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Book Introduction You too can be an entrepreneur

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Have you ever considered becoming an entrepreneur? Did you know that entrepreneurship has a very complex and at the same time obvious process? If you also want to be an entrepreneur, the best way to study is to study the ways in which others have gone and to benefit from the entrepreneurial experiences and skills that other entrepreneurs have gained. For you to be a successful entrepreneur, we suggest you do not miss the introduction of today’s book. You Can Be an Entrepreneur, Rachel Bridge, was written to ensure your success as an entrepreneur. Follow us with this book introduction. If you have experience in this field, let us know in the comments section.

ID You can also be an entrepreneur

  • Title: You too can be an entrepreneur; 20 Basic Tips Every Novice Entrepreneur Should Know
  • the writer: Rachel Bridge
  • Translator: Mohammad Mohaghegh (suggested by users)
  • number of pages: 172 pages
  • Publishers: Avin Publishing (User Suggestions)

About the author of the book You can also be an entrepreneur

Rachel Bridge is a former author of business articles for The Sunday Times in London. He works in the field of entrepreneurship and has participated in many conferences and lectures. Rachel received her master’s degree in economics from the University of Cambridge. After graduation, he began writing as a writer and journalist, and also worked as a foreign correspondent for the Times Magazine in France, Sydney and Australia.

Rachel Bridge, author of You Can Be an Entrepreneur?

Another book translated and published by this author in Persian is “How I Succeeded”. For more information about Ms. Rachel Bridge, you can visit: personal website See them.

You can also be an entrepreneur about your book

The best sentences in the description of your book You Can Be an Entrepreneur can also be quoted from the author’s introduction. Rachel Bridge describes her book as follows:

Starting a business is one of the most exciting, satisfying, and effective things you can do in your lifetime. Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions. But on the other hand, starting a business is one of those things that, because of its unpredictability, is much more likely to fail than to succeed.

Now we need to know how to take a chance in this way? The answer to this question is to make timely use of the experience of people who have done this before you. As a novice entrepreneur, you are about to step into a world you know little about. These conditions can be very dangerous for you. “So by equipping you with the tools of knowledge, this book will give you the confidence you need to step into the world of entrepreneurship and prove to you that you can too.”

Business Development - Your Book You Can Be an Entrepreneur

Rachel Bridge has selected 20 key points: Tips that will guide you from the first step – which is to spark the idea – to the ultimate goal. That is why it can be said that it is a complete book. One of the most important points about this book is that the author has documented every argument he makes with the experience of a real entrepreneur. This will build the audience’s trust.

On the other hand, you are reading a book; But with 20 successful entrepreneurs and Their experiences You get to know them, you get ideas from the type of work they do, and most importantly, you feel like there are like-minded people in different parts of the world. This creates a sense of self-confidence in the audience.

Structure of your book You can also be an entrepreneur

Your book You Can Be an Entrepreneur has a very regular and effective structure. Rachel Bridge has obsessively named all the sections, and each section has strong documentation. This has added to the book’s appeal. In the following, we review the table of contents of this book:

  • Introduction;
1. Look for a suitable field of work
  • Entrepreneur Introduction: Giles Henschel, Founder of Olives Ital;
2. Choose the right name for your company
  • Entrepreneur Introduction: Ross Lee, Founder of Barcode Verhouse;
3. Be clear about your goals
  • Entrepreneur Introduction: T. Green, Founder of Niels;
4. Contact a consultant
  • Entrepreneur Introduction: Sanji Bandari, Founder of Pharmacy Urban Healing;
5. Do a lot of research before you start
  • Entrepreneur Introduction: Adam Pritcard, Founder of Pomegranate Company;
6. Choose areas that are scalable
  • Entrepreneur Introduction: Oliver Brandon, Founder of ATD Travel Company;
7. Protect your idea
  • Entrepreneur Introduction: Lara Tennyson, Founder of BBJ Mommy;
8. Make sure your work is profitable
  • Entrepreneur Introduction: Lloyd Hitchmog, Founder of Cheshire Coakers;
9. Choose the right time to start a business
  • Entrepreneur Introduction: John Smith, Founder of OLT Services;
10. Test your commitment
  • Entrepreneur Introduction: Annabel Carmel, Founder of Annabelle Carbel Association;
۱۱. Establish a good relationship with technology
  • Entrepreneur Introduction: Richard Danes, Founder of;
۱۲. Do not be in a hurry to transfer a part of the shares
  • Entrepreneur Introduction: Justin Cather, Founder of Brent Sugar;
13. Do not think that people will find you
  • Entrepreneur Introduction: James Murray Wells, Founder of Glass Direct;
۱۴. Think big
  • Entrepreneur Introduction: Hillary Dewey, Founder of Paul X;
۱۵. Prepare the ground for the arrival of chance
  • Entrepreneur Introduction: James Hibbert, Founder of Dress in Kiel;
۱۶. Learn how to sell photofan
  • Entrepreneur Introduction: Rubin Jones, Founder of Charlton House;
۱۷. Attend business conferences
  • Entrepreneur Introduction: Neil Datson, Founder of Datsun Rocks;
۱۸. Use strong people in your company
  • Entrepreneur Introduction: Sean Fillen, Founder of Multimap;
19. Learn from your mistakes
  • Entrepreneur Introduction: David Speakman, Founder of Travel Consultants;
20. It will take longer than you think
  • Entrepreneur Introduction: Edward Perry, Founder of Cook Company.

Is this book for you?

We recommend that you read the book You Can Be an Entrepreneur to those who want to start a new business. If you also know someone around you, you can recommend this book to them. We also recommend reading this book to teenagers who have just turned 18; Because it can give them a very comprehensive view of the future and job creation.

Excerpts from the book You Can Be an Entrepreneur

When you start a business, you will probably have to do everything yourself early on. These include answering the phone, packing products, or even repairing your office roof. But finally there comes a time when you can not do everything yourself; Seek help from others when needed and delegate various responsibilities to them. While the image of an entrepreneur among the people is a personal one who is solely responsible for everything, most successful entrepreneurs are people who use a strong team to help and support.

There are three main reasons for this. The first reason is that it is only 24 hours a day, and no matter how committed you are to your work, you cannot be in two places at once. The second reason is that if you are thinking about developing your business, you need to spend a lot of time planning for the future, regardless of the side concerns. So if you want to do everything yourself, you will not have enough time to think at all. The third reason is that you are ultimately skilled in 30% of the work you do. So it is better to get help from people who are more experienced in various fields than you. (P. 149)


It is a good idea to think that as soon as a product is produced, customers will rush to you to buy it. Unfortunately, in today’s highly complex and multi-layered market, no matter how great your product is, customers are less likely to find you without ads. In fact, it is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about. This process is known as marketing. It doesn’t matter if the word worries you or not; The important thing is that you have to do it. The key to success in marketing is to be able to attract the attention of your potential customers.

For example, the nerve-wracking sounds of some TV commercials, remember how they never leave your mind. The creators of this type of advertising know that their advertising is nerve-wracking; But they also know that the next time you want to choose from a variety of products, you will definitely remember the name of the company you saw in the ads and buy it as a result. But you should know that smart marketing is not just for big and reputable companies. Novice entrepreneurs can also use these smart strategies. (P. 104) ‌


Book Introduction You too can be an entrepreneur

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