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Effective strategies to prevent women’s burnout in life

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You must have heard that women are masters of multitasking; Maybe you agree with this sentence. Most women take on several roles in life; For example, they take care of the home and children and also appear in roles such as coach, accountant, manager, driver, maid, designer and gardener. Taking on a variety of tasks and roles can put a lot of pressure and stress on people. We are not talking only about self-employed women or women who work in professional and hard jobs; Rather, women who perform multiple roles and responsibilities together are at risk at any age and in any job position. In the following, we will talk more about the effects of fatigue and burnout and life stress in this style. be with us.

How are the effects of stress on women plotted?

Women are twice as likely as men to experience anxiety and depression. This possibility also increases in combination with hormonal fluctuations, such as those that occur around menstruation, after childbirth, or before menopause. Mood disorders can sometimes cause a person to become completely paralyzed and disabled; For example, they affect the daily functioning of life and create more stress along with more severe mood swings. What is the solution to save busy women? This is where getting help from professionals comes into play.

Sharing a lot of stress with someone else can be a way to get rid of their overwhelming pressure; But the fact is that words are much simpler than action; That is, sometimes relieving the fatigue caused by engaging in a variety of tasks requires more effort.

What exactly does it mean to be busy?

In general, women tend to be responsible. Even if this is not true of all subjects, women are far more interested in accepting household chores and caring for others than men. If you, as a woman, agree with this, you should ask yourself why. One of the reasons for this desire can be growing up in a traditional environment. In traditional settings, women are usually dictated to perform such tasks and roles. Perhaps the desire to control and manage the situation causes some women to appear in different roles, especially those mentioned.

There are many reasons for women to take on different responsibilities. Some women also think that no one can handle the various responsibilities well and get things done as they wish; That is why they prefer to play all the roles themselves. Accepting different responsibilities, for whatever reason, ultimately leads to anger, vulnerability, and some kind of anger. Excessive work and busyness can be a factor in the formation of fatigue and insomnia; At the same time, the tired and insomniac person faces a lack of happiness and motivation in life. These are some of the signs of burnout.

If you hide the signs of burnout, this problem will affect your relationships with those you live with (such as children and spouse) ‌ or with more distant people, such as friends and colleagues.

What are the effective ways to avoid burnout?

Busy women

Women need solutions to avoid burnout and have a healthy physical and mental relationship along with appropriate and desirable relationships. One of these strategies is to delegate responsibilities to others or delegate authority. When tasks and responsibilities are shared between different people, the resulting pressure is shared among all people. However, some women are reluctant to delegate responsibilities to others and ask for their participation and assistance.

If you have such characteristics, follow these tips:

1. Do not be a victim

Avoid saying “yes” to all job applications and responsibilities in your life and work. You do not have to take care of everything, especially things that are not visible at all. Most women do a lot of work during the day that takes a lot of time and energy; But no one seems to notice them, such as picking up dirty clothes, washing and folding them, and various arrangements for managing the affairs of the house and outside the house. If you say “yes” to all the small things around you, it means that you have calmly said “no” to the greatness of the earth! So have your own air.

2. Make time for yourself

As you spend time with the doctor, personal care and household chores, make time for yourself. Women often make self-care their last priority; it’s wrong. You need to set aside time for exercise and hobbies and get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.

3. Discard useless standards and standards

Accept that no one can do everything; So when other family members come forward to help, you should accept their offer and avoid criticizing, for example:

  • Let your children make their own bed;
  • Do not re-arrange the dishes after one of the members of the house has gathered the dishes;
  • If your spouse did not buy exactly what you wanted from the store, do not be angry and just thank him.

Is getting help from others a sign of weakness?

Getting help from others is not a sign of weakness. The busiest lives and the busiest people can move in the right and logical direction by planning; But if you want to get things done right and away from stress, you need to think about getting help, or at least not giving up when you are offered help.

Remember that getting help from others is not a sign of weakness; Rather, it is a sign of a strong management spirit in a person who can manage different responsibilities well at the same time.

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Effective strategies to prevent women's burnout in life

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