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Women’s health

What is an ultrasound and how is it done? Things to know before the ultrasound

Study guide An ultrasound is a non-invasive test that allows your doctor or radiologist to see inside your body. In this test, the size, ...

Benefits of natural childbirth; When a cesarean section is necessary + Answers to frequently asked questions

Study guide The benefits of natural childbirth have been proven throughout history and this method is still the main method of childbirth. ...

The effect of season change on period; How hormones and ovulation are affected

Study guide If you feel that your menstrual cycle is affected by the seasons, you are not wrong. The menstrual cycle and hormones are ...

What causes women anxiety and how can it be controlled?

Study guide For most women, situation-related anxiety (the feeling they get while giving a public speech or making a basic purchase such as ...

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