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Book on Immigration; Introducing 7 important novels related to the issue of immigration

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Many people throughout history have been at a crossroads in immigration decisions for social, political, cultural and economic reasons. What all immigrants have in common is the division of their lives into two periods before and after migration. It is obvious that migration changes all aspects of an immigrant’s life. In this book introduction, we go to the more well-known stories and novels on the subject of immigration and become more familiar with the challenges and concerns of immigrants’ lives. If immigration is one of your concerns or if you want to know more about immigrant life, we recommend a few books on immigration.

1. Strange soil

the writer: جومپا لاهیری
Translator: Amir Mehdi Haghighat (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Fish (suggested by users)
number of pages: 360

Jumpa Lahiri, a 2000 Pulitzer Prize-winning Indian writer, is an immigrant who immigrated to the United States with his family when he was three years old. He has experienced and lived as an immigrant with all his being. For this reason, we see traces of migration in all of his works. Khak Gharib is one of the best works of women writers in the world and one of the most readable works of Lahiri. The book consists of 2 sections and 8 short stories. All stories are narratives of immigrants’ daily lives and their sensory challenges and experiences with their new environment.

In fact, there is no strange story or sudden event in the story. In each of the stories, the central characters are different, and we become acquainted with different roles, such as father, mother, sister, brother, and even couples, by migrating through the eyes of different people. Lahiri is simply known for writing, and here we see the same kind of writing. We accompany his short stories with a simple and, of course, attractive pen.

The father never mentions Adam. He did not say anything about Akash. It was only the end of his letter that showed that they were related. He signed the letter: “Be happy. “With love, Dad.” It seems that being happy is as simple as that.

۲. The Grapes of Wrath

Clusters of Anger is a book about immigration

the writer: John Steinbeck
Translator: Abdolhossein Sharifian (Suggested by users)
Publishers: Look (suggested by users)
number of pages: 614

Clusters of Anger are older than the other types of immigration books we learn about in this introduction, and they are novels about immigration that fit into classical literature. The book was published in the United States in 1939 and won the Pulitzer Prize for its author in 1940. The story of the book is about a family who leave the Oklahoma for life and work and migrate to California, the land of their dreams.

In this way, the audience accompanies and judges with this family and their classmates, who are mostly farmers. The importance of clusters of anger, in addition to the literary value of the story, is due to its historical aspect. In this novel, Steinbeck depicts the economic and social problems of America in the early twentieth century by depicting working class immigration.

In the souls of these people, clusters of anger fill up and go away and become heavy to bear fruit.

3. the kite Runner

The Kite Book is a book about immigration

the writer: خالد حسینی
Translator: Mehdi Ghobraei (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Niloofar (suggested by users)
number of pages: 368

The Kite Runner is the most famous work of Afghan writer Khalid Hosseini. The story begins in the days of peace and tranquility in Afghanistan and ends in times of war and insecurity; The days when many Afghans are forced to flee their homeland. The book narrates the life of two friends named Amir and Hassan. Although immigration is not the only subject of this book, much of it deals with how Afghan immigrants immigrate and live in the United States.

In this book about immigration, the effects of forced migration on Afghans are well reflected in the minds of the audience with Amir’s family and compatriots. What makes the kite a lasting work in Afghan literature, in addition to social, political, and cultural themes, is the main story of the book, which engages the audience with a pull that continues to the final pages. Badbarak Baz is one of the most significant works of Afghan literature.

Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

4. Ministry of Pain

Ministry of Pain is a book about immigration

the writer: Dubrovka Ogrsic
Translator: Nasrin Tabatabai (User Suggestion)
Publishers: New publication (user suggestion)
number of pages: 320

One of the painful consequences of the war is immigration, and one of the things that immigrants suffer from is homesickness and the grief of homelessness. The Ministry of Pain is a book by an immigrant author who tells the story of a teacher being forced to emigrate because of the Balkan wars.

To alleviate the grief of themselves and their compatriots, the story teacher conducts a class called Yugonostology to share their shared memories and pain of the Yugoslav land. The story of this book is about immigration to this class, which, although sad, has hope and a vision for the future.

You imprisoned him in your heart and locked the door of your heart. He said we would never be separated, but now you are carefree and you have lost the key.

5. An elegy for Argentina

A Lament for Argentina A book on immigration

the writer: Patricio Peron
Translator: Bahman Yaghmaei (suggested by users)
Publishers: Look (suggested by users)
number of pages: 208

A Lament for Argentina is the story of the forced migration of an Argentine mother and daughter to France. The father of the family is in prison and we read the story of their lives in the letters that the father and daughter exchange. In this book, we see and understand what the immigrant is dealing with in his or her new environment through the eyes of an immigrant adolescent.

This is an interesting point about immigration in this book compared to similar examples. The teenager in the story returns to Argentina years later, when his father is released from prison. His encounter with the past and his family is a readable account of man’s encounter with his past and his roots.

Before going to sleep, I told myself that I should make a list of everything I had seen, that I should take a look at all the things I had seen in my parents’ house so that I would not forget them again, and then I went to sleep.

6. The Amazing Short Life of Oscar Wao

Amazing short life cat Oscar Vao

the writer: Blood dias
Translator: Rare qibla (user suggestion)
Publications: Moss (Suggested by users)
number of pages: 343

Khono Dias, a Dominican writer, is an immigrant himself. He immigrated to the United States with his family when he was 7 years old. In the book, he tells the story of Oscar Vao and his family representing Dominican immigrants. His narrative is a bitter irony of Scarvao’s life; Someone who has a great passion for living, writing and writing.

This work is also a kind of historical narrative of the Dominican Republic and provides useful information to the audience with its many footnotes. Oscar Vao’s Amazing Short Life is an influential Pulitzer Prize-winning book on immigration.

Foucault is not just an old story or a ghost story of his predecessors that has no power to scare. In my parents’ time, Foucault was like any real occupation; It was like something your everyday character believed. Everyone knew someone whom Foucault had eaten.

7. Migration season to the north

North Migration Season is a book about migration

the writer: Tayyab Saleh
Translator: Reza Ameri (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Spring (suggested by users)
number of pages: ۱۴۱

Immigration is not always irreversible. Sometimes the immigrant decides to end his stay away from his homeland. This is the kind of immigration we read about in this book. A Sudanese youth has returned to his hometown of Sudan after studying in the UK.

A friendship is formed between him and a man from their village named Mustafa. Mustafa lived in Europe many years ago and talks about his immigration experience. Tayeb Saleh is one of the most famous literary figures in Sudan and the Arab world, who in this book talks about the effects of colonialism, migration, and the confrontation between tradition and modernity in his country.

If every human being knew when to refuse to take the first step, many things would change.

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In this article, we introduce some of the best books on immigration. There are, of course, as many immigrants as there are storytellers, some of whom are available in book form. What is your experience of reading such books? Which story or novel on the subject of immigration has remained in your mind? Write us some good examples you have read.


Book on Immigration; Introducing 7 important novels related to the issue of immigration


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