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Delegation of authority through the method of Google administrators; Things you need to know

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Google’s top executives focus on empowering their team members and not putting them under a microscope. According to Google, this is one of the characteristics of efficient managers. The story was that Google wanted to prove that “managerial positions can be removed”! Ironically, the rise of bile and Google research proved the exact opposite of this statement: the presence of managers is necessary and is very effective in the performance of work teams! Google was not satisfied with this either. After re-inventing the wheel, they tried to discover the secrets of efficient managers! Some people think that empowering work teams and avoiding control over all the details is the most essential feature. But how does Google do that? Join us to learn more about this.

Google Guide to Assigning Job Responsibilities

Suppose you provide employees with the necessary skills, access to management guidance, and teamwork. If employees do not like their duties and do not work compassionately, all your efforts will be wasted. Employees need motivation more than anything else!

What could be the easiest way to empower and motivate employees? “Giving team members independence and autonomy by delegating responsibilities to them,” says Google. There are definitely limitations to this. Without proper supervision, you can not delegate vital projects to others. Let’s be honest with each other. Have you not kept anything in your circle that can be delegated to others? Take a deep breath and be honest with yourself. Doing things that are simple and familiar to you and hoarding tasks that have always been your responsibility will give you a sense of security and confidence. But it may be time to dump her and move on. Google has tips for you:

Review business goals

What is your ultimate goal? What should your team do to achieve the goal? Divide these work processes into smaller parts and see which components can be left to others.

Examine your duties and abilities

What are your main competencies? In what areas are you responsible? With these details, what responsibilities should you delegate to others?

Find the best person for each responsibility

Examine the skills of your team members. Who has the most outstanding competencies to take on tasks? Suppose employees are chess pieces. Assign responsibilities based on their skills and based on your strategy. Ultimately, you both empower your team and increase the overall productivity of the team.

7 Google steps to delegate work responsibilities

Google's 7-step process for assigning tasks that any administrator can use

very well. So far you have decided what to entrust to whom. Now is the time to run the program. You have to play the role of an experienced mentor or coach. Training forces is very time consuming. Some prefer to be crushed under work pressure but do not spend their time training substitutes. It may not be cost-effective to prepare successors in the short term, but it is essential for your and your employees’ progress in the long run. Google categorizes the process of delegating responsibilities to employees into 7 steps:

1. Share your workflow

Explain the importance and scope of the project to the selected employee. Explain to him why you chose him and how important the assigned responsibility is for the business.

۲. Explain the details of the new responsibility carefully

Describe your desired outcome and expectations. Tell your employee what you expect of him, but do not tell him how to do it. You do not want a follower. For this reason, you must give him the opportunity for autonomy and freedom to learn and grow through experience.

3. Look for questions, reactions, and suggestions

Your conversation with employees should be two-way. Do not forget that your ultimate goal is to give the job to your employee. Make sure you give her all the information she needs to take care of you, meet your expectations, and meet your expectations.

4. Empathetically, pay attention to the comments and suggestions of employees

Your employee has entered a new and unknown realm. With empathy, reduce his anxiety and make the environment psychologically safe. Your employee should be able to express their concerns and concerns easily and ask for your help in peace.

5. Explain the effect of this action on other team members

Employees understand the importance of their work and, accordingly, prioritize their tasks. Provide a coherent and clear vision of change and the future of work. Explain to them how the new tasks affect the activities of other team members.

6. Encourage your employees

You need to encourage employees to take full responsibility. Reassure your employees that you believe in them and their abilities.

7. Have a plan to monitor the progress of things

Consider deadlines, desired results, and checkpoints for tasks. You give your employees full authority, but you also have expectations of them. Make sure they know your destination well.

Delegating authority to others is not an easy process. You should consider this as a kind of investment in your employees. In this way, they will be tested and you will get better results; This means a win-win strategy for the parties.




Delegation of authority through the method of Google administrators; Things you need to know

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