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Can we be friends with our employees?

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Managing a group is not an easy task. As a manager, you must both be able to communicate in a friendly way with your co-workers and be able to show enough passion to give orders. Do you think such a thing is possible? That is, you can be a serious manager and do things right and be friends with the workforce at the same time? The fact is that friendship and cooperation together will bring great results, but as a manager or boss you have to know the rules of the game well. Join us to tell you whether you should be friends with your employees or not.

Who is the boss?

A boss is a person who is in charge of affairs and issues orders. It may seem simple, but it becomes difficult when the boss wants to set boundaries for working and friendly relationships. Consider, for example, the time when you rose to the top of the job ladder and became the manager of your former co-workers. ; In these cases, the work will be a little hard. Let’s examine the pros and cons of manager’s friendship with staff.

Advantages and disadvantages of friendship with employees

Friendships with the forces you now manage have the following advantages:

  • You know and trust them;
  • You are familiar with their performance and approaches;
  • You know them and will help them thrive.

This knowledge will help you to be a better boss. This information is only for the betterment of your relationship with your employees and is by no means a tool for abusing your shared experiences and acquaintances.

Previous knowledge and intimacy will be to your detriment in some cases. Because employees knowingly or unknowingly abuse you based on what they know about you. For example, you may have to accept their excuses for not fulfilling their responsibilities. If they were not familiar with you, there would be no news of these things. Such an approach to management is like poison.

So intimacy and friendship with employees have different dimensions that you should pay close attention to. Such a relationship can lead to better growth of the organization and at the same time can create problems. This relationship can sometimes weaken the manager’s decision, sometimes it can be useful and prevent wasting time, energy and other expenses. Due to the different effects, an intimate relationship between the boss and the staff can create an inappropriate and hostile environment or a friendly and positive atmosphere.

Friendship with employees and different possibilities

As mentioned, the boss is the person who manages and supervises the staff and issues the orders. If one of the employees performs well in his / her job position and is promoted, he / she can reach the position of manager. After becoming a manager, he or she will continue his or her new career with people who have either been or are unfamiliar with his or her co-workers before.

Positive dimensions of intimacy

The boss’s relationship with his former co-workers will be positive or negative. For example, in a positive situation, the boss knows his colleagues, trusts them and knows well how to use their strengths. Knowing the work style and line of thinking of employees allows the boss to use their strengths to strengthen their strengths or cover their weaknesses. Familiarity and intimacy help to form a free relationship during which it is possible to exchange views and review employee and boss feedback.

Negative dimensions of intimacy

Sometimes the previous acquaintance and intimacy with colleagues is to the detriment of the presidency. In this situation, the employees, in order to get to know the boss, ask him to party for them, abuse the presidency or shrug off their responsibilities and do not finish their work well.

To be a better boss, you need to consider these two positions for each team member. You need to identify the weaknesses of intimacy with employees and save yourself from falling into the trap of this negative intimacy. With the knowledge that you get from the effects of being intimate with each member of your team, you will be able to manage better. Remember that each team member must know his or her job; Expectations and boundaries must be clearly defined in the workplace.

If there is already intimacy between you and your co-workers, you need to have rules and boundaries to separate work and friendship so that you do not get into trouble at work. Consider the positive and negative aspects of intimacy in the workplace to find the right solution for each situation. Strive for the success and advancement of your colleagues; You are a member of a team and you should all contribute to the prosperity of the team and its members by prioritizing work. Pay attention to the following recommendations about the boss’s intimacy with employees:

First recommendation; Observe boundaries in intimacy

Friendship with employees - observing boundaries in intimacy

When you take the lead, you may feel lonely and begin to develop friendly relationships with team members. But you have to set boundaries and remember that you have a lot of responsibilities. It is true that intimacy with members is good and creates a happy and energetic environment, but you need to concentrate. If the boundaries of intimacy are out of balance, people become difficult to manage.

If there is too much intimacy, it will be difficult to manage the situation when it comes to work and listening to orders. Without defining a clear line between friendship and work, it becomes difficult to issue orders, assign responsibilities, evaluate people’s performance, and review their activities. Intimacy with team members must be clear and limited. In this case, the presidency will be much easier.

Recommendation two; Not in a hurry to be friends with colleagues

Some people do their job well in the workplace and have a good relationship with you, so you feel you need to expand your relationship with that person a bit and start a friendship. Never rush into friendship and intimacy; Give people time to show themselves well. If you enter into a friendship quickly, the boundaries of intimacy and professional work will be broken and you will no longer be able to control professional affairs well.

Once your new employee and friend becomes close to you, you can no longer deal appropriately with their potential neglect. So concentrate and do not be intimate too soon.

Recommendation 3: ادگی Prepare for disasters

When does a disaster occur? ‌ When you enter into an unrestricted friendship with your employee; Intimacy that negatively affects your work. It may be an exaggeration to use the word catastrophe, but you have to admit that managing relationships in the workplace will be a little difficult despite the boundaries of intimacy. Before you enter into a friendship with your subordinates, you must first prepare him and yourself well for the various scenarios that are like a catastrophe.

Both of you should keep in mind that workplace problems should not be related to a friendship, and on the contrary, work issues will not affect your friendship. Predicting potential disasters in any field and preparing to manage them will help to have friendships and professional relationships.

If you are working with people who have the capacity to have a good friendship, you are very lucky (lucky). So set boundaries for your friendships and career to make it easier to control things. Observing the principles of friendship and work separately will lead to the growth of everyone’s profession and, of course, the creation of happy moments.





Can we be friends with our employees?

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