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Enjoy fear; Why and how

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Some of us may even be terrified of hearing the name of a horror movie or story or thinking of scary hobbies like zipline, airplane or ranger. However, if such entertainments did not have their own customers and enthusiasts, the market for horror movies and entertainment mixed with fear and excitement would not have flourished. Many people enjoy watching terrifying scenes in movies, jumping from heights, hovering between heaven and earth, and in a word, feeling scared. Have you ever wondered why we sometimes like fear and deliberately put ourselves in scary and exciting situations? In this article, we will explore the reasons for enjoying fear.

Why are we really full of fun on the big amusement park? Even though we are pale with fear, our hair is spiky, cold sweat is sitting on our foreheads, and our hearts seem to be torn! To better understand this question, you must be familiar with the concept of fear. Fear is an emotion that awakens in us in times of danger. This feeling triggers a set of psychological changes, and these psychological changes lead to a set of behavioral responses. Behavioral responses to fear are involuntary and usually involve one of three states: strife, paralysis, or freezing.

But why are these not so heartwarming situations sometimes enjoyable? In this article, you will first get acquainted with the concept of aerial train psychology and then with the reasons for the strange paradox of enjoying fear.

Psychological analysis of the enjoyment of fear in the air

There is an interesting history of using air train as a hobby. In the mid-1800s, there were special chariots in the coal mines that traveled along a railroad, transporting coal from the top of a mountain to a city in Pennsylvania, USA. On weekends, passengers would get in and out of the carriages for fun and excitement just for fun and excitement.

In the great amusement parks of the world, people wait for hours in long queues for more than 2 minutes to ride on this exciting gaming device! Interestingly, these people are well aware that riding this vehicle can lead to accidents, strokes and even death. Aerial train psychology explains this strange and dangerous love.

Air train psychology

According to this concept, the love of the train arises from the human sense of adventure and his desire for new, different and sometimes difficult experiences. At first glance, it may seem that the reason people are interested in the train is the pleasure they get from fear. Symptoms of fear, such as an increased heart rate and heaviness in the breath, are caused by an increase in glucose. These symptoms are the same “fight or flight” reaction that the body shows in times of fear and danger.

Scientific research shows that riding a train stimulates these reactions. Shortly after the start of the train movement, people’s heart rate doubles. In the elderly, the heart rate may rise so high that their lives are medically endangered. Elevated levels of adrenaline and endorphins, followed by feelings of alertness, pleasure and vitality, are other effects of exciting and dangerous pastimes such as air conditioning.

What is certain is that people are comfortable with fear when they are in control, and they know that they are not in danger. For this reason, in these situations, they enjoy the emotions caused by reaction or conflict.

Very important and basic points

Of course, it should be noted that cortisol levels also rise during scary hobbies, such as boarding an air train. The secretion of this hormone in our body increases when we are stressed. The question that arises is how can a person experience stress and pleasure at the same time? The answer to this question is that not all stress is negative. Some stresses are positive and heartwarming and people enjoy experiencing such stress.

It should also be noted that not everyone enjoys fear and adventure. Dopamine is one of the neurotransmitters in the brain that plays an important role in the function of nerve pathways. There is evidence that there is a direct link between dopamine levels and a person’s desire for adventurous behavior. According to this evidence, people with high dopamine levels are more likely to engage in adventurous behaviors. The interest in adventurous and exciting pastimes is at its peak in youth, and the intensity of this interest decreases with age.

According to air train psychology, when using an air train, high speed, satisfaction from overcoming fear, and the pleasurable effects of nervous stimulation go hand in hand and cause fear to be enjoyed. Perhaps it can be said that the philosophy of the existence of play equipment such as the air train is a powerful psychological need that man is afraid of.

Why do we sometimes enjoy fear?

In the following, you will get acquainted with the main reasons for enjoying fear.

1. Ensure security

We have said before that when we are afraid, our body enters a state of flight, strife or freezing. Although we are cognitively lazy, our brains know their job well. So in situations of intentional and safe fear, such as watching a scary movie or playing scary video games, our brain quickly assesses the situation and tells us that there is no danger to us.

As a result, our bodies relax and many of us enjoy this experience. The reason many people seek control over fear is because they know and trust that they are in control and safe.

2. Thrill

When we are afraid, the body secretes adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins. The eruption of these hormones has a narcotic effect and creates a feeling of satisfaction and full of pleasure. If we add a sense of security and confidence to this magical potion, what we get will be a pleasant feeling of freshness and excitement.

3. Feeling close to others

In the past, young men were advised to invite their fiancé to watch a horror movie. When your fiancé takes refuge in you while watching horror scenes, you subconsciously increase the feeling of love and trust between you.

Of course, there is a scientific fact behind this advice. Given that the secretion of certain hormones leads to feelings of pleasure when we are afraid, we relate this feeling of pleasure to the person who is with us when we are afraid. This experience of pleasure caused by fear increases the interest and empathy between the people who participated in this shared experience.

For example, when you are on a dragon ship, you feel close and empathetic with other people who are on the ship with you at the same time. This is an explosion of emotions caused by the secretion of oxytocin in your body.

4. Temporary forgetfulness of conflicts and worries

When you watch a scary movie or on a train, the worry of unpaid bills and the recent failure of your love or the debt you owe to your co-worker does not cross your mind. Hormones that are released during fear prepare us for a state of struggle or flight.

In this case, our whole focus is on the subject that frightens us and we do not pay any attention to issues and thoughts. In this case, we get away from the real problems and discomforts for a short time and enjoy this worry-free isolation.

5. Satisfaction and self-satisfaction

Some people like to take risks and push the boundaries of fear. These people are filled with pride and satisfaction when they finish watching a horror movie, because they have such patience and courage and have successfully passed such a challenge. Tolerance of fear and confrontation with it awakens a sense of pride and self-satisfaction in the person.

6. Curiosity

Many people are curious about the mysterious and semi-dark issues of reality. Fear of the unknown is one of the most instinctive and natural fears and at the same time one of the oldest human curiosities. Man loves to know everything, and when he discovers the unknown secrets of life, or at least thinks that he has achieved this secret, life becomes more enjoyable for him.

For this reason, some welcome the scary unknowns. They try to incorporate them into logic in order to better understand the world.

You say

Do you watch horror movies or hobbies like air train? Which of the following is true about your enjoyment of fear? The next time you watch a horror movie, pay more attention to your feelings and body changes and look for the symptoms mentioned in this article.

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Enjoy fear; Why and how

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