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A few easy and practical ways to save more on living costs

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It is very difficult to save, even in these economic conditions, and sometimes it seems impossible. In a situation where maybe in addition to monthly income, we have to borrow money to be able to finish the month, talking about savings is a bit far-fetched, but in the same situation, there are those who, despite all the difficulties and loans and debts, They do not save. I recommend those people to read this article to the end.

The phrase “money management” depicts boring images of flipped-up worksheets, coin-to-coin accounts, and the like. This is why many people are looking for a quick and easy way to save money. If we do not know where to start, the idea of ​​arithmetic savings will confuse us. The good news is that there are many small ways we can reduce costs and save small savings. From selling things we no longer want or clothes we no longer wear, to smarter shopping in stores.

In this article, you will read the points that we thought we could all apply so that we might be able to save some money even in these difficult economic conditions.

1. Do not buy under the influence of others

The next time we want to buy expensive sex, without considering all the aspects and all at once, let’s review the 30-day law in our minds. The rule says that if you wait 30 days to buy something, during this time you will find out whether you really need it or not. Perhaps during this period we also came across a lower price or better quality of that material.

2. Let’s go according to the shopping list

If we go to the supermarket without writing a list of essentials, it is possible to make one-time and unplanned purchases. So before we go shopping, let’s take a look at the items we have at home and just list the items we need for this week. This method helps to avoid unnecessary purchases and at the same time, do not waste.

3. Quit smoking

Apart from the harmful effects of smoking on health, it also has high costs. It is enough to take into account the expenses that some of us pay for cigarettes to realize how much we save per year by quitting smoking.

4. Let’s go to the library

Isn’t it better to use our city libraries? With the high price of books these days, it puts a lot of money on the hands of readers. Let’s go to the library the next time the urge to read comes to us; It does not hurt, many libraries also have CDs and DVDs of movies and music.

5. Get a good thermostat

Installing an adjustable thermostat can significantly reduce energy costs. Some of these new thermostats also have a remote and a mobile app, which can be used to easily adjust the room temperature, thus reducing energy consumption as much as possible.

6. Let’s talk

We can not save money if we do not get along with our spouse and partner. Consider one day each month as a day to talk about money so that everyone in the household can reach their financial goals by that day. Instead of arguing over whether or not to save money on new furniture or a trip, let’s talk about how to save and what to spend that savings on so that we can all be happy with it.

7. Instead of buying, borrow

Why buy any big tools or equipment we need ?! We can borrow a lot of them. There are also apps and websites that we can use to lend and borrow or exchange our tools.

8. Buy second hand

If you are looking to buy new furniture, cupboards or dining tables, let’s take a look at the second-hand items available in the market. There are websites that we can use to buy second-hand items.

9. Inquire about cheaper services

For example, if we eat out, instead of choosing well-known and, of course, expensive restaurants, ask about cheaper, more expensive and, of course, convenient options. These days, with a simple internet search, we can easily find a list of cheap and good quality restaurants.

10. Prepare only the necessary food

For the next seven days, let’s just buy the essentials and not go for chewing gum or espresso. At the end of these seven days, let’s put aside the money we used to pay for these things. If we get through the first week, we will all move on to the second week.

۱۱. Do not take our hands out of our pockets

Research shows that the more we hold something in our hands, the more we want to own it, and therefore the more likely we are to buy it. The study says that this feeling forces us to take action after holding the product in our hands for only 30 seconds. From now on, when we go to the store, we do not take our hands out of our pockets, unless we reach one of the shopping list items.

۱۲. Let’s move more slowly

Experts say that the faster the car, the more fuel it burns. On the other hand, the high speed penalty is really high! So please let’s drive a little slower.

13. Turn unused items into money

Everyone has tools that they can sell. For example, clothes that we no longer wear and are just dumped in the closet. Such things can be offered through cash sales websites and converted into cash. Then we save it to buy the necessary items with that money.

۱۴. Save discounts

Imagine we are going to buy a TV and by asking our acquaintances, we were able to buy a TV that was one million tomans less than our expected price. Consider this one million tomans that we were ready to pay a savings. After a while, you will be really surprised by the money you have been able to save.

۱۵. Save one more percent

Let’s save just one percent more from now on. For example, if until today we used to save 100,000 Tomans per month, from now on we will save 101,000 Tomans; Such savings become significant figures over time.

Here are 15 small ways to save small amounts of money over time. But we would also like to know your opinion. Which of these ways do you think is most feasible? Do you have a way to save to add to this list?




A few easy and practical ways to save more on living costs

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