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9 Common Mistakes Women Make in Emotional Relationships and How to Get Rid of It

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An emotional relationship, like the people who formed it, is imperfect but more than anything unique. Relationships are unique. Sometimes and often unintentionally, people do things that can ruin their relationship. In the previous articles, we examined the most important mistakes of men in emotional relationships, and in this article, we intend to review the most important mistakes of women in emotional relationships and how to eliminate them. Tips for women to have a stable and fruitful emotional relationship. be with us.

1. Underestimate yourself

It happens a lot today that we are exposed to vulnerability and loss of confidence in our memory. We are constantly obliged to prove ourselves, and we almost always have to face a train of successes and failures; Thus our self-confidence and sense of worth is shaken; Nevertheless, we must try not to underestimate ourselves.

Believe that you are worth all the good in the world and that you deserve what you get.

2. Excessive reliance on a partner

Relying on another for support is not bad; Nevertheless, being dependent on one person to the extent that it finds the role of a cane for your movement is a very unhealthy approach. Living in this way makes our self-esteem, emotional stability and happiness dependent on something over which we have no control.

Be sure to rely on your partner, but not out of need for support.

3. Prefer isolation to communication

Sometimes it is difficult to understand others. Especially when we are upset, angry or sad, it is easier not to talk to another. However, talking, asking questions and communicating in a relationship is always a good choice, especially if we have ambiguities in recognizing our partner’s needs and how to communicate.

Communicating strengthens your relationship and you will get to know each other better.

4. Trying to change spouse

We men and women of the same age and our predecessors are completely different in thinking, acting, and behaving because of the gendered gender dualities in which we were raised; Of course, not all but many of us. When we get married, we encounter pleasant and unpleasant cases in our spouse. You may prefer that he did not have some of these characteristics; However, now that he is like this, ignore these characteristics and try to get used to them.

Do not try to change him to your liking; Instead, divert your thinking to good things in life, and focus on what you do not like.

5. Drilling into the poppy about what is out of their control

Pleasant memories are of those who do not disturb the details. In life, things rarely go exactly the way we want them to. It is very natural to be upset in the face of changing schedules; Of course, constant worry about these changes, repeated excuses or sarcasm can ruin the memory that is on the way to being made, as well as you and your spouse.

Do not take details seriously; Except when changing the program is not acceptable at all and endangers your health and safety. Instead, enjoy the time and what is amazing right now.

6. Underestimate what their spouse does for them

Some men know what women consider romantic. Of course, most men do not fall in love according to women, even when they are really in love. Remember that he may not know what you want; But this is not equivalent to not caring.

If your heart wants to do something for you, say it directly. This will make your life and his life easier!

7. Raise the issue of commitment before full knowledge

Some women often pressure men to marry in order to feel secure in the relationship. Of course, there is nothing wrong with requesting a secure and long-term relationship. However, we must keep in mind that commitment is a two-way street. We must first know enough about him. Do we still want to be with him for another 5 years? Notice that people change over time; So give yourself and of course a chance.

To strengthen the relationship and relieve feelings of insecurity, talk to her to help her find a way to experience more security and memory.

8. Giving up on an unhealthy emotional relationship

Do not betray

No one is responsible for the thoughts that come to mind, and this is obvious. To think freely is our basic right and we enjoy it; But acting on thoughts is a completely different matter. There are difficult periods in a relationship. It is at these times that we become vulnerable, insecure, frustrated, and sometimes upset. If you are in such a situation, talk to your spouse. If your current relationship does not meet your needs, have the courage to end it. Otherwise, do not damage your self-confidence by making an immature decision or moment.

It is absolutely essential that you treat your spouse the way you expect him or her to behave; So loyalty is a principle.

9. Deciding for the spouse

We all want to play a decisive role in our spouse’s choices and decisions. By doing so, we feel we have a special and important position; But many times in this way we get caught up in excess.

How do you feel when someone interferes in your decisions? It gives exactly the same feeling to others; So do not decide for your spouse.




9 Common Mistakes Women Make in Emotional Relationships and How to Get Rid of It

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