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7 Questions to Ask Your New Boss

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No matter how many years of work experience you have, however, starting a new job is always stressful because it puts new and unknown things in front of you. One of these things is your relationship with your new boss. Managing relationships with bosses is as important as managing your own behavior in the workplace, because past experiences and a good relationship with a previous boss may not work in this new position. So it is important that you adapt your habits, behavior, and interactions to the new boss. In this article, we ask 7 basic questions that can shape your relationship with your boss.

There is no one-size-fits-all formula for these conditions. Of course, if you can ask the boss the right questions, your situation will be much better. Here are seven key questions you can ask your boss.

1. Who should I meet and connect with outside the group?

Many attempts have been made to change organizations with the aim of paying more attention to the talents and competencies of individuals, but social relations still play an important role in the structure of any organization. Often people you know are more important than your skills and knowledge. If you can figure out the type of unwritten relationship that prevails in a work environment, you will have a better chance of building good relationships with other members, and your new boss will be your first guide.

۲. How do you prefer to interact with each other?

Given the recent changes in the workplace due to the Corona virus epidemic, it is important to have the flexibility to interact with your new boss, especially if you have never seen him or her before and are far away.

3. What is the best way to get feedback from you?

Creating a way to continuously receive clear feedback from your superiors will definitely benefit you and improve your job performance. So be sure to ask him to agree on a suitable method.

4. What can I do to support the group and advance the goals of the organization?

Managers often pay little attention to new members in clearly explaining the organization’s priorities and goals; For example, what exactly they want and expect from them. So this question will help you better understand your role and align your performance with the expectations of your superiors.

5. If you were me, what would you do?

This question not only gives your boss a chance to empathize with you and see things from your point of view, but also shows that you trust his or her expertise. It does not matter how logical or realistic their advice is, it is important that you understand how the boss thinks, feels and acts. In fact, it gives you more insight into your bosses.

6. How can I cultivate my talent?

As Hermina Ibra, a professor of organizational behavior at the London School of Business, puts it: “Great leaders are those who are masters of leadership and leadership.” By asking this question, you owe it to your bosses to act as leaders and careers. He will help you improve your performance by providing you with experience and knowledge, and he will guide you through his advice.

In today’s world where we constantly need to improve our skills, there is a good opportunity to use our leader leadership skills to improve ourselves. Interestingly, this question also shows us career advancement opportunities, and through this we can also set our own career goals.

7. What can I do better?

A few weeks after starting your new job, be sure to ask your boss this question. This question will help you understand the essentials to aligning your performance with your bosses’ expectations. Criticism can upset people, and most managers avoid criticism to avoid annoyance and to keep employees in good spirits. By asking this question, you are volunteering to hear criticism, and this is an opportunity for you to improve your career performance. This question also means that you are motivated to improve your performance, even if your performance is already satisfactory.

Last point

Every human being has unique characteristics and this includes your boss. So some of the questions you read may not be right for your boss. Which question you can ask your boss depends on your situation and your relationship with your boss.

However, the general rule is still the same, and if you can have a better relationship with him, the speed of your career progress will increase. A better relationship means getting to know your bosses more deeply, and this is important by asking clever and fundamental questions.




7 Questions to Ask Your New Boss

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