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Early marriage; good or bad?

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Is marriage at a young age good or bad? what do you think? Some people think that one should go home at a young age, but there are many people who think that marriage at a young age does not work well. In this article, we want to examine young marriage in its entirety. By examining several sources, we have tried to have a correct view of this story. That’s why we ask you to join us and finally, tell us your opinions. Together we come to better summaries. do you accept?

Early marriage; An issue that needs to be carefully considered

Every human being’s life is a complex path that can not be easily judged on his days and moments. That is, we can not say that marriage at a young age is necessarily a good or bad thing. Each person has a mysterious world that is influenced by different circumstances and inherent characteristics of that person.

Therefore, every human life and marriage is a unique scenario, but with general studies, one can understand the advantages and disadvantages of marriage at a young age. In this article, we first take a critical look at young marriage and then enumerate its benefits.

In recent years, more people tend to start a family at the end of the third decade of their lives. Of course, different social and economic conditions influence this decision. After all, these days, many people think that getting married at a young age is something like wasting life at a young age.

People in most cities and countries today think that they are in their 20s or 30s to experience. They say that getting married is a decision that requires stability, and that someone who gets married early loses the opportunity to experience and discover himself and this world.

Is 30 years old today the same as 20 years old yesterday?

The above sentence may seem strange to you, but read it again and pay more attention to it. What do you think now? Do you agree that today’s lives are such that people grow and become older at an older age than in the past?

For example, the current state of society is such that women prefer to marry later than in the past. Women entering society and working causes women to grow and develop more than ever before.

Marriage often prevents women from growing. That is why the number of girls who prefer to be single for more years has increased more and more.

What is it like to get married in the second half of the third decade of life (from 25 to 30 years old)?

Some marriage and family counselors and experts, based on their experience, say that 25 to 30 years old is more suitable for marriage. They believe that at this age, people have had enough opportunity to experience and their task is financially and socially defined.

At this age, people’s relationships and associations have reached a relative maturity and they already know what characteristics to look for in their future spouse. On average, people graduate and work between the ages of 25 and 30. These enable them to shape the path and vision of their lives for the future and to be able to choose their spouse with an open mind.

The opinion of some consultants

Some consultants go even further and offer precise numbers. For example, Weena Cullins, a family and marriage counselor, says that the best age for marriage is 28 for women and 32 for men. He has come to this conclusion according to his clients and believes that men and women at this age reach the necessary maturity and preparation for marriage. Do you agree?

So far we have talked about marriage at an older age. In the following, we will talk about marriage at a young age and the benefits that are offered to it. However, everything has different dimensions that can not be underestimated in a serious and careful study.

What is it like to get married in the first half of the third decade of life (20 to 25 years old)?

One of the main benefits of early marriage advocates is that men and women reach puberty together. They say early marriage allows two people to explore and experience the world together. Young couples come to an understanding of concepts such as growth, self-sacrifice and companionship.

We now want to explore the benefits of early marriage in more depth. The potential benefits of early marriage are listed below; Note that we said benefits Potential. What do you mean? This means that not all early marriages have these benefits.

1. It is easier to join and accept each other

One of the potential benefits of early marriage is easier acceptance. what does it mean? This means that both parties are feeling and understanding their first experiences in an emotional relationship. They are not very experienced in other areas of life and together they understand many concepts and events.

In this case, the couple does not come together with a set of formed beliefs and behavioral patterns, so by trial and error, they find a common path that is suitable for both of them. At older ages, accepting another is a little harder. A person who intends to get married at an older age has certain ideas and desires, and it becomes a little difficult to find a suitable companion.

۲. Many challenges come at a young age with many lessons to be learned

A two-person relationship can teach couples many lessons. As long as we are alone, our flaws become less obvious, but living with someone else has many challenges that lead to more growth and experience.

For example, relationship lessons may be a deep understanding of concepts such as:

  • obligation;
  • Sacrifice;
  • Accompanying;
  • Love.

Everyone is happy that someone loves them and considers them the love of their life. Isn’t that so?

