movements and dancing; Different methods Entertain kids on quarantine days

Dance and sports are the hobbies of children at home

These days, when the use of cyberspace has become so widespread, you can easily learn all kinds of tasks and activities through instructional videos. If you are not a fan of dance and rhythmic movements, browse the internet and get help from its contents and start your own family dance group. Dancing and doing rhythmic movements of family members together will be a lot of fun and engaging for the kids; It is also a good sport.

۱۲. Visit virtual museums

Visit virtual museums

Did you know that many domestic and foreign museums provide virtual visits on their website? This means that by entering the internet and the site of famous museums, you can see different parts of the museum virtually. Not attractive?

Visit various museums with your child and learn about their various sections. To make this fun, change your clothes and act as if you are really going to visit the Louvre Museum in Paris or any other museum. By doing this, try to keep the real visit alive in the heart of the child.

13. Launching a band; An interesting way to entertain kids on quarantine days

Entertain the quarantined kids with music

Have a concert at home and start a band. You do not have to have different instruments. If you do not have any instruments at home, there is no problem. You can also hold a family concert with the back of the pot, two ladles, a number of dishes and spoons or any other device. It is important to use your creativity and start making music with the child and the rest of the family.

Believe that this is one of the best options for entertaining children on quarantine days and can entertain you for a while. Choose poems with the help of a child and perform them together in your band. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

at the end

Entertaining children on quarantine days can be a little tricky, but if you get creative, you will find that there are many different ways to stay home and stay in a good mood. These coronary days are going through hard times for everyone. Remember that if we can not manage the situation properly, children will suffer more than all of us; So keep your spirits up and keep the home environment fresh, lovable and fun.

Warning! This article is for educational purposes only and you should consult your doctor or specialist to use it. more information





Entertaining children at home on quarantine and housekeeping days

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