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8 novels for teenage girls and audiences interested in adolescent concerns

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Adolescence, with all its challenges and difficulties, is full of memories, events, and decisions that become the cornerstone of youth. Hence, there are many stories and adventures with the central character of the teenager that are entertaining and informative not only for the teenagers themselves but also for the adults. Many teen novels have been published so far, which have even been presented to the audience in the form of films, series and animations. In this book introduction, we have gone specifically to the novel for teenage girls to get more acquainted with the girl world in this challenging period. Even if you are not one of our teenage girl audiences, this article has some suggestions that are interesting and informative for you as well. Stay with us.

1. Daddy Long Legs

the writer: Jane Webster
Translator: Meymant Dana (suggested by users)
Publishers: Full (user suggestion)
number of pages: 168

The book’s main character, Judy Abbott, is a teenage girl who grew up in an orphanage. He can go to university with the help of his sponsor. His sponsor wants to remain anonymous. The only thing Judy has seen from her supporter is a shadow of her with long legs. Baba Langdaraz is the nickname by which he addresses his supporters. We read the story of Judy’s life after receiving financial support to go to university in the form of letters she writes to Baba Langraz.

The connection between the two in the form of letters is one of the beauties of this book. Although this novel is more about the adolescent girl’s concerns and challenges as a girl at the end of her adolescence, reading this book is also fascinating and entertaining for adults. Altruism, patience and effort are among the instructive topics of the book. The popular animation of this fascinating novel was made by Nippon Animation Studio in Japan in 1990.

Daddy’s dear baby! The whole joy of my world is to know and love you. When I understand and know, something falls into my heart. Something like pride. Daddy’s dear baby! Please sometimes misunderstand yourself and let me love you. After you, no one will read the alphabet of my soul and the lines of my heart. I will not leave… I do not want… my father is lame! I love you as you are, even the shadows that I will never reach.

2. The girl who drank the moon

The Girl Who Drank the Moon is a novel for teenage girls

the writer: Kelly Barn Hill
Translator: Forough Mansour Qanaei (suggested by users)
Publishers: Orange (User Suggestion)
number of pages: 296

This novel for teenage girls is a fictional story about the life of a girl named Luna. He lives in the forest with a witch. Every year, people leave their babies in the forest for fear of the witch, so that the witch has nothing to do with them. Unaware that the story witch has a kind and harmless personality, she takes the babies to the forest and leaves them to the families on the other side of the forest.

He eats the light of the stars while the babies are in front of him; But Luna, the girl of the story, drank the light of the moon and this gave her a special power that increases as she grows up. If you are interested in teen fiction novels, this fascinating book is for you. The novel was named Best Book in 2016 in New York and Chicago Public Libraries.

Aside from his hard work with abandoned children, he hated hard things, sad things, and multifarious things. If he could, he would rather not think about them. They sat next to the girl and made bubbles together and magically colored each of them.

3. مومو

Momo Book is a novel for teenage girls

the writer: Michael Ande
Translator: Katayoun Soltani (User Suggestions)
Publishers: Horizon (user suggestion)
number of pages: 364

Momo is a fantasy-fiction story by German author Michael Ende, written in 1973. The protagonist is a teenage girl named Momo who lives in the ruins of the city. He has a special skill in empathy and communication with people. As long as it sits in their heart and gives them a solution.

The challenge of Momo’s life begins when a group called Gray Men seeks to force people to save time and savings in the bank. This deprives them of vitality and vitality from the people of the city. This is when Momo fights them as the protagonist. The central theme of the book is the concept of time in the modern world, and its combination with the character of a teenage girl in the role of a hero has created an attractive effect.

Temples and palaces have collapsed. Wind and rain, cold and heat, have worn the stones and pierced them. And of the great amphitheaters, nothing is left but ruins. Now only the uniform sound of crickets can be heard between the stone walls in Budaghan. It was as if the earth was breathing in its sleep. But some of these big, old cities have survived to this day. As expected, life in these cities has changed a lot from before.

