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Dostoevsky’s best books; 10 impressive novels that never get old

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Many of Dostoevsky’s books are among the most popular in the world. This great Russian novelist wrote most of his works based on the realities of his own life and society, and at certain times, such as the time he was imprisoned or the days he was awaiting execution, he sought to collect readable adventures to write new novels. That is why Dostoevsky’s strange books sit in the heart of the audience. From the depths of his being, he seems to have adorned words and writings so that they can pass on his time and history to the next generations; It is with delicate art and captivating writing so that the audience enjoys reading their adventures moment by moment.

Fyodor Dostoevsky is one of the most accomplished writers in the history of the world and one of the best Russian writers who has contributed many valuable works to the world of book lovers. If you are looking for Dostoevsky’s best book, we do not have a single answer for you. But in today’s article, we will introduce you to Dostoevsky’s stories. We have arranged these 10 books by year of writing. Perhaps if you read them in the same way, you can better feel the growth of the author’s pen. Of course, you can read Dostoevsky’s books in any order you wish; But our goal was to sort by the year the books were written. Stay with us until the end of this article.

1. The poor

Translator: Khashayar Deihimi (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Straw (suggested by users)
number of pages: 208
genre: Scary

Really, when does misery and helplessness bring people to the brink of death? What happens to the lives of people who prefer death to life? This feeling and this kind of helplessness is the same sex that Dostoevsky described in his first work, The Poor, in a very captivating way, with a different and fascinating story.

This novel is in fact a man’s letters to his wife; A wife who is the same age as her daughter. These letters, none of which went unanswered, formed the main structure of the novel. The course of the story is to express the sorrows and boredom of these two people. The novel is so profound and shocking that the audience, while interacting with the book, is deeply influenced by the atmosphere of the story.

Why should good people always be in misery at all, while happiness goes unintentionally to other people?

۲. Twin of Dostoevsky’s books

Twin books from Dostoevsky's books

Translator: Soroush Habibi (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Fish (suggested by users)
number of pages: 216
Genre / Type: Mysterious, romantic

The Twin Novel is another of Dostoevsky’s books that tells the story of a simple employee falling in love with a rich girl, a mysterious and charming romance. Perhaps the entry of a simple employee rival into the story is one of the main reasons for the novel’s appeal. If you love such novels, written by great writers like Dostoevsky, be sure to read the twin novel; Because you will get acquainted with the beautiful form of love and fear in the Russian world.

There is no door that does not open on a brave person.

3. Bright nights

Bright Nights is a book by Dostoevsky

Translator: Soroush Habibi (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Fish (suggested by users)
number of pages: 112
Genre / Type: Romantic

Dreaming and again against the habit of writing. Dostoevsky’s Bright Nights is one of his most famous novels, narrating a young man’s bold dreams. If you are familiar with Dostoevsky’s life, you know that somehow these dreams are created by his own mind and in his own real life.

Dostoevsky’s Bright Nights are the dreams of a young boy who lives alone and befriends the city alone. It connects with the city wall, with its taropod, as if no one like him is familiar with the nature of the city of St. Petersburg. This book is a good choice for those who are interested in love and quiet stories. As you read this novel, you will experience the height of excitement along with exemplary calm.

I can only love someone who is free and understands and respects my feelings.

4. Memories of the House of the Dead

Diary of the House of the Dead from Dostoevsky's books

Translator: محمدجعفر مهجوب (suggested by users)
Publishers: Scientific and Cultural (User Suggestions)
number of pages: 398
Genre / Type: Diary, autobiography

Why memories of the house of the dead? This interesting book is part of Dostoevsky’s personal life. At a time when he and his friends were sentenced to death for participating in a movement, they were sent to the place of execution and pardoned at the last minute during a theatrical ceremony only to intimidate them. They were then transferred to prison and remained there for a long time.

We read about the very hard and exhausting life of those years in the diary of the House of the Dead. A novel full of horror and disturbing but gentle and soft facts, which is the art of the author who has written such a beautiful and fascinating subject. To learn more about Dostoevsky and what happened to him in those years, you can read this good book.

Only one thing, a burning desire for resurrection and renewal and continuing to live a transformed life, gave me the courage to wait and hope.

5. Underground Notes

Underground Notes from Dostoevsky

Translator: Hamidreza Atash Barabar (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Scientific and Cultural (User Suggestions)
number of pages: 566
Type: Psychological

A very different book. Perhaps it is better to say that to describe Dostoevsky’s underground notes, one must only read it! Of course, the description of the translator of this different book, namely Hamid Reza Atash-Barab, is also very readable and interesting:

“Gentlemen! ladies! listen! You have one of the most difficult, dramatic and indigestible novels. It is now more than 150 years since this work was written, the first novel of inner monologue and the first stream of the voice of conscience reminiscent of the history of literature. Even before the tumultuous turmoil of James Joyce, Italo Azov, Robert Mozilla, Alfred Dolbin and Jean-Paul Sartre. This novel is a small consolation that does not bring smart people to nothing, but with it, crazy people will definitely get somewhere. “It has a very strong and lethal dose, and for many it is better that they never swallow it.”

Get out of the habit of a lot of work! God knows what habit does to man.

6. Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment from Dostoevsky's books

Translator: Asghar Rastegar (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Look (suggested by users)
number of pages: 711
Genre / Type: Criminal, foreign novel

Crime and Punishment Dostoevsky’s real attitude is toward his country, Russia. This book refers to his solution to save Russia from the clutches of nihilism, and throughout the story, he speaks of the voice of human conscience. In this book, we are confronted with complex and complex events that are completely in the Taropod.

This novel tests many heroes and villains; But it is very interesting that the novel’s approach is programmed in such a way that it does not introduce the heroes as flawless, nor does it make the villains and sinners incomprehensible and unforgivable! Maybe it is not bad if you read this special and attractive book and experience a different world with this skilled author.

He who has a conscience, if he realizes his mistake, suffers. This is more punishment for him than hard work.

7. The gambler from Dostoevsky’s books

The Gambler is one of Dostoevsky's books

Translator: Soroush Habibi (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Spring (suggested by users)
number of pages: 215
Genre / Type: A collection of notes, a kind of autobiography

Again, a nested book, but still continuous and tangible for the adventurous audience! Ivanovich, a teacher at the Russian general’s orphanage, falls in love with the general during his travels. On the other hand, this general goes bankrupt and raises a lot of debts, and his only hope is his grandmother’s inheritance. In the gambler’s novel, we get acquainted with different story layers and many characters.

Nothing goes according to the audience’s expectations, and a whole host of exciting events take place in the novel, from the grandmother’s love for the gambler to a teacher’s sincere feeling for a young girl. If you love thrilling adventure, don’t miss this book. Many consider it the story of Dostoevsky himself.

What am I now? None! Zero! What will I be tomorrow? Tomorrow I may rise from the dead again and start a new life. And to discover “man”, which has not yet been completely destroyed in me.

8. Doodle from Dostoevsky’s books

The Doodle Book is one of Dostoevsky's books

Translator: Soroush Habibi (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Spring (suggested by users)
number of pages: 1019
Genre / Type: Scary, criminal

Describing each and every moment of the execution of a person is a masterpiece that has come true in the book of idiots. The atmosphere of this novel is so real and delicate that the reader can hardly return to the real world outside the book! In this book, we feel well the effect of a person’s decision on the fate of the society around him and we travel to the deep psychological dimensions of the language of the main character of the novel; It is accompanied by the life of the last survivor of a noble family who has to experience very different living conditions.

The whole novel is a mystery and a thrill. But not so much that communication is difficult to find. So explicit that we do not break away from the story for a moment, and so artistically that not even one next move is predictable for the audience!

Rest assured that Christopher Columbus’ happiness was not when he discovered America, but when he was trying to discover it.

9. Demons

The Book of Demons by Dostoevsky

Translator: Soroush Habibi (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Niloofar (suggested by users)
number of pages: 1019
genre: Political

The story of people who try to have a successful life, but do not know the art of social life, and this causes them to destroy their world on their own. This novel is a true narrative, and Dostoevsky, with his art of writing, has made it as complete and beautiful as possible.

On the back cover of the book, it says: “The demons do not always remain in the body of the victim in whom they are dissolved. “God is awake and the day will come when this tumultuous mass of demons will be crushed and dissolved in the bodies of pigs, and the mad pigs will fall into the lake.” If you are also interested in historical and social topics, be sure to include this special book in your study plan. You will definitely enjoy it.

There are some faces that always, every time they appear, instill in you something new that you did not think of before, even if you have seen them a hundred times.

10. Karamazov brothers

The Karamazov Brothers from Dostoevsky

Translator: احد علیقلیان (suggested by users)
Publishers: Center (user suggestion)
number of pages: 854
Genre / Type: Romantic, scary

Dostoevsky’s latest work, which his fans know is a different work. True and true love. Along with all the weaknesses and flaws, literally lovable. Alexei Fyodorovich is introduced as the protagonist of the Karamazov brothers. However, at the beginning of the novel it is mentioned that Alexei Fyodorovich is not a great person.

From the very beginning, the audience is faced with the challenge of how someone who we know is not the best has become the hero of this novel? If you also like this romantic and scary story, be sure to read this book in your schedule.

I believe in people and I am always happy to treat them fairly, but I never give in to them, this is a necessary condition.

Other books by Dostoevsky

Dostoevsky has many works and we have introduced you to his 10 most popular works. In the following, we will take a look at some of Dostoevsky’s other books:

  • Novels and short novels

  • نیه توچکا;
  • Raw young;
  • Uncle’s dream;
  • Always husband;
  • Stepanchiko village;
  • Housewife (hostess).
  • short stories

  • Softhearted;
  • Polzonkov;
  • Jealous husband;
  • Honorable thief;
  • Little Hero;
  • Novel in nine letters;
  • Mr. Prokharchin;
  • A dirty story;
  • In the boarding house of the nobility;
  • Another man’s wife;
  • Christmas Tree And Marriage.

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In this article, we introduce you to some of Dostoevsky’s novels. If you are a fan of this great Russian writer and have an opinion about him or his works, please share your opinion with us and the audience of the “How” site in the “Post a Comment” section.


Dostoevsky's best books; 10 impressive novels that never get old

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