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9 phrases that you should use more in conversation with your colleagues

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How do you use the power of words to communicate in the workplace? Do you praise your colleagues for their progress and success? How often do you do this? Do you appreciate all of your teammates for their efforts? Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. Nevertheless, we often treat our co-workers like strangers. There are phrases that use them in conversations, increase trust between colleagues. Here are 9 phrases you can use to talk to your coworkers. If you think your pride is preventing you from saying these words, there is nothing wrong with lowering your pride a little. What you get is worth it.

1. I take responsibility for my mistake

In toxic work environments, faults are thrown around like mortars, and people try to put the blame on someone else. But in work environments where responsibility is cultured, accepting mistakes builds trust.

2. I liked the way you handled that customer complaint

When you praise people for special and desirable behaviors, you reinforce cultural norms and make the workplace a pleasant place to work.

3. I need your guidance to deal with the current situation

“People who seek guidance from others are not competent enough.” This belief is completely wrong. According to research, employees who consult with others in doing things are more competent.

4. I trust your discretion

Trust is a two-way street. If you trust your teammates, they will trust you more. So it is better to try to remind them of this feeling in your conversations with others.

5. I could not solve this problem without your help

This phrase is also a great way to say thank you, especially if your co-worker has helped you succeed. Thank the person who helped you in front of the other members of the group.

6. How can I help you?

This phrase works wonders in times of stress, such as when there is nothing left of the project delivery deadline or in difficult situations. This sentence shows that you wholeheartedly support your colleagues.

7. The time you spend on this project is really valuable and appreciated

Your co-workers need to know that you value the time they spend doing things. In this way, they realize that you are aware of their efforts. So by using such phrases in your conversations, let them know that their work is valuable to you.

8. I understand your concerns; Let us think about this problem so that we may find a better solution

9 phrases you should use more in conversation with your colleagues - empathy

Empathy is the trump card in good cooperation. When you value the other person’s feelings, you solve the problem better; As a result, the final solution will be safer.

9. It is very enjoyable to work with you

Verbal praise is an art that unfortunately feels empty in most business conversations. Studies show that verbal praise increases motivation and commitment to the group.




9 phrases that you should use more in conversation with your colleagues

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