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Corona test at home; Answers to frequently asked questions

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Despite all the efforts that have been made to develop the corona vaccine, it seems that the end of this scourge of homelessness cannot be imagined any time soon. In some countries, including Iran, the situation is getting worse by the day. In these cases, some people with coronary heart disease may not want to go to a health center; Because even if they do not have a coronary artery, they are at risk for coronary heart disease by going to a health center. At the same time, coronary stress is a nuisance to these people. The solution for these loved ones is to do a corona test at home. In this article, with the help of Dr. Snape Corona Testing Service, we have answered your frequently asked questions about corona testing at home. Stay with us.

Brief introduction to Corona test service at Snap Doctor’s home

Service name: Corona Snap Test Dr
Corona test type: Antibodies and PCR
Response timeLess than 48 hours
Need to leave home to perform or receive test results: No
Sampling location‌ Home or work
Accuracy and validity of corona test: Snap Doctor cooperates with specialized, reputable and trusted specialized centers and laboratories.

Answers to frequently asked questions about corona testing at home

1. When should I take a corona test?

A coronary test is necessary when you feel coronary symptoms or if your doctor recommends that you have the test. Also, to travel to many countries in the world, we have to provide negative air corona test results to airlines. In this case, we will need to do a corona test.

2. Who needs a corona test at home?

Anyone who needs a corona test can do it at home, and there are no restrictions.

3. What are the advantages of having a corona test at home compared to having it done in a health center?

  • Corona testing centers are among the most dangerous places due to the presence of people suspected of having a corona, and people do not endanger their health and the health of others by performing corona testing at home;
  • Corona testing is easy and hassle-free at home, and a specialist will do it for you in the safe space of your own home.

4. Which type of corona test is done at home? ‌ What are the conditions of each and when to get the result?

PCR and antibody tests are performed at home. After submitting the corona test request, the test applicant will be contacted up to 4 hours later and coordination will be made for the sampler to be present at home. 24 hours after receiving the sample, a text message will be sent to him containing the test answer link.

5. How do we know which corona test should be done?

To choose the right test from among the types of corona tests, the test applicant must first consult a physician. As a result of this consultation and with the expert’s discretion, the appropriate test will be selected for him.

6. Corona test for international flights; How much does it cost and when will we get the result?

You can select the approved airline corona test from the list of Dr. Snap Corona tests. The test result will be sent to you physically or electronically 24 hours later. By referring to the section Dr. Snap Corona Test You can see the prices.

7. Do we have to fast to have a corona test?

No, you do not need to fast to perform a corona test.

8. Is the corona test different for children and the elderly?

Yes, corona testing is different for children than for adults. Children’s samples are referred to specific laboratories for testing. Another difference is that children are sampled from the throat; Sampling for adults is from the nose.

9. Do we need to prepare special equipment or devices for testing at home?

No, test applicants do not need to provide special equipment. Any device needed to perform the test will be accompanied by a sampler.

10. How do we know if the sampler is trained and specialized?

All samplers sent to the applicants’ home by SNAP Doctor are certified by reputable centers and all have a medical system card and number. To ensure the validity of this number, applicants can refer to the website of the country’s medical system and check the accuracy of the information. The information of all experts is registered in this website.

۱۱. Is it safe to take laboratory tests at home?

Sampling of corona tests is performed in full compliance with health protocols and performing this test at home is completely safe and hygienic.

۱۲. Are the results of home tests as reliable as laboratory tests?

Check the reliability of the corona test at home

All corona tests are up to 80% accurate and there is some possibility of error as a result; But to get an accurate result, it does not matter if you do this test in medical centers or at home. This error rate is the same in both cases.

13. How long does it take to get the results of a corona test done at home?

24 hours after sampling.

۱۴. How much does a corona test cost at home and what are the payment terms?

By referring to the section Dr. Snap Corona Test You can see the prices.

۱۵. Does home corona testing include insurance?

To perform the corona test, electronic and physical invoices are provided to the applicants, which they can submit to the insurance centers.

۱۶. Is the corona test done at any time of the day or night?

Corona testing can be done at home from 8 am to 12 pm. After submitting the application, the applicants will be contacted and at any time of the day they wish to arrange for the test at home.

۱۷. Wouldn’t it be better to use a lung scan to check for coronary heart disease instead?

The corona test is prescribed by your doctor, and if he or she determines that you need a lung scan and that coronary tests alone are not enough, he or she will let you know.

in the end

For some time now, due to various factors such as non-compliance with health protocols (regardless of the effect of the mask, maintaining physical distance, etc.) and delays in vaccination, transmission of the corona virus has become a serious risk again and many patients with it are hospitalized.

In these cases, it may be best to have a corona test at home instead of going to a medical or laboratory if you have symptoms. In this way, you will not endanger the health of yourself and your loved ones, and you will be less likely to spread the virus and disease by avoiding crowded places.

You say

what is your opinion? How confident are you in having a corona test at home? Do you prefer to do the test at home or is it a priority for you to go to medical and laboratory centers? Have you experienced home testing? Were you satisfied with the result?

In the “Post a Comment” section, you can tell us and your audience about your opinions and experiences, which will be very valuable to us. Also, if you have a question that has not been answered in this article, you can ask it in this section.

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Corona test at home; Answers to frequently asked questions


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