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Comfortable sofa or classic? Which to choose?

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Maybe you have been in the dilemma of choosing a sofa or a classic sofa, or you have been wondering which sofa is better or a classic sofa and which is a more suitable choice for your home. If you are looking for a suitable answer to this question, we suggest that you do not miss the continuation of this article in any way.

Before we want to compare the comfortable and classic sofa, it is better to examine the characteristics of each and get more acquainted with the types of furniture. In general, furniture is divided into two categories:


As the name implies, the main goal in designing a sofa is to create a complete sense of comfort. Therefore, we see the design of such sofas in the form of beds and relaxation with wide seating and large and comfortable cushions. Also, in designing a comfortable sofa, wooden and metal handles or any other hard material are not used in any way to convey the most feeling of comfort and relaxation to the user.

So if you want to return home after a busy day and have a place to relax and unwind in front of the TV, a sofa is the best choice for you.

classic furniture

Unlike a comfortable sofa, in the design of a classic sofa, the focus is more on the beauty of the appearance and showing off the different components of the sofa. Inlaid art has been used in the design of the crowns and handles of most of these sofas. One of the prominent features of this type of furniture is the main role of wood in their construction. Also in floral design, floral and patterned fabrics are usually used more.

If you look at furniture as a decorative item for home decoration and you want to dazzle every viewer with your furniture, classic furniture is a good choice.

The price of a comfortable and classic sofa

The price of a sofa depends on many factors, the most important of which are as follows:

  • The material of the coil or the body of the sofa, which can be made of different types of wood with different qualities or even metal.
  • Material and quality of foam used, which has a great impact on durability and maintaining the appearance of the sofa.
  • Quality and type of fabric used in the sofa.
  • Construction quality.
  • After-sales service and warranty.

All of these things will work out if they are designed and implemented by a skilled team.

After checking the prices of the furniture available in the market as well as the sites Online sale of sofa And collecting the available information, we came to the conclusion that the average price of classic sofas is about 60% higher than comfortable sofas.

This is because the classic sofa uses more wood, which is a more expensive raw material, and also details such as crown and handle inlays of this model of sofas are time consuming and expensive.

It is worth mentioning about the furniture that the price range of the furniture in the market is very different, but buying cheap, low-quality and low-quality furniture is not financially cost-effective, because after a short time the buyer will have to pay again to buy the furniture. . By buying a quality sofa, you will both enjoy having a stylish piece of furniture and you will not need to change the sofa for several years.

Set the sofa with home decoration

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a sofa is the interior design and style of your home decoration.

If you have used classic and antique designs and decorations in your home decoration, the classic sofa will be more in harmony with your home layout. Also, if the floor of your hall or reception is made of ceramic or stone, a classic sofa will be a better choice for you. In addition, the classic sofa is more suitable for larger spaces that have large chandeliers with classic designs.

If you have used modern appliances in the interior design of your home and the traces of technology and modernity can be clearly seen in the decoration of your home, it means that you have a modern or so-called sports space and the right sofa for your home is a comfortable sofa. Another area where sofas should be preferred is halls and areas with parquet, laminate, plywood, or carpet flooring. Also, if the ceiling height of your hall and reception is short, a sofa is a better choice for you.

The third choice

So far, we have talked about the factors for choosing a comfortable sofa or a classic sofa. Imagine being able to enjoy all the benefits of a classic sofa at the same time. For example, to enjoy the comfort and efficiency of the sofa while relaxing and watching TV, and at the same time to hold our parties in a formal and stylish space with a classic sofa. This is where the third option comes in handy.

  • If the space of your living room is more than 60 square meters, you can use a comfortable and classic sofa for interior design at the same time.
  • If you have a space of less than 40 square meters, you can use a neoclassical sofa.

What is a neoclassical sofa?

The word neoclassical is a combination of the words New and Classic, and as the name implies, the goal is to combine the advantages of classic furniture and comfort in one mold. If you can not choose between a comfortable and a classic sofa, it is very likely Neoclassical sofa You need.

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Comfortable sofa or classic? Which to choose?

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