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Books for Fall; From inspirational books to stories with an autumn mood

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Autumn is a different season of the year. Because nature goes to sleep and the pursuit of life gradually ends from the lively atmosphere of spring and summer to a calmer dimension. In the autumn evenings, reading an engaging book makes this life-changing change easier; An autumn-flavored book that immerses you so much that you feel like life is the moment you hold that book in your hand and enjoy it. There are many books to read in the fall on the advice of book lovers as well as critics. In this article, we want to introduce you to the 10 most famous works of these suggestions. Please stay with us until the end of this introduction.

1. Hot Autumn

the writer: Alice Monroe
Translator: Shirin Ahadzadeh (suggested by users)
Publishers: Backpack (user suggestion)
number of pages: 56

Hot Autumn is a book that won the prestigious 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature. You can read it in the autumn evening. A short book, but in the words of the audience: The Enchanter! Impressive stories that overwhelm the audience and you do not know how time passes.

In the book Hot Autumn, you come across stories in which everything is normal and straightforward at first; But sometimes strange things happen and challenges arise for the characters in the story. Alice Monroe has perfectly arranged those events. His art is that he makes the audience feel completely in place of the book’s characters. Perhaps the power of this empathy is one of the reasons we recommend reading this book in the autumn.

Grace liked the thought of these trips. He liked the idea even more than the idea of ​​our own house, which he spoke of with great pride.

2. Annie Shirley in Green Gables

Annie Shirley in Green Gables

the writer: ال. ام. Montgomery
Translator: Sara Ghadyani (User Suggestions)
Publishers: قدیانی (suggested by users)
number of pages: 495

“Annie Shirley in Green Gables” is the first and most fascinating book in the eight-volume collection of Annie Shirley. In this book, you are confronted with the life story of a girl with different spirits. The world that Ani experiences is full of creativity and hope.

Reading this book in the autumn evening creates very beautiful moments for the audience. This book gives hope and motivation to your soul and its freshness is so much that it will motivate you to finish this book.

When Annie arrived home from the post office, Marilla asked, “Why did your eyes come out of the bowl again?” “Have you discovered a kind person again?” Excitement rained down from his server, his eyes sparkled and his face was flushed.

3. An Autumn Night: Short Stories by Great Russian Writers

An Autumn Night: Short Stories by Great Russian Writers to Read in the Fall

Author (s): Antoine Chekhov, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Maxim Gorky, Ivan Turginov
Translator: Sanaz Jahan Bigleri (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Backpack (user suggestion)
number of pages: 294

Sixteen well-known Russian writers have written this collection of stories: different approaches, different stories, but with a common core called the philosophy of life and the mood of the autumn days. Undoubtedly, reading this book gives the audience interesting and fresh views of human life.

The collection of these stories will actually make your autumn evening more beautiful. The language of writing each story is simple and far from the need for analysis and explanation, and the audience can easily communicate with the text of each story. If you are a fan of Russian literature or are interested in short stories, this book will be a good choice for you this fall.

It is not destiny and luck that comes to us in life, but other people that come down on us. There is no creature on earth more ruthless than man. Wolves do not hurt each other, but humans willingly devour each other.

4. The thirteenth story

The thirteenth story of a book to read in the fall

the writer: Dine Starfield
Translator: Nafiseh Motakaf (suggested by users)
Publishers: Innovative generation (suggested by users)
number of pages: 552

This is one of the New York Times bestsellers. It has sold over several million copies and has many fans. The story is a complex one full of unpredictable events that you can’t put down when you start reading; Because the desire to know the next moment will fascinate you with this beautiful story.

The author of the book writes it based on the lives of twins who, from birth, for some reason hide the facts of their lives from them. The mystery of this enigmatic book has made it to our list of fascinating fall books.

My grumbling is not to the lovers of truth, but merely to the truth itself. Compared to the story, what help and consolation is there really? What good is the truth, even in the middle of the night, in the dark, when the wind howls like a bear in a wall heater? When lightning strikes the bedroom wall and rain hits the window with its long nails? No… .

5. Wild


the writer: Cheryl Strid
Translator: Bank Term (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Stock (User Suggestions)
number of pages: 446

Wild is a book that topped the New York Times bestseller list for weeks on end. A book that is based on reality and deals with a series of events from the lives of different people, each of whom has lost his life in some way. However, the narration of their story returns hope and motivation to the heart and soul of the audience.

That’s why Wild Book is one of the best inspiring books to read in the beautiful autumn season and can influence your view of your grief to some extent.

It was a world I had never been to, and yet I always knew it existed, a world in which I wandered with sorrow, confusion, fear, and hope. The world I thought could make me both the woman I knew I could be and the girl I once was.

