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Enjoy your leisure time with 24 attractive and cheap summer ideas

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Many people consider summer to be a season of fun and entertainment. For some, the summer months are the best three months of the year. what is your opinion? Do you love summer too and do you love this season? Despite all the excitement that has always come with summer, sometimes the fact that we do not know how to spend our free time makes it a little boring and boring for us. But remember that every problem has a solution. In the continuation of this article, we offer you solutions that will help you to spend the summer happily and attractively with the lowest costs. Stay with us.

1. Arrange an ice cream party

Summer parties and parties will greatly enhance your mood. So, use any excuse to get together and try to make these parties more passionate and attractive with a little creativity.

For example, get together with friends and relatives on the pretext of an ice cream party. For this party, set a special theme and focus on eating ice cream. Prepare a variety of funnel ice creams or ask guests to bring their own ice cream. Drink ice cream together and be happy.

2. Go fishing or boating with your family

We also agree that some entertainment is very expensive and costly, but this is not a reason for you to sit at home and close the doors to yourself and your family in the longing for luxurious and expensive entertainment. Just have a little patience and enthusiasm to find the ideal options for fun and fun with your family and friends. For example, point to a lake or river near your city and go fishing or boating. Water, sun and summer pleasures await you. So get to work faster and plan for this week.

3. Go pick garden fruits

Peaches, cherries, sour cherries, etc., should we say again, or is your mouth completely dehydrated ?! These lovely and delicious fruits make a fuss in summer. To fill your free time, go to orchards and orchards and pick fruits. Believe that such entertainment will be very sweet and lovely. Of course, if you do not have a garden or farm yourself, you should go to a friend and acquaintance. Some foreign farmers and gardeners may need your help and agree to your presence in their garden and farm.

4. Paint natural landscapes

Painting the colorful summer nature is also a wonderful idea. Even if your painting talent is limited to drawing eyes, eyes, eyebrows, do not hesitate. Take watercolors, paper and soft drinks and go to nature. If you can go to the beach, that’s great; If not here’s a new product just for you! Go to a plain or even a park and try to draw inspired by nature. This will make you feel much better.

5. Go to the sunflower field

sunflower farm

Another fun activity you can do in the summer is to go to the sunflower field. The bright yellow color of these flowers makes you feel good and brings summer vitality to your veins. Take beautiful photos and even lie down among the flowers. The good feeling of touching nature is incomparable to anything.

6. Eat dinner on the terrace or in the courtyard

Now that it is summer and the weather is nice to stay out of the house, make a variety of plans for yourself and your family. For example, eat on the terrace or in your backyard. Make a table and put colorful wild flowers on it and enjoy eating in the open air. A dinner for two with these features also becomes very romantic and interesting.

7. Make fresh desserts or new evenings

Making dessert and trying new recipes is one of the most enjoyable and fun tasks that will keep your head warm during the long summer days. Go to the internet or cookbooks and choose a new dessert or evening recipe. Roll up your sleeves and get busy. Something cooked with love and enthusiasm will definitely taste good. Making ice cream is also a challenge you can invite yourself to.

8. Arrange a tea party

Arrange a tea party. Nothing beats the taste of summer parties. Take the porcelain cups off the shelves and ask your loved ones to come to your house. You do not need to prepare a detailed dinner; Tea and some sweets can be an excuse to sit together and say flowers and hear flowers.

9. Plant flowers

These days, when the atmosphere of cities is filled with smoke and cars, the need for contact with nature has increased more than ever. So if there is no news of flowers and nature in your surroundings in the city and its streets, start working on your own and start flowering. Do not make excuses that you do not have enough space, you are an apartment dweller and…. Believe me, even planting a green pot can be a great summer pastime that lifts your spirits. If you have a garden or a garden and various facilities, your bread is already in oil! You can easily go to the gardens and pots and do a lot of gardening. Planting cucumbers, tomatoes, beans and است is also a good idea.

10. Hit the heart of the roads

Road trip

Have you tried road trips to a new destination? Now that it is summer and the road conditions seem to be better than any other season, pick up the map, choose a new route and hit the road. Travel and tourism on new and fresh roads will bring you sweet experiences and memories.

