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9 Rumors About Aging That You Should Never Believe

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Do you think that from the age of fifty onwards, the period of human decline begins? Many like to instill such a belief in our minds. For example, there is a magical age when as soon as you reach it, you start feeling lonely, weak, depressed, and so on. But the real life of successful people who have done different and fruitful things in old age proves the opposite. In this article, after a short introduction, we will give you more details about this and we will introduce you to 9 rumors about aging that you should not believe. Stay with us.

Many age-related rumors start from movies and TV series and the like. Many people believe without considering other aspects. But it is enough to look around us: there are many elderly people who are still active despite their old age, and what they do is far more fruitful than the activities of younger people; People like Warren Buffett, Noam Chomsky, Robert De Niro or in our own Iran people like Mahmoud Dolatabadi or Ali Nasirian. They are all entering the seventh, eighth and even ninth decades of their lives, and yet they have not given up and are full of creativity and innovation.

Misconceptions and misconceptions about old age are increasing day by day. This is why distinguishing right from wrong is more important than ever. Here are the rumors:

1. Aging deprives us of the ability to learn

Many people think that as we get older, we lose the ability to learn. But is this common belief really true?

There is no denying that with age, the speed of information processing in the brain decreases; But research shows that the quality of performance of some mental activities, such as referring to the vocabulary in the mind and speaking, gets better and better as we get older.

In addition, the functioning of the mind may decline in some ways, but this is not the end of the story; There are many activities and exercises that we can use to prevent this problem.

Exercise, for example, is one of these activities. Exercise accelerates the growth of new cells and synapses (the junction of two nerves) in the brain. Another solution is to join the elderly who are attending classes and their number is increasing day by day. These classes can also play a positive role in strengthening our mental strength.

There are two cases of research that well illustrate how wrong the common belief we made at the beginning of this section is: one concerns a person who, at the age of seventy, was able to memorize all 105,565 verses of John Milton’s Paradise Lost. Another case concerns a woman who learned to read and write at the age of ninety.

2. Aging will undoubtedly be associated with dementia

Increasing age and dementia

In recent years, a lot of attention has been paid to Alzheimer’s and dementia, and there is a lot of discussion about these diseases. Studies show that one person gets Alzheimer’s every 68 seconds; But the good news is that, as before, there are ways to prevent Alzheimer’s.

First of all, we must keep in mind that only 6-8% of people over the age of 65 develop Alzheimer’s. Therefore, the vast majority of older people are safe from this disorder and do not even show signs of dementia.

In addition, there are measures we can take to reduce the risk of developing these disorders. Exercise, maintaining a healthy mind (by reading books and the like) and eating a healthy diet are some of these measures.

For these reasons, the next time you forget your key or forget to take your wallet with you, do not worry. These issues are usually limited to a simple distraction; The symptoms of dementia are more serious than these.

3. Aging is associated with poor physical strength

Aging and weakness of physical strength

Most people think that due to the age of the body, it gradually declines and there is no escape from this issue. Of course, it is true that as we get older, the overall volume of the body becomes smaller and the bones become weaker, but the point is that this weakness of physical strength is more related to inactivity than old age.

Research has shown that women in their sixties or seventies are able to build as strong muscles as women in their forties by following a regular exercise program.

By the time we reach the age of eighty, we naturally lose 30% of our total muscle fiber. Especially if we are sedentary and spend most of the day sitting for some reason. Despite this, we can make up for this reduction by exercising regularly and help our fibers grow.

Based on the issues raised, we can help maintain endurance and physical strength by being active throughout the day. Walking can be a good choice, but other sports such as swimming, yoga, weight training and more will work better.

4. Living with new technologies is difficult for the elderly

The relationship between aging and new technologies

It may have happened to you that an elderly person asked you for help getting a taxi with Snap. Or he does not know how to send a photo to his children via telegram.

Before we open our mouths to the judgment of their disability, we must consider the fact that they have dealt with all kinds of technology-related products throughout their lives. First they used turntables to listen to music, then they got acquainted with cassette tapes, then with CDs and DVDs and so on. In their youth they used to make and read paper newspapers in the morning and in the morning; Reading newspapers on iPads and laptops over the Internet gradually replaced this trend. Now we can extend this to any other aspect of life.

It is difficult to break old habits and adapt to new circumstances. Older people have done this many times in their lives. Therefore, if there is a problem with the use of technology-related products, we should not criticize them; If circumstances demand, they will still be able to adapt their lives to new products and learn to work with them.