4. Little Women

Little Women is a novel for teenage girls

the writer: Louisa May Alcott
Translator: Keyvan Obaidi Ashtiani (suggested by users)
Publishers: Horizon (user suggestion)
number of pages: 489

This novel is one of the best and most famous examples of classic novels for teenage girls. The story is about a family with four daughters named Maggie, Joe, Betty and Amy whose father has been sent to the battlefield. Each of these girls has different personalities and interests. Joe is the main character in the book, who has an independent and self-reliant daughter.

Their family is in different situations in the absence of their father and during the war, which makes each member react and make a specific decision. The book Little Women is full of hope and life in spite of difficulties and problems, which is instructive for teenagers and adults.

I do not pretend to be wise, but I look around and see something much more than you can imagine. I am interested in people’s experiences and contradictions, and although I cannot explain how they are, I remember them and use them to my advantage.

5. Kill the Enamel Chicken

Killing Enamel Chicken is a novel for teenage girls

the writer: Harper Lee
Translator: Fakhreddin Mir Ramezani (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Amirkabir (User Suggestion)
number of pages: 448

Killing the Enamel Chicken is one of the most influential books in American literature and the most important work of Harper Lee. The book was written in 1960 and won the Pulitzer Prize for Literature a year later.

The story is told by Scott, the teenage daughter of the Finch family, which makes it a novel for teenage girls. His view of the environment in which he lives and its events is interesting in its own way, which, using a simple language, offers an attractive combination of the story to the audience. The central theme of the book is racism, which the father of the Finch family fights as a lawyer. This struggle makes him the main and popular character of the book.

The only thing that does not follow the law of the majority is one’s conscience.

6. انی‌شرلی

Annie Shirley is a novel for teenage girls

the writer: Lucy Mood Montgomery
Translator: Sara Ghadyani (User Suggestion)
Publishers: قدیانی (suggested by users)
number of pages: 3544

Annie Shirley is an 11-year-old red-haired girl who spent her childhood in an orphanage. She is now starting a new life under the care of her middle-aged siblings, Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert. An instant energetic and imaginative character and the adventures he experiences in his new environment make this one of the best classic teen novels.

This novel is an inspiring and fascinating book for teenage girls. He has published this work in 8 volumes of Ghadyani Publishing. The popular animation of this book was made in 1979 by Nippon Animation Studio in Japan.

Annie replied, “But he is not talking to me, he is talking to God, and he did not seem to be very interested in it. “I think he felt God was so far away that he could not hear his voice.”

7. Book Thief

The Thief Book is a novel for teenage girls

the writer: Marcus Zosak
Translator: Marzieh Khosravi (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Look (suggested by users)
number of pages: 575

Lissel is a teenage girl living in Munich, Germany with her stepfather. His adolescence coincided with World War II. The world of books is Lissel’s lost paradise in the bitter times she is going through. His interest in books is such that he steals to get more books and becomes a skilled book thief. Interestingly, he shares his books with other war-torn people in the city.

The book The Thief was published in 2005 and was well received by the audience. What is interesting about the book is its narrator. The book is narrated by death, we read the story in the language of death, something that happens a lot in World War II. In 2013, a film directed by Brian Percival was made based on this book. If you are interested in books on the background of World War II, this book is a good choice.

First the colors and then the people. This is how I usually see events, or rather, I try to see them this way. There is a small truth here: you will die.

8. Summer Swans

Swans Summer Book is a novel for teenage girls

the writer: Petsy Bayars
Translator: Parvin Alipour (User Suggestion)
Publishers: Horizon (user suggestion)
number of pages: 144

Sarah is a 14-year-old girl who struggles with the psychological challenges of adolescence. He lives with his aunt and brother who have a mental disability. In the summer, her brother, who used to visit the swans in the area with Sarah, goes to see the swans alone and without their knowledge, and gets lost. Sarah and one of her friends start searching for her brother. This new challenge is supposed to teach him new things and make his adolescence sweeter.

I could hear you flipping! I, down there, was in a dark basement full of mice, and you were upstairs. I was shouting and asking for help and you were saying: I am coming now… I am coming now. But your flipping was not complete!

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As a teenager, what was the best teen novel you read? As an adult, what was the most influential teen novel you have ever read?


8 novels for teenage girls and audiences interested in adolescent concerns

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