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Do not quit your job for money if you have not yet answered these questions

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Many people believe that their salary is not worth as much as the work they do. Such a feeling can be misleading, especially when faced with a higher-paying job offer. But before you make a quick decision and quit your current job just for the sake of a higher salary, it is better to read this article.

According to a study published in 2016, the difference between the actual salary of employees and the salary they think they should receive was up to $ 15,000. Although the study was conducted in the United States, it would probably have had similar results if it had been done in other parts of the world.

But this was not the only research finding. In this study, most employees considered the existence of meaning and usefulness of their job as the most important factor in job satisfaction. In fact, the salary received was often not considered an important factor in job satisfaction; Instead, subjects such as learning new skills were considered by the respondents.

This research shows that one should not make a quick decision by looking at a more legal proposal. Before leaving your job, it is best to ask yourself the following questions:

1. How does your current salary relate to the duties and salaries of other co-workers?

A new company may be able to pay more, but it remains to be seen what it will pay you more. Make a list of your current duties and responsibilities and compare it to your job description. If you are going to be paid more just because you work more, you may need to reconsider your decision to leave your current job.

Another good way to understand the fairness of a salary is to compare it to the salary received by others. Researching and interviewing co-workers who have a similar job to you shows whether the level of salary you receive in your current job is fair or reasonable.

2. Do I really deserve more pay?

Do I deserve a higher salary?

The results of a survey in 2015 showed that 81% of employees considered themselves more conscientious and dedicated than their colleagues! Of course, everyone wants to see themselves better and higher; But before you go to your manager and ask for more pay, find solid reasons for your worthiness. You may come to the conclusion that your sacrifices are as much as others and not more!

If you feel you deserve more pay, you can set goals and offer more rewards and benefits in consultation with your manager.

3. What is the impact of my current job on my life satisfaction?

Before leaving your current job for a higher salary, ask yourself if the new job will give me more satisfaction.

Working conditions and Mission Statement Examine both companies to find out which job best fits your personality and mood. Is the job offered more in line with your mood? If the answer is no, reconsider your decision to leave your current job.

4. Can you talk openly with your employer or manager about pay and benefits?

Doubt is normal in such cases. Consider talking to your manager or employer. One of the tasks of managers and leaders is to create a space for dialogue and explicit and transparent interaction. If this conversation is bothering you, you may need to reconsider your decision to reject the new offer.

Think about the relationships you have with your other team members and employees in your current job. Will you experience these relationships in your new job as well? Were you impressed by the personality and attitude of the manager who offered you the new job? Finding a group of co-workers who support you emotionally and spiritually is not an easy task. So you should consider this before leaving your current job.

last word

More zeros is always tempting, but a job is more than just a series of tasks and getting paid. So before you leave your job, think about the issues raised in this article.




Do not quit your job for money if you have not yet answered these questions

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