5. Aging is associated with a loss of creativity

Aging with loss of creativity

Many misconceptions and misconceptions about the connection between aging and loss of creativity have become commonplace. “Many people think that creativity is possible for younger people,” says psychologist Dean Simonton. “They think that when a person gets older, not only will he no longer be able to be creative, but he will also reject any creative and innovative activity and will not accept such activities.”

Recent research suggests that such thoughts and beliefs are nothing more than blind prejudice. Aging does not affect our creativity. Suffice it to look at all the poems, music, inventions, and discoveries that have been made by older humans throughout history.

Paul Cézanne (French painter), Pablo Picasso, Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, J. R. R. Tolkien, and many other celebrities, created their most enduring works after the age of 55.

Along with this issue, the average age at which researchers and scientists achieve significant results in scientific-research activities is increasing. “As we go along, the average age of those who really do something worthwhile and productive is growing, for example, the average age at which physicists are able to win the Nobel Prize,” said Bruce Weinberg, a professor at Ohio State University. “He is now 48 years old.”

6. Older people lose their sexual power

For most of us, the idea of ​​older people having sex with each other is not pleasant. That’s why we think it happens less between them. But we are still wrong, because this is more common today than ever.

Research in the United States has shown that the frequency of sexual intercourse has decreased in all age groups, except those in their seventies and older. Another study found that these people had sex with their spouse at least twice a month. But what is the cause of this problem?

Perhaps the main reason is that the limitations that bind human beings in old age are no longer problematic. There are a variety of medications and products available that can be used to stimulate sexual arousal and other restrictions.

7. Loneliness is inevitable in old age

Aging and loneliness

We can all probably imagine the image of an old man or an old woman sitting on a chair near the porch of her house, staring into the distance. He thinks about the past and reviews his memories with his wife, friends and loved ones. This sad picture is not so unusual for us.

While we can not deny the existence of such an image at all, the truth is that the loneliness of the elderly has become almost obsolete and stereotyped due to the changes in other societies today. When they retire, they regain their freedom. This freedom is a new opportunity for them to pursue new activities and hobbies. From participating in retirement centers to leisure and travel provided by other agencies. They have many choices to escape from loneliness and meet new people. Even if they are not very lucky with their family. Unless they want to be alone.

8. The lives of older people no longer make sense to them

Today’s culture of societies is completely work-oriented. In fact, it is our work that defines and shapes our identity. As a result, those who retire and leave their jobs lose much of their identity. The popular belief is that someone who does not work does not have the power to be constructive and useful, so his existence is no longer meaningless.

But as always, the truth is contrary to popular belief. Aging is not necessarily associated with a loss of meaning in life. As he gets older, he can involve himself in the development of his grandchildren and help them, he can participate in voluntary and charitable work, he can enter politics, and most of all, he can love and care for others as much as he can. help.

It is wrong to think that our lives will become meaningless as we age; At any age, by being active, we can give meaning and meaning to our lives. Seventy-year-old Winston Churchill led his nation during World War II. Actor Paul Newman turned to charity at the age of eighty. Jimmy Carter, at the age of 94, did not stop fighting and tried to improve the living conditions of the people of the world through humanitarian activities.

The meaning and purpose of things like these done by older people is more valuable and fruitful than what many of us young people do. Of course, if we look at the case honestly and unconventionally.

9. Aging is associated with depression

Aging and depression

Some older people suffer from depression; Like any other age group. But the fact is that the number of these people is much less than most people think. According to the latest study, only 7% of people over the age of 60 in the United States have depression.

We must not forget that old age also brings with it its own challenges and difficulties. From the death of a spouse to illness and physical disabilities and other issues. So even if they are depressed, the reason is more justified than other age groups. However, with the right measures, we can avoid depression in old age.

We should try to keep our family relationships as well as our relationships with our friends strong. We must try to be active in society and take on some small details. Paying attention to physical and mental health, exercising and having proper nutrition are other effective strategies.

last word

Aging is not as bad as it may seem from a distance. It is a new stage of life and when we enter it, our life undergoes changes. Ultimately, it is our approach to dealing with these changes that determines the quality of life. If we get hard and lose in the face of our problems, we will surely get into trouble. On the other hand, if we are patient and have a positive mindset to keep ourselves busy with various activities and care about our health, we will come out of this stage of life proud.

what is your opinion? Do you think about old age? Worried or something else that is bothering you? If you have a point of view, share it with us and the readers of this article.




9 Rumors About Aging That You Should Never Believe

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