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Attractive summer sports in Iran and the world

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Summer is the best time to have fun, enjoy the fresh air and take care of your body and soul. Regular physical activity helps to increase relaxation, increase energy levels and achieve a sense of accomplishment. For this reason, at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week is recommended. In this article, you will learn more about different types of summer sports. Stay with us until the end of the article.

a. Common summer sports in Iran

One of the best ways to get a summer adventure is to experience summer sports, which can even be an excuse to get out of the house. The good news is that there are many exciting sports from beginner to advanced or slow sports to strength that you can go for. Since you do not have to become an Olympic athlete in these 3 months, you can enjoy their recreational and educational aspects more.

Single summer sports in Iran

In the following, you will get acquainted with sports that, although they are done individually, you can do them as a group with your friends for more fun and vitality.

1. walking

Walking is one of the most useful and simple sports that you can choose. To enjoy it more, you can go for a walk with your friends so that you can do this exercise regularly.

۲. Run

Summer sports _ running

If you just want to go out and get a little active, running is one of the easiest ways to get just the right pair of sneakers. You can also take part in a marathon or anything near your hobby for fun to keep your heart rate up a bit.

3. Roping

It is enough to have a little space to do rope training. It can be mentioned here that if your group was gathered and you had a thick rope, you can hold a rope competition.

4. riding bike

Professional cycling is one of the hard sports; But you definitely don’t need to ride a bike. Summer gives you a lot of opportunities to ride your bike on the road to see the scenery and enjoy the nature and the good weather.

5. Disks and baskets

Summer sports _ discs and baskets

Disk and Cart is a really fun game that you can play alone or with a group of friends. This game is a combination of discus throw and golf that you can use plastic discs or even a ball and a basket and try to put them in the basket. Playing this game outdoors will give you more energy.

6. Archery

Archery helps you stay focused. Be sure to try this exercise and see how far you can hit the target center.

7. Rock Climbing

Summer sports _ rock climbing

Rock climbing is an unusual sport that is definitely not suitable for cowards! But if you are looking for adventure and excitement, climbing the short and high peaks of the mountain is what you need this summer. If you are not yet ready to climb the ground and hard rocks, you can use the rock wall in indoor and outdoor rock climbing classes.

8. Skating and skating

These two sports are one of those sports that have a lot of fans that you can enjoy both outdoors and on sports grounds. Slopes are the best place for skating and can raise your adrenaline level. Of course, be sure to be careful not to get hurt.

B. Summer water sports

9. Swim

Blue summer sports _ swimming

Swimming is the best way to work in the water; Especially if you can not stand sweating in hot summer weather. Whether your goal is racing, sports or recreation, summer is the best time to swim. Go to the nearest pool or sea where you live and dive into the water.

10. boat riding

You can enroll in boating groups in some areas that have open rivers, lakes or artificial pools, or rent a boat yourself and enjoy this water sport.

۱۱. water polo

Summer water sports _ water polo

Most water sports are unique; But if you want to try underwater team sports, water polo is the best. Water polo is a type of water handball that requires high endurance. You need to be prepared to walk for a long time during the game.

۱۲. Diving

If you have access to the sea, do not miss the pleasure of diving. You may not be as professional as Olympic divers; But you can have a diving competition with your friends and cool off in the summer heat.

13. Kayaking

Kayaking is another sport suitable for adventurers. However, if you are a little cowardly, do not let this fear stop you. There are many places for kayaking; So you can steer your boat in slightly calmer waters and experience a sense of calm instead of a challenge.

P. Ball sports in the summer

۱۴. Tennis

Ball sports in summer - tennis

Tennis is one of the most suitable sports for the heart and arteries. If you have a good gym, you can play tennis in any season. However, it is better to try outdoor tennis and even hold a friendly competition and enjoy the excitement of this game.

۱۵. table tennis

Although there are training classes for ping pong and you may even have a personal table tennis table, but if you want to enjoy the summer at the lowest cost, you can get tennis balls and rackets and use the table tennis tables in the park and outdoors with your friends.