6. Alio Kitridge

Alio Kitridge is a book to read in the fall

the writer: Elizabeth Strutt
Translator (s): Ehsan Shafiei Zargar, Sama Gharaei (Suggested by users)
Publishers: Drops (suggested by users)
number of pages: 394

Alio Kitridge is the story of a person who has a personality fluctuation and from time to time is completely understanding and calm, and sometimes vice versa. He can not properly assess the impact of his behavior on his family and those around him. This book brings to light hidden dimensions of every human being and can help its audience to recognize their negative spirits and eliminate them.

We recommend that you read it if you want to make a change in your reading style and this time experience improving your personality with a book with a psychological story.

The fact that he was not a vagabond, that he made perfect pictures of goods, and that he almost never used illness as an excuse not to work, was very valuable to Henry. He died one night in a dream, and this artistic event confused and astonished him and left a kind of pang of conscience in him, as if in all the years he had worked with this woman, the symptoms of his illness, which could be treated with pills and syrup and The ampoule did not heal him.

7. The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

the writer: Scott Fitzgerald
Translator: Masoumeh Asgari (suggested by users)
Publishers: Roozgar (suggested by users)
number of pages: 208

The Great Gatsby is one of the best literary works in the world and also one of the top 100 books in the world. A book that is based on wealth and money and shows the lust, filth and inaccuracy that results.

How many of us have changed our way of life and our morals with wealth and possessions so far? How much do we see this trait in society? The great Gatsby is a real and good sympathizer for this great dilemma. This book teaches valuable lessons that the audience will never forget, while you will definitely enjoy the special type of writing.

My father had said, “Whenever you see that you want to criticize someone, just remember that the people of the world did not have all the opportunities you have.”

8. We are always castle dwellers

We always book castle dwellers to read in the fall

the writer: Shirley Jackson
Translator: Alireza Mehdipour (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Spring (suggested by users)
number of pages: 198

We Are Always Castle dwellers is the latest post by Shirley Jackson. An author who has always written about complex human relationships and the problems of social life. In this book, the life of two sisters in a mysterious house is narrated and the aim is to show the concept of good and evil in life and its simultaneous presence in our moments.

The mysterious and fascinating story of this book makes you not leave it on the ground until the last moment and it will make your autumn evening heartwarming.

I was moving fast when I started walking. I took a deep breath and walked without looking around. I had the library books and the shopping bag in my hand and watched my feet move in turn. Two feet wearing our mother’s brown shoes. I felt someone looking at me from inside the post office. We did not receive any letters. We didn’t even have a phone….

9. Death of Mrs. Vestavi

Death of Mrs. Vestavi

the writer: روث ور
Translator: Zahra Hedayati (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Nun (suggested by users)
number of pages: 400

A scary story in which there is terror; But this fear has not caused us to come across a book that makes us want to read it, and its story is so bitter and vague in the end that we regret reading it. In fact, this book will take you away from the world we live in for a while and will create a different excitement for you.

Ms. Vestavi’s death is the story of a girl who lives alone and in a humble home, has lost her family, and is now amassing great wealth by quoting mysterious letters. This book is a good choice for autumn evenings to change your mood.

When he put it aside, there was hatred in Hall’s throat, and he hurried through the bitter memories to get to the old things below: the documents his mother had decided to keep, which were much more archived in order than putting them all together. An envelope with her exam certificates, a brochure showing the school Hall was in, a photo of herself looking long-lost with her embarrassed boyfriend.

10. educated

Educated book to read in the fall

the writer: Tara Westworth
Translator: Rana Moghaei (suggested by users)
Publishers: Stock (User Suggestions)
number of pages: 468

Educated has become such a well-known book that its name is repeated in many lists. The authenticity of the story and the different life and motivation of the author have made this book very popular.

As you read this autobiography, you will be reminded once again that the challenges and hardships of life are inseparable, and we need only effort and perseverance to move forward in this world. This book will give you enough spirit and motivation to face the challenges of your life better. That’s why we put it on this list of fall books.

I spent three nights alone in that quiet apartment. Although no one but me was in the apartment and there was silence, the sounds of the city disturbed my peace. I had not been in the city for more than a few hours before, and it was almost impossible for me to defend myself against the strange sounds that were attacking me minute by minute.

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In this article, we have introduced you to 10 fascinating books on autumn weather. Which of the books on this list do you experience reading? Please write us your opinion about it in the “Send Comment” section. If you know of another book that you find vacant in the list above, please share it with us and the audience of How Magazine.


Books for Fall; From inspirational books to stories with an autumn mood

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