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Answers to common questions about sex therapy; Mina Karami, a psychologist, explains

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Sex plays an important role in the quality of life together. Significant percentage Divorce in Iran refers to the couple’s sexual dissatisfaction; Also, research shows that there is a significant relationship between marital satisfaction and sexual satisfaction. But sexual health is taboo among a large part of our population. For this reason, couples do not know the importance of it and do not even realize the reason for their dissatisfaction with married life. But there is a cure for this problem: Sex therapy. Sex therapists are specialists who increase the quality of clients’ marital life by providing the necessary guidance on sexual life. We asked Ms. Mina Karami, a psychologist and sex therapist, some of the most important frequently asked questions about sex therapy. If you want to know more about sex therapy and improving the quality of sex life, stay tuned.

Introduction of Mina Karami, psychologist and consultant

In this article, Ms. Mina Karami answers the “how” questions about sex therapy. You will first become familiar with their expertise and background; In the following, we will answer important questions about sex therapy.

Consultant name: Mina Karami
Expertise: Family counseling, couple therapy, individual counseling, sex therapy.
Related records:
– Master of Clinical Psychology;
– Has a certificate of sex therapy, parenting and matrix;
– Member of special specialists in the website of a good doctor.
To get online advice you can go to Page of Ms. Mina Karami Visit the Good Doctor website.

Answers to common questions about sex therapy

1. What is sex therapy and what is the specialty of sex therapist?

The treatment for sexual disorders is called sex therapy. As sex therapists, we help increase sexual health by improving sexual health by improving sexual health.

Sex therapy does not seek to promote infertility!

2. When should we see a sex therapist?

If you experience problems at any stage of the sexual cycle (from arousal to orgasm), you should consult a sex therapist.

3. What is the definition of normal sex?

Characteristics of normal sex

Normal sex does not necessarily mean orgasm, but includes a set of emotional and sexual behaviors that bring pleasure to the couple. Sex can be likened to a car that has the highest level of pleasure in the first three stages, which focus on emotional feeling.

Sex is not necessarily the equivalent of penetration.

4. Why do our people receive less help than sex therapists?

The branch of sex therapy or treatment of sexual disorders in our country has received less attention due to existing taboos. Sometimes feeling embarrassed about expressing sexual issues makes people pay less attention to it. Of course, this is wrong and harms mental health.

By educating and breaking the taboo, Iranian couples can be guided to seek help from a sex therapist to solve sexual problems.

5. What is the scientific effect of sex on the whole relationship between couples?

The role of sex in a couple is like the role of a fuse in an electrical system. In the electrical system, we have other components such as switches, sockets, circuits, etc., but the operation of these components depends on the correct operation of the fuse.

Solving sexual problems is very important, but not everything. Solving sexual problems does not mean that other components work well; Rather, solving sexual problems has a very high correlation with solving other problems in married life.

6. What are the most important sexual problems you have noticed among clients?

All sexual problems are important in their own right and play an important role in the relationship of couples; But the most frequent referrals are around erectile dysfunction (in men) and vaginismus disorder (in women).

It should be noted that sexual reluctance disorder is also increasing. In most cases, this problem is rooted in the couple’s problems and can be treated.

7. Is there a specific treatment for the problems you mentioned?

Sex therapy to solve sexual problems

The sexual disorders mentioned above are in the category of treatable disorders. As a solution, it is suggested that these issues be taken seriously and that a sex therapist be consulted to implement treatment protocols.

8. How are sex therapy sessions?

The process of sex therapy sessions

Sessions begin with examining clients’ symptoms. Then, if the disorder is diagnosed, the treatment protocol is started. Otherwise, sex enrichment training is provided.

9. How can you get advice? Is it possible to receive advice by phone or online?

Yes. Meetings are followed in person, by phone or online. Decisions on this matter depend on the couple’s circumstances, including the type of issue that arises.

For online consultation with Mina Karami or other specialists, you can visit the website Good doctor See.

last word

Sometimes people’s sex lives get stuck due to small sexual problems and neither party is happy anymore. However, with a few sessions of visiting a sex therapist, problems can be solved. Remember that sexual dissatisfaction can lead to things like infidelity and divorce. So by taking timely action to solve them, bigger problems can be prevented.

Are you satisfied with your sex life? Or are you on the opposite side and do not know where the problem is? Do you have the experience of receiving professional help to treat the problem? Have you had the experience of seeing a sex therapist? Sharing your opinions and experiences can be helpful for people with similar problems.


Answers to common questions about sex therapy; Mina Karami, a psychologist, explains

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