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Easy project management with migration from Terlo to Slack, benefits and implementation practices

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Many project-oriented or telecommuting groups are fascinated ترلو‌ (Trello) are. It is even said: “If you do not like Terlo, you really hate your job!” I agree with this statement to some extent, but not completely! Anyway, everyone is in favor of easy project management, but Terlo also has its drawbacks. Like you, we enjoyed working with the smooth processes and simple tools of Terlo, but ultimately had no choice but to migrate from Terlo to اسلک (Slack) We did not have. If you want to integrate all work relationships in one place and increase the productivity of job processes, we also recommend migrating from Terlo to Slack. In this article, we will look at the reasons, the ups and downs, and how this change is being implemented.

Maxim Leonovich is a professional programmer. His company is active in troubleshooting computer programs and used Terlo to coordinate work projects. The employees of Terlo loved and even admired it. There are many benefits to using Terlo, and the real example is easy and fast project management.

Terlo can be customized to run very large projects: just add a few columns and expand the page horizontally. The high speed of getting things done in Terlo is another of its popular features. Planning to run a project on Terlo is as easy as writing a paragraph of text. Maxim had been using Terlo for three years, and migrating from Terlo to Slack seemed insane! Or maybe not! We will see the reason for this soon.

Slack is a unique tool for interaction and dialogue

Designing a project in Terlo is definitely fun, but keeping the project up to date is not so simple! Terlo has many useful features to support group conversations: the ability to comment, comment, upload content, photos or files, and more. Despite these features, all workgroups conduct their discussions in other software environments! Maxim also tracked all bug reports, conversations, customer feedback reviews, and suggestions or warnings on the Slack platform. Any results obtained in slack conversations will eventually be applied to work projects.

The problem was that transferring all these changes to Terlo was never possible! When workload increased and time management became difficult, it was not possible to update things at Terlo at all. In such times, the only reliable tool was slack, referring to the text of negotiations and agreements. Of course, in times when the work was lighter, Terlo was also cleaned and updated, but sometimes such a time did not occur.

Some of the interactive advantages of Slack compared to Terlo

The first attempt to migrate from Terlo to Slack

Maxim and his colleagues were working on a company debugging project that came up with a different idea. They decided to do the project in a different way: Instead of reporting and tracking the flaws in Terlo, they created a channel called “finalizing knowledge discovery” in Slack and adopted a simple policy for it:

  • Each main message in the channel must report a bug;
  • Conversations should be threaded in response to the main message;
  • Whenever an error occurs, the original message containing it must be deleted.

Slack is a unique tool for interaction, dialogue and interaction

Accumulation and backlog in Slack did not look good (unlike Terlo) but project management was really easy and everything was always up to date. There was no need to switch between different software and environments or to back up tabs, and group members loved it. In this way, everything was integrated into the slack, and Maxim took the first step in migrating from Terlo to the slack.

Of course, they soon realized that instead of deleting the main messages, the results could be represented symbolically with different emojis.

Use visual icons for easy project management in Slack

The new approach worked well, but the long-term plan for permanent migration from Terlo to Slack remained challenging. It was not possible to categorize and filter inputs with visual symbols, and old messages quickly slipped out of sight. When group members are faced with new projects, they ask themselves, “What exactly should everyone do here?” It is definitely not possible to answer this question using previous image symbols and messages. Is there a solution to these problems?

The main step for migrating from Terlo to Slack: version number one of the ToDoBot robot

Slack has recently added the “Home” tab to all of its applications, providing us with easy project management. The use of the Home language was not clear at first, but Maxim accidentally found special uses for this tab. In three days, they programmed a robot called ToDoBot. This robot manages all the done and future projects for you and displays them in its Home tab.

The ToDoBot robot was not supposed to be a big project, but many important inventions happen in the same way! The robot was very easy to use and attracted the attention of other members of Maxim. In this way, all the company’s projects were defined using the ToDoBot robot.

The number one version of this robot was not designed for multi-person projects and had many shortcomings in group work. You could only do two things with this robot:

1. Create a new project (to do);

۲. Share a new project with someone else.

The most important feature of this robot was its Home language: you could see all the projects and their execution status in Home at any time. The ToDoBot robot is essentially a program for managing tasks in Slack (Task Management App for Slack) And was a practical example of easy project management.

ToDoBot robot and assign tasks in Slack

The final step in migrating from Terlo to Slack: Version 2 of the ToDoBot robot (ready-to-do projects channel)

Maxim Company had undertaken a large project and the work was so heavy that no one had time to scratch. The company’s trawler had remained intact for about three months, and all affairs were being pursued in an irregular manner. The initial version of the ToDoBot robot was the first step in migrating from Terlo to Slack, and Maxim intended to develop it. At this point, all members of the company had learned to chat on Slack channels and personally use the ToDoBot robot. Now the main question was: how can these two capabilities (channel interaction and robot use) be combined? I wish I could create a Home language for the channels!

Unfortunately, Slack channels did not have a Home language, but some items could be pinned in the channel. Pinned items are a fixed place in the channel info sidebar where any message on the channel can be displayed.

Drag channel information and pin messages

In addition to the possibility, Application programming interface Slack (API) allows you to always (without limitation) edit messages. Not great? Therefore, the Home language in each channel can be simulated by pinning a message and constantly updating it with upcoming programs (to-dos)! Maxim and his colleagues coded a few days before the second version of the ToDoBot robot was created with these features:

  • Create to-do to-do lists in each channel;
  • Ability to add ready-made tasks using messages, modal pop-ups or mention- @ or command- / commands;
  • Ability to share ready-made tasks with several people;
  • Ability to view the ready-made tasks of each person in the Robot Home tab.

Easy project management process in Slack

After migrating from Terlo to Slack, the step-by-step process of project management will be as follows:

  • Create a new channel for each small project;
  • Adding a ToDoBot bot to the channel and pinning a message containing ready-made tasks;
  • Send any message or file related to the project within the channel and mention the robot (with this command: mention ToDoBot- @) in each message;
  • Divide tasks between group members using the Share feature;
  • Check the Home tab of the robot and get information about the tasks (each member of the group separately and in his own software);
  • Complete tasks by closing tasks in the Home tab or sending an emoji tick;
  • Conversation only and only by replying to the main message and creating a conversation thread.

Maxim Company has completed many projects in this way and its employees are very satisfied with the way projects are managed in Slack. They still use Terlo for their strategic and macro plans, but all current affairs and technical projects have been integrated into Slack.

Slack capabilities in the project management process


Productivity plays a key role in the success of projects, and all companies want to increase productivity in their work processes. Terlo is definitely a practical tool with exceptional project management capabilities, but like any tool, it has some drawbacks. If you are dealing with complex projects or you need a lot of dialogue and interaction to do any project, the best way to increase your productivity is to migrate from Terlo to Slack; Of course, you need the help of plugins and bots to integrate processes in Slack.

In this article, we will explain the ToDoBot robot and how to easily manage the project using it. Of course, this robot also has some shortcomings and needs development and evolution; For example, the ability to connect to Terlo, the ability to delete tasks assigned to each person by themselves or the ability to transfer ready-made tasks to other channels are features that should be added to this robot. But in any case, the project management experience with Slack is a very sweet and efficient experience. We suggest you try this route and share it with your friends and colleagues. If you have any experience or advice in this area, we would be happy for you to share it with us and our companions.




Easy project management with migration from Terlo to Slack, benefits and implementation practices

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