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Dealing with fear of the future with 9 effective solutions

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No one knows what will happen 1 year later, 1 month later or even tomorrow. This is the nature of life! However, many people live in fear of the future. No matter how forward-looking we are and how far we go with planning, we cannot take control of everything. But the fear of unforeseen events and possible crises should not paralyze us. Because of the fear of the uncertain future, many people refuse to make important decisions, take risks, and take big steps. They may miss out on brilliant opportunities along the way. In this article, we introduce 9 strategies to deal with fear of the future. Do not miss this if your thoughts and worries about the future are constantly ruining your present life.

1. Never forget: the greatest fears happen less often

This is a fact that many of us have experienced and we have no doubt about. However, we often forget it! With a thousand kinds of thoughts, after a lot of arguing with ourselves, we go to the boss’s office and express our request. When we come out of the boss’s room, we say to ourselves: Was that it ?! Many of us are preoccupied with things that will most likely never happen. Reality may be stranger than fantasy, but fantasy seems to frighten us more than reality.

۲. Consider the worst case scenario

After accepting that your biggest fears are not coming true, ask yourself: What is the worst situation that could happen? By doing so, we realize that even if the worst possible situation occurs, the world will not end. Considering the worst case scenario, we find that our fears are not as great as we thought. It is clear that some of them may have a significant impact on our lives, but they do not deprive us of life.

3. Keep yourself busy when you are worried

Sometimes, many of us suffer from insomnia due to anxiety. The best thing to do at these times is to keep yourself busy. It does not matter if it is a purposeful effort to deal with fear or physical activity, because engaging the mind with pleasurable activity is an effective way to eliminate negative emotions.

4. Focus on the present moment, hour, and day

The root of most of our fears is ignorance of some things as well as our inability to predict the future. The problem is that we look at the story anyway, we still have only today and now, because tomorrow is not over yet! If you can not overcome the worries now, walk, run or take a nap.

5. Think about the last time you were afraid of something

What happened the last time you were worried about something and were afraid of it? Most likely, he did it well and happily! You may not think you have succeeded or things may not have turned out the way you wanted them to. Think well. Failure does not always mean our inefficiency and lack. Maybe we should have taken a different path.

6. If necessary, seek help to deal with fears of the future

Sometimes we spend our days with anxiety and worry, without knowing why. Usually we are not brave enough to admit we are unreasonably scared. Once we have the courage to accept, we openly realize the things we have to face to overcome our fears. But do not forget that sometimes we may need help from others. There is nothing wrong with getting help. After all, we are human too!

7. Visualize a pleasant result

Imagine your desired outcome to deal with the fear of the future

It can be difficult to think positively in the moment and in the present. But we can imagine achieving our desired goal and result! Illustration is more than just a dream. In illustration, we must practice realizing reality in the way we want it to be. In other words, we must be able to experience a sense of accomplishment before we can succeed!

8. Do not neglect meditation and prayer

Various studies have shown that spiritual activities are effective in treating diseases and physical problems. Therefore, prayer and meditation can help reduce anxiety and fear of the future. For those who have not tried such things before, sitting, concentrating, and breathing may seem futile. But know that deep breathing with your eyes closed has a tremendous effect. The least effect is to relieve your restlessness.

9. Keep reminding yourself: You can

We have all experienced the feeling of failure. Courage does not mean that we should never feel defeated. Courage means doing what we can with what we have, no matter how we may feel. Perhaps the most important characteristic of courage is that no one but you can give it to you. We ourselves must give ourselves courage and boldness! The first step is our belief (self-belief)! To face our future and our fears, we must believe that we can do it.

No one knows the future. Worry and fear of the future do not make things go well and happily. You have to step in and see what happens. Just try your best. Take advantage of helpful solutions along the way and, most importantly, believe that you can do it. Do you believe in yourself? Do you know any other effective ways to deal with fear of the future? What experience do you have using them? It is not bad to share your experience with us and our audience.

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Dealing with fear of the future with 9 effective solutions

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