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Can the corona vaccine cause death?

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Vaccination against the coronavirus is advancing faster these days. However, you may hear conflicting news about the benefits, side effects, and deaths of coronary heart disease that may affect your decision to get a coronary vaccine. In this article, we try to examine two important issues. Can the corona vaccine cause death? Or is the claim of death from the corona vaccine true? Follow us to the end of the article to answer these questions.

Two important rumors about vaccines

Many people do not experience the side effects of the corona vaccine. In contrast, some people may not be able to perform daily tasks due to coronary complications. However, these side effects are temporary and go away after a few days and you can return to a normal life. In this regard, we examine two important rumors:

  1. The corona vaccine is not effective enough: This claim is not true. Highly effective vaccines can prevent people from being hospitalized. About 60% of people who are hospitalized have not received two doses of corona vaccine, and many people who are hospitalized are not vaccinated.
  2. There are tens of thousands of unreported deaths from the Corona vaccine worldwide: The source of this rumor is false and related to the system of reporting the negative effects of the vaccine or VAERS, in which anyone can report the negative effects of the vaccine. However, the method of searching for information in this database is wrong. On the other hand, the information in the Versus database is incomplete, inaccurate, accidental and unverified. Also, the reporting system is not designed to determine the relevance of the vaccine and its problems. The link between mortality and vaccine injection cannot be easily defined.

Important points to know

  • The corona vaccine is safe and effective;
  • Reporting adverse events, including death from the vaccine, does not mean that the vaccine causes health problems;
  • On the advice of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, or at least thirty. January. (CDC) Every person over the age of 12 should get the corona vaccine as soon as possible to prevent coronary heart disease and its complications;
  • Although serious adverse effects are rare after vaccination, it may be that for public awareness and transparency, C. January. سی. Updates vaccine-related side effects.

Can the corona vaccine cause death?

Let us answer this question with an explanation and an example. Mortality rates are sometimes reported among a certain number of vaccinated individuals. At first glance, this may be worrisome; But the death toll is exactly what it should be. An important point to keep in mind is that most people who have been vaccinated are over 50 years old and unvaccinated people are younger and healthier. This seemingly simple reason could make death rates higher in vaccinated people.

The point is, the older people are, the more likely they are to die from coronary heart disease. If we compare a 35-year-old and a 70-year-old who both had coronary artery disease, an older person is several times more likely to die from coronary heart disease. Although the vaccine can reduce mortality, it does not mean that it reduces the risk of death in the elderly compared to the young; Because the risk of infection and its complications are not the same in all age groups.

Comparing Corona to raindrops

Imagine a corona like raindrops falling heavily on older people. If each dose of the vaccine is used as a sieve to prevent raindrops. The first dose of the vaccine reduces the intensity of rainfall in the elderly and may keep it at a young level, and the second dose further reduces this intensity. So it is important to get both doses of Corona vaccine. In contrast, many young people did not receive the first or second dose of the vaccine, and overall it seems that the death rate in vaccinated people is no different from those who did not. On the other hand, most of the deaths in vaccinated people are 28 days after the first dose, when there is not enough immunization in the body.

Also, the death rate in non-vaccinated people is higher than in vaccinated people. This means that the vaccine works well. In addition, much of this information only provides death statistics and does not provide information about vaccinated people who were exposed to the virus and did not become infected or had a mild illness. Of course, no vaccine can completely prevent coronary heart disease. Because of this, a small number of people may still become ill and die after being vaccinated. However, there should be no doubt about vaccination simply and with incorrect judgments.

How many people die after being vaccinated?

In the United States, for example, about 6,000 deaths have been reported after vaccination. However, this does not mean that these people died from the vaccine. If the death is related to a vaccine, forensics examines the cause of death and examines the details of the death by examining the person’s medical records and sampling the body.

Of these, only three deaths were due to blood clots after the Johnson and Johnson vaccines, which are also very rare, and by identifying this issue and treating it, possible deaths related to the vaccine can be prevented. On the other hand, there was no link between vaccination and other deaths. In addition, other events, such as previous illnesses, may cause death that should not be attributed to vaccination.

Rare side effects of the corona vaccine include anaphylactic shock, which may affect only 2 to 5 people out of the millions who receive the corona vaccine.

in short

It is true that no vaccine can provide 100% protection against the coronavirus, but it is best not to be easily influenced by negative news and get vaccinated at the earliest opportunity.

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Can the corona vaccine cause death?


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