۱۶. Soccer

Football is another exciting and energetic sport that is best done with your friends outdoors. Of course, this is not to say that you definitely need a big, principled playing field to play football. It can be played in small, small areas.

You can even try blind football to make it more attractive. In this case, the team players need to close their eyes with a handkerchief or cloth and start the game in a space smaller than the football field. It is interesting to know that Brazil has the best football team for the blind. Of course, be careful not to hurt anyone.

۱۷. basketball

This exciting team sport also has many fans that can be done in the gym or outdoors and help increase your height. Summer is a good opportunity to learn and enjoy this fascinating game.

۱۸. Handball

Handball is a competitive sport for people who know how to play well. This game is a kind of professional Olympic sport and something between basketball and football. In this game, the ball is moved by hand between the players of a team to finally score a goal to the opponent’s goal like football. You can play handball indoors and outdoors.

It is recommended to use suitable sports shoes for each sport.

ت. Other group sports in summer

19. Beach Volleyball

Ball Sports Summer _ Beach Volleyball

Volleyball with the beach! Why not fall in love with it? Whether for beginners or for serious competition, beach volleyball is a fun summer sport that requires good concentration and teamwork.

20. چوگان

Polo is one of the oldest sports in Iran and if you are in a situation where you can try polo, we suggest you do not miss the experience of this sport. As you know, having a horse is very important in this game; But if you also have access to a polo handle and a ball, you can continue to play on the grass without a horse. In this way, you can enjoy field hockey, which is one of the most fascinating sports in the world.

ث. Common summer sports in other parts of the world

In the following, we want to acquaint you with sports that, although not very well established in Iran, you can easily reconstruct and try it with the least facilities.

۲۱. Street hockey

You are probably familiar with the sport of ice hockey. However, this does not mean that you always need a cold and icy surface to play this game. Street hockey or field hockey is just as fun; Especially when the sun is shining, playing outdoors and on the grass is more enjoyable than playing indoors and on the ice. Even if you do not have a stick and ice skating ball, you can make it with simple tools such as wood or plastic pipes and use a ball as a hockey ball.

Of course, be careful not to hurt your friends while playing. Lacrosse is a national summer sport in Canada that is very similar to hockey and can be played outdoors. The difference is that at the end of the game there is a basket to catch and throw the ball. For this reason, it is better to wear a helmet when playing.

۲۲. baseball

Common summer sports in other parts of the world _ baseball

Baseball is often regarded as an American favorite pastime. To play this fun game, you can go outdoors with a group of your friends and experience the fun of this game. For this game you need a cane, ball and gloves and just read a little about the rules of the game. Of course Baseball and Softball Association There is also in Iran that you can join.

23. surfing

There may be a wave in some people’s wish list. If you are traveling by the sea, we suggest you try this water sport. Of course Chabahar is the center of surfing in Iran It is considered and if you have the opportunity to travel to this beautiful region, do not miss the opportunity to surf.

۲۴. Windsurfing or windsurfing

If you love rowing and you know surfing well, then you probably enjoy windsurfing that combines these two sports.

۲۵. Game Discus throw

Common summer sports in other parts of the world _ discus throwing game

Do not confuse this game with throwing heavy disks in the Olympics, because light disks are designed for this purpose. If you find the discus throwing game boring, the group game type is really lively, and if you know how to play it, you will definitely enjoy doing it. This game is similar to football, except that players can not run with a disc and must hold it and eventually score a goal.

۲۶. Golf

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. Although Golf Federation in Iran There is, if you do not have access to golf courses, you can easily build a golf club with the least facilities and play golf with a ball with your friends.

You say

Despite the importance of exercise for health, an important part of our goal is to have fun and have happier times. How much do you care about exercise? What other sports would you like to add to this list, or what sports do you prefer the most?

If you wish, you can share your experience and comments with us in the “Post a Comment” section. Also, you can send this article to your friends through social networks and by choosing one of these games, you can make a fun sports appointment.

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Attractive summer sports in Iran and the world

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