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Balloon law; A way to achieve peace and faster growth in life

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Ever wanted something a bit different for your life? Or, for example, extra household items that do not work for you and do not allow you to tidy up your house, or even habits that you know are hindering your growth, you can not leave. How can we get rid of these hectic habits in our lives and move faster towards success? This explains the balloon law: a law that helps us get rid of anything extra and harmful that hinders our growth or makes life harder for us. Join us to learn more about this.

There are unwritten rules in the world that are only intended to improve people’s lives. With the goal of teaching us simple strategies that will help us succeed in life and live well and shine as our heart desires. These laws consider peace to be the most important principle for a healthy life, and the rules they provide are also aimed at achieving peace. One of these unwritten rules is the balloon law that you will learn about in this article.

Following the balloon rule, like any other unwritten rule, is completely optional; But in order to know whether your heart wants you to be a follower of this law or not, you must know it and know exactly what principles and rules this law is based on and what it wants from you. Law

Step # 1- Discovering Your Purpose

The law of balloons, in the simplest way imaginable, in the first step requires people to throw away everything that is disposable and so-called useless. Says to throw away anything harmful that wraps around your hands and feet and prevents you from growing. Emphasizes that throw away anything that weighs on your shoulders and hinders progress so that you can reach the top; Just like balloons. The person who wants to steer the balloon knows very well that in order to soar and ascend, he must reduce the extra load of the balloon in order to coordinate with the wind flow and reach the destination. So in the first step, you need to know the waste of your life and know what bothers you and does not allow you to live well and successfully and achieve your goal.

Step 2: Remove disposables

Balloon Law - Eliminate Disposables

You may be wondering what you need to get rid of to reach your peak and have a better and more successful life. We will guide you with a few simple examples.

  • If you care too much about what people say, know that you are a weak person and you can never have a comfortable life. Stop thinking about how others judge you and what they say behind your back. That is, get rid of the habit of paying attention to the professions and prejudices of others.
  • Stop doing things with stress and worry. You need to be a little more regular to do this. Being organized and on schedule will take a lot of the stress out of you. Stress is one of your throwaways that is useless and causes you to focus on your goals and slow down to achieve success.
  • Stop blaming, ignoring your interests and blaming yourself. If you blame yourself for every unpleasant event and take your time, so it’s time for you to stop treating yourself this way. This will only cause you to lose your vitality and sit still in a corner.
  • Minimize your relationship with negative, frustrated people who talk more and act less. You must have heard it said that over time, you become like the people you sit and stand with. If you do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.
  • Get rid of the bitter memories of the past. Stop reviewing what you wanted and didn’t get, goals you had in the past that weren’t achieved, and anything that reminds you of that situation. Doing so will only make you forget about the present and miss the opportunity to live.
  • Forget to hurry. Sometimes you need more time to get things done and not everything is done when you want it to be. Do not push yourself in such situations. Be a little patient. Hurrying just makes things go wrong. So get rid of this bad habit.
  • Get rid of habits that neglect your health. For example, each person needs 8 hours of sleep a night. If you are accustomed to sleep deprivation, put it aside. Forget smoking. Do not spend too much time spinning in cyberspace and…


This law requires you to put aside your bad habits, stay away from deterrent thoughts and negative people, ignore professions that contradict your beliefs, believe in yourself and your goals and beliefs, and if something bad happens, be too much of yourself. Do not blame and eventually move towards your goals with energy by achieving peace of mind and tranquility that flows in your life. Believe in yourself and do not doubt that you will succeed after removing the annoying waste of your life. This same faith injects positive energy into you and helps you to move forward with confidence.


Balloon law; A way to achieve peace and faster growth in life

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