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Eating habits; Do not forget the tips for the host and guests that are better

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Whether we are guests or hosts, we need to know the etiquette of eating. If we know how to behave at the table and have the right principles, our socializing will be sweeter and more enjoyable. The one who knows the manners of this work becomes a more respectable and pleasant person. It has long been said that when eating, do not drink too much water and drink, use a spoon and fork properly, do not talk at the table, and…. But do you know what the principles and etiquettes that promote the character and process of eating include? In this article, we have told you some tips that you should follow to eat.

Guests read

The proper etiquette of eating and partying goes to both the guest and the host. Let us give our recommendations first to the guests and then to the hosts.

1. Etiquette before eating

If you want to follow the proper etiquette of eating and sitting at the table, your work starts before you eat. If you are invited to dinner or lunch or even breakfast and dinner, you should answer the host about accepting or rejecting the invitation so that he or she knows what he or she’s supposed to do with the number of guests.

If you are planning to take someone with you to a party, be sure to arrange this with the guest. Do not hesitate to attend a party. If you like to follow the etiquette of the party, be sure to prepare something that suits the landlord and the circumstances and take with you, for example, flowers, vases, food such as soup, chocolate and sweets, candles and drinks.

If you bring a special sweet or snack, do not expect the landlord or party owner to serve it. Maybe he has made special arrangements and the use of your gift has no place in his reception plan.

۲. Etiquette of sitting at the table

When you enter a party, you should see what the procedure is and according to what style and military the guests sit together. In some large ceremonies and parties, cards are placed on the tables and the place of the people is determined. Sometimes there is no specific law. Of course, most of the time, at the dinner table, the chair near the host is for those who are highly respected, or are older than others, or for various reasons are considered a dear and important person at the party.

If there is no specific arrangement for sitting, ask the host where to sit. Most likely, the host will tell you wherever you like, especially at our Iranian parties. When you sit at the dinner table, if there is a napkin, wait for everyone to sit down and the table is complete, and then spread the napkin on your feet.

If you want to get up from the table in the middle of the meal, apologize and put your handkerchief on the handle of your chair. Never leave a napkin on the table and leave. This is the etiquette of eating at the table. You need to be careful to respect others and watch your behavior.

3. Eating habits in the restaurant

Maybe you get a little anxious when you are invited to a restaurant and you are going to a party or a restaurant party and you do not know how to behave; Especially when you are invited to the best restaurants. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items.

Do not lift the menu and leave it on the table

  • Do not play with the menu, do not pick it up and start reading it like a fun magazine. It is better to let the food menu stay on the table and look at it from above and choose your food.

Drink from one side of your glass

  • Be aware it is best to drink from a specific side of the drink glass. This advice is more useful for women because they usually have makeup and with each sip of the contents of the glass, a little of the effect of their lipstick on the glass remains. If they drink from one side of the glass each time, it will be full of blush, and this is not pleasant.

Keep your plate as clean as possible

  • Do not eat erratically. Start from one side of the plate and do not let it become a work of Cubism with colors and traces of different foods in each corner! Eat clean and pay attention to order in eating.

Be sure to place the food on the plate

  • If there is no separate plate to place things like fish bones, be careful to use the top left of the plate to do this. For example, if you have fish bones or lemon kernels in your plate, use this part of the plate to help put them. At the bottom right of the plate is a place to pour things like sauce and butter.

Do not announce your going to the bathroom

  • Never tell people around the table that you want to go to the bathroom. this is not right.

Do not take extra food with you

  • Of course, wasting food is not the right thing to do; But if you have been invited to a restaurant party in a formal situation, for example by your company and office, it is better not to ask for boxes and containers to take home the leftovers if there is food left. Keep in mind the etiquette of eating so that you do not get anxious in different situations.

4. Supplementary recommendations

  • Try to keep pace with other guests;
  • Do not take your mobile phone to the table and tablecloth, which is a very bad thing;
  • Do not lean on the table, do not spread your elbows on the table while eating;
  • Use a napkin and spread it on your feet. Napkins are not for decoration;
  • Participate in conversations at the table and at the table and keep in touch with other guests;
  • Be sure to hold knives, forks and spoons and hold them properly;
  • Do not use a napkin instead of a paper towel for something like cleaning your nose;
  • After chewing the morsel and landing it, start drinking. Do not drink with your mouth full of water or drink;
  • Never chew food with your mouth open, never. This is ugly and far from polite. Do not speak with your mouth full;
  • Do not extend your hand to pick up different things on the table and ask others to give you salt shakers or other things;
  • Do not overeat any food. If there is cake on the dessert table, take one piece and if you want and it is possible, take another piece after it is finished.

Hosts read

Being a good host also plays a very important role in shaping eating habits. If you want to be a good host, consider the following tips.

1. Proper picking of tables and tablecloths

To set the table, always pay attention to the main dish. You have to put it in the middle of the table. Place drinks to the right and other items to the left of the table. Also place the napkin that you have prepared for each person on the table or on the left side of the forks.

The spoon is placed to the right of the plate and the fork to the left. The knife should be on the right side and the cutting blade should be towards the plate. If you are serving soup, put a special spoon next to the knife and be careful to put the soup spoon out and out.

۲. Pay for food at the restaurant

If you take your guests to a restaurant, never let money get in the way. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Do not talk about money or even make compliments. Does he count his food money when a party comes to your house? No. So be aware of this in the restaurant.

3. Consider the food tastes of the guests

It does not matter if you are going to take your guests home or to a restaurant; In any case, you should pay attention to their taste and food taste. Ask them about their dietary restrictions and do not eat anything they do not like or that is forbidden in their diet.

Tips on eating habits for children

Eating habits for children

Teach children the proper eating habits. If a person is familiar with these principles from childhood, he will behave properly in different situations in adulthood. This affects both his personality and his etiquette score, and also makes him feel calm and always know what is the right behavior at parties, various events, restaurants, and so on.

1. Washing hands and being tidy

It is obligatory to wash the hands before eating; He does not know big or small. Other than that, when you teach your child to come to the table or wash their hands regularly, you are actually showing them to respect and value their host.

۲. Waiting for other people and guests

Be sure to teach your child not to start eating earlier than others. All guests or people around the table should be present and then the eating process should begin. It is not polite to attack food dishes early and when everyone is not yet sitting around a table or tablecloth. It is true?

3. Take small bites and sips

Calmness in chewing and picking up small bites and drinking small sips of drink is also a etiquette that you must teach your children. It is really rude to eat and pick up big bites.

4. Use polite words

The child should know that if he is going to ask someone at the table to feed him or give him something like a salt shaker, he needs to use polite words to ask for it. This may seem simple to you, but it helps the child to form the right and polite literature.

5. Not commenting on food problems

The one who prepares the food works hard. It is not right to talk about the quality of food at the table or table. Teach your child to know that commenting on the quality of food (if there is a problem) is ungrateful.

at the end

Practice eating habits and always rely on them. Those who observe etiquette in various situations, including at the table and at the table, are more respected and loved. The self-confidence that good behaviors give us also makes us have better times at different parties and events. do you accept?

What do you think about eating habits? What else do we have left? Tell us.

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Eating habits; Do not forget the tips for the host and guests that are better


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