۱۱. Visit the villages

If you like to feel the summer breath under the skin up close, you should also visit the villages. Rural summer is very attractive and exciting. The animals that are exploring in nature, along with the activities of the villagers who are more active than ever due to the long day, will delight you a lot. If you can, go to a nearby village or nature area with family and friends and have a picnic. Take Iranian kebabs or any other food you like and lie on the grass. You will not regret it!

۱۲. Reuse old objects

Go to the objects in the house and see what other uses they provide in addition to their original use. For example, take an unused sprinkler and put flowers in it. Put this interesting vase in front of the door, in the hallway or wherever you like. Or fill a large tub with water and make a small pool for yourself. You may not find a tub the size of your body in your home, but this idea will definitely work for your little ones!

13. Provide summer furniture

If you have a yard or terrace, look for summer furniture for it. An enchanting swing can entertain both you and your children. So look for wicker and recreational items so that you can use them in the summer and have more fun with you and your family.

۱۴. Play outdoors

Now that the weather is great and the cool summer breeze is blowing in the evenings, instead of sitting at home, go outdoors and try a variety of mind games, sports and group games. For example, take a whiteboard to the park and play games with your friends or family in a group where there is a drawing and a game. With magic and a whiteboard, you can play a variety of group games and have hours of fun. Also consider games like volleyball, badminton, and so on.

۱۵. Make new foods and drinks

We have already said that cooking and preparing a variety of delicious foods that you have not tried before is very attractive and can fill your summer leisure time. Now we have a suggestion: next to a variety of drinks, wrap different foods such as meat, potatoes, vegetables and whatever you like in aluminum foil and cook in the oven. The result is a hearty food that is both effortless and does not contaminate gas and ovens. For example, salsa sauce is excellent as a seasoning for foods such as meat and vegetables. Learn how to make it and make salsa sauce at home.

۱۶. Make the decoration summery

Interior designers and experts believe that in each season, appropriate and related elements should be used to decorate and arrange the house. One of our suggestions for summer home decoration is to use tiny lights that make the nights more beautiful than ever. The use of lanterns on your terrace and yard is also suitable for summer.

۱۷. Rest in a nano

Make a board or nano for yourself and place it somewhere between two trees or anywhere else in nature. Lie in it and enjoy the stability and tranquility of a summer afternoon. If you hate the heat outside the house, take the same bed inside the room and enjoy relaxing in the air conditioner. You may not be able to close the nano, ‌ so you can spread a mat in a park or forest or even your backyard on cool, cool summer afternoons, and look up at the sky and tree branches. You can close your eyes and listen for a few minutes to the sound of birds and the wind blowing through the branches.

۱۸. Do not forget to swim

Soak your body in water, which is the best time to swim in the summer. Even if you do not have access to lakes, sea or rivers, go to the pool and spend the summer with a little water.

19. When sleeping, leave the windows open

Summer nights are hot and they need to turn on the air conditioner, but if you open the windows in the middle of the night and let the air circulate, a cool, calm breeze will come to your room and you will experience a calm night.

20. Go to nature and read books

Book Reading

Lay in the shade of the trees and read your favorite book. This is a lot of fun. If you love books and reading, you will surely realize how pure and graded reading is.

۲۱. Do not forget cycling and mountaineering

Cycling on summer nights or any other time of the day that you enjoy can also be a good idea to spend your free time. Mountaineering also has its place.

۲۲. Go shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables

Do not miss the delicious summer fruits and vegetables from the day markets. Go to the market and among the other green and various colors of the market, prepare a colorful and invigorating shopping cart. If you are a pickle maker, buy fresh ingredients from the market and make your favorite pickle.

23. Make ice cream

Ice creams that are poured into molds and frozen in the freezer are one of the main symbols of summer that you must have tried to make as a child. You can consider a variety of ingredients for these ice creams and prepare your favorite summer snack by using ice cubes creatively.

۲۴. Tent in nature

Tenting in nature is also a very attractive idea. Find a safe and beautiful place and camp there. It will also bring back all the good childhood memories of summer. what do you think? Go among the flowers and plants and, like children, make a large bouquet of wildflowers.

What do you do to diversify your summer days? Do you have a new idea that you would like to share with us? Share your comments with us via comments.




Enjoy your leisure time with 24 attractive and cheap summer ideas

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