3. People have lower expectations and there is little expectation in the relationship

At a young age, both people know that there is still a lot of room for growth financially or in other dimensions. They understand each other’s circumstances and do not expect too much from each other and from life at the beginning, so they seek to build and promote life peacefully and happily.

4. Couples experience more failures and successes together

One of the benefits of marrying at an early age, according to fans of this lifestyle, is growing up together. They say that couples who get together at a young age fail together and win and grow. They are always pinned on the memories of life. Of course, this can be a potential advantage, as pinning is sometimes pleasant and sometimes unpleasant. what do you think?

5. Love is more passionate at a young age

Marriage at a young age - the joy and enthusiasm of marriage at an early age

The older people get, the more they move on the path of logic. Of course, this is not a common issue, but most people fall in love at a more young age. The passion of love can create very sweet memories and moments. For this reason, in listing the possible benefits of marriage at an early age, passionate love is also mentioned.

6. There is more chance of failure

Some proponents of underage marriage say that this gives them a chance to fail. This group of proponents of early marriage believes that if the marriage does not work out for the first time, people are still young and have the energy to enter into other relationships. This argument needs a lot of consideration and reflection. do you accept?

7. There are more opportunities to have children

One of the benefits of early marriage is the possibility of having more children. Young couples have more opportunities to have children. As women get older, they face more challenges in getting pregnant. The age gap with the child is also discussed. If you get married late, the age gap with your child will increase.

So is marriage recommended at an early age?

Is marriage good at a young age? The fact is that there is no general rule about human life. It is not possible to say what age is more suitable for marriage. Every person is different. It is not possible to set general rules for marriage and the beginning of everyone’s emotional relationship.

Reviewing the careers of different people who got married at a young age, it becomes clear more than ever that there is no general prescription for marriage. Disadvantages of early marriage include the following:

  • Failure to reach full maturity to start a relationship and thus blocking the way for dialogue and compromise in two-person challenges.
  • A lot of change after personal development and moving on to a more serious path in life and breaking away from the path that had begun with another person.

Despite all these advantages and disadvantages, it is not possible to say at what age it is better to start a relationship. Many factors lead to the formation of the right relationship, and it is not just a matter of age.

The best time to get married seems to be when people are satisfied with their personal, social and work life. It is in this state that they can accept another person in their lives with peace, love and logic.

Experts say that the number of years is not so important, but it is important in experimentation. That is, it does not matter how old you are or what birthday candle you blow, it matters how old you are at that age, what your life reserves are, and how you interact with this world.

Another important issue; What is a spouse child?

Marriage at a young age - child of a spouse

Now that we have talked about marriage at a young age, we need to look at the important issue of having a spouse. In many parts of Iran and the world, girls are forced to marry at a very young age. The spouse has both very destructive psychological effects on young girls and deprives them of the opportunity to grow in various aspects of life.

Let’s look at the terrible consequences of having a spouse:

  • The opportunity to grow is taken away from a human being; most children, spouses are not educated and do not have a serious presence in society.
  • The health of young girls who get married is endangered due to early pregnancies.
  • Most children and spouses experience domestic violence because their adult spouse finds himself or herself capable of coercion and violence.
  • The macro effects of this issue are many. For example, poverty increases in a society where women do not work and are illiterate.

When it comes to underage marriage, we do not mean under the age of 20 at all. Child marriage is a cruel oppression of a human being that deprives him of the opportunity to grow and experience.

at the end

Do you agree that we humans are very complex? The existence of each of us depends on a thousand different things; Genetics, family, climate, society and…. So there are no general rules for our lives. There is no written command that we can follow step by step for the rest of our lives.

The best age for marriage does not have a specific number. Everyone should give in to a two-way relationship when they are ready to live with the other person in every way. Marriage is neither a cure for our pain nor a magic lamp to achieve our dreams. Marriage is also a part of life and we have to think and try to do it right and manage it.

We’d like you to comment on early marriage. What do you think? چیست What is your experience in this field?

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Early marriage; good or bad?

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