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Be sure to ask yourself these questions before accepting a job offer

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Getting a good job offer is usually an exciting experience for most of us. You are probably very excited if you are in this situation right now. But above all, keep calm. Sometimes too much excitement leads to immediate decisions. It is best not to accept a new job offer before considering all aspects. Then join us to share tips and issues with you that you should consider before responding positively to any job offer.

Inform the HR manager soon after receiving the job offer, but do not rush if you want to accept the offer. You can ask for 48 to 72 hours to evaluate the offer and make sure you make the right decision. Consider these 5 items to make the best decision:

1. Can I imagine myself in this job position for at least another two years?

Every job is a long-term commitment. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to imagine yourself in that job for at least a year. Beyond the task you are about to take on, it is better to consider a career path with that company. You need to make sure that you will be working there for at least the next year or two and that you will not be looking for a new job during this time.

Another important point in this regard is to have an understanding of what you are going to do every day. Does the new job title describe your job correctly? Is it in line with the structure of the company and has your professional goals in it?

It is also important to have a clear definition of your future success and to evaluate your goals and results. If you still do not have an answer, ask the employer to give you a description of the company so that you can check all your expectations and responsibilities. If there is a difference between what you said in the job interview and what you see in the job description, or if you have new questions, talk to the hiring manager to clear up any ambiguities.

۲. Why do I accept this offer?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. You have to do what is in your best interest. Ask yourself this question to determine if accepting this offer is really the right thing to do. Think about how accepting a new job offer will help you progress or achieve your goals. Also, consider the benefits of accepting this offer.

There is a lot of debate about comparing working in a field of interest or working for a higher salary. You need to see which of these two is more important to you. It is more popular to work in your chosen field, but there is nothing wrong with being hired for a higher salary. If you want to get a job that is most important to you financially, it would be a good choice. Do not forget that there is no right or wrong argument here. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

After all, as much as you are excited about getting a new job offer, you should not forget your short-term and long-term career goals.

Apart from getting a job offer, are you also eager to work in this job?

Does this job fit your abilities and talents?

Will this job position lead to the promotion of your professional goals? If not, what is the benefit of this job for you?

The truth is, you can not expect anyone to know the answers to these questions except you. So, think hard enough about your goals and how this job offer will help you achieve them.

3. Have I negotiated salaries and benefits?

Before accepting a job offer - the decision to accept a job based on salary and benefits

No matter how great the offer you received or how excited you are: Never forget to negotiate. Negotiation goes beyond the issue of wages and salaries and includes more; For example: vacation, reimbursement of travel expenses, option to work from home, membership in a sports club, flexible working hours, reimbursement of tuition (the cost that some companies charge for their employees’ training courses) or company health programs for employees. Salary and benefits of any job is one of the important factors of any job offer. In addition, each company has its own benefits. So instead of speculating, it is better to ask the person in charge any questions you have in this regard. Think about what your biggest concern is and talk about it first. Until you ask a question, you do not know what awaits you, and the worst thing that can happen is that they say “no” to what you want. So let go of fear or embarrassment and make these issues very clear.

Now back to the proposed salary. Ask yourself, are these salaries commensurate with your job position and are they sufficient for your living expenses? If not, can you check it out?

So consider this for a better decision.

4. What happens if I do not accept this offer?

Sometimes the best way to make a decision is to take the method of the devil’s lawyer *. Think about what would happen if you turned down the offer. Were you stuck in your current job? Were you excited and no longer cared what job you had? What will be the financial impact? What are its pros and cons? Going through this process will help you identify any excuses behind your mind and make more confident decisions.

One of the most influential points in this regard is the attitude and behavior of your future manager. A manager can make progress or failure in a job position. It is better to make sure that you are comfortable with your future boss and that there is no major problem at the beginning. Now what do you think about the people you have to work for? Will your manager be someone to learn from and help you grow? Will you have the tools and facilities you need for career success?

If you do not have much time to spend with your prospective manager during the interview, it is a good idea to make a 20-minute appointment with him or her and ask questions before accepting a job offer to get a clearer picture of your relationship or, if possible, with an employee. Meet with this boss and ask him your questions. Do not be too harsh and ask questions that will help clarify matters; For example: “What is the managerial style of this manager?” Or “What is the best part of working under this manager?”

Answering these questions will help you accept or reject a new job offer.

5. Are companies and colleagues interesting to me?

Training Courses - The attractiveness of the work environment to accept a job offer

We spend a lot of time at work and if we are not going to feel satisfied in that environment, we will work hard. Given how much interaction you will have with your co-workers, it is important to know how well the atmosphere of the new work environment matches your mood and personality. It is better to find out with a little research whether you are comfortable with the organizational culture and the new environment.

Seeing your future colleagues and meeting them for the first time will help you gain a clearer view of yourself in that environment and with new colleagues. Is this the company you believe in and are excited about?

Follow the current and former employees page on the LinkedIn site. Have employees been working there for a long time? If the change of employees of that company is high, consider it an alarm.

To answer these questions, talk to everyone who works for the company (or someone who has worked there before) about the weather there. Can’t you call anyone? Go to the company’s website, Facebook page or Instagram or read related news. Criticism of a particular company may be biased, so be careful. Another tip: Follow the current and former employees page on the LinkedIn site. Have employees been working there for a long time? If the change of employees of that company is high, consider it an alarm.

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can accept the job offer, in the most optimistic way and with the maximum information you had. Don’t forget: it doesn’t matter how scary the job market looks, because you do not have to respond positively to every offer that comes your way. Lastly, finding a job and a position that you are really good at and that matches your abilities will be invaluable.

Dear friends, write to us about your personal experience. How do you decide to choose a new job?





Be sure to ask yourself these questions before accepting a job offer

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