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7 books that book lovers should read as a whole

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In his first writing experience, Australian writer Steve Toltz created a masterpiece novel in the modern classic category. “Part of the whole” can affect many audiences with different tastes: those who like philosophical books and those who are interested in fiction; This book can satisfy even the fans of bitter humor. In this article, by looking at the book, a part of the whole, we will introduce books that are similar to this book in terms of space and structure. If you are a fan of the whole, do not miss today’s article.

How familiar are you with the book Part of the Whole?

the writer: Steve Toltz

Translator (suggested by users): Peyman Khaksar

Publications (suggested by users): Fountain

number of pages: 656

About the book Part of the whole

“Part of the Whole” is one of the most popular books in the world in the categories of modern classic and philosophical humor, which has been nominated for the Manbooker Prize for prestigious literary awards.

Martin Dean, Terry Dean and Jasper Dean are three members of the Dean family and the main characters in the book. The story is told from two perspectives, narrated by Martin and Jasper. The fear of death and the fear of what the modern world brings to us have gripped Jasper’s mind. He is afraid of being like his father, which is why he constantly criticizes his father Martin and reviews his past. The humorous tone of the narrations and their mocking look can be seen in all parts of the book. This tone may seem like a simple joke at first, but it is actually very serious and thought-provoking.

Aside from the thrilling story of the Dean family and the relationship between father and son Martin and Jasper, the book is full of fascinating short sentences, each of which can challenge the mind of the audience for hours. This feature has made the part of the whole an index book in the field of philosophical humor; So much so that later many writers were influenced by the space and its subject.

Reactions and feedback about the book as part of the whole

The book was part of Steve Toltz’s first book, but was well received by critics and audiences alike.

The Los Angeles Times described the book as follows:

A rich story of a father and son full of adventure, humor and characters that remind the reader of the people of Charles Dickens and John Irving می‌اندازد.

The Wall Street Journal writes about the component of the whole:

The position of the part of the whole is next to the union of fools; A story that seems to have been written by Voltaire and Von Gat together.

Ain’t It Cool News, a reputable film and book review website, writes:

Steve Toltz has created a masterpiece. An amazing story that stays in my mind as a clear example of how good a story can be.

For more information about this work, you can refer to the article introducing the book of parts of the whole.

What books should book lovers read as a whole?

In the continuation of this article, we will introduce books that are similar in terms of space and structure to the part of the whole. These books are not necessarily written after the part of the whole, but the audience interested in the world of this book will be satisfied and the lively feeling of reading the book of the part of the whole will come alive for them.

1. When we were orphans

Books When We Were Orphans A book for book lovers is a part of the whole

the writer: Kazuo Ishiguro
Translator: (suggested by users): Accurate good news
Publications: (User Suggestions): Hermes
number of pages: 408

The book “When We Were Orphans” was written by Kazuo Ishiguro of Japan, author of the surviving book of the day and winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Literature.

The story is about Banks, a famous detective in London. He is originally from Japan and has not known where his parents are for 20 years. Solving this puzzle will take him to Shanghai after 20 years; When the war between Japan and China escalates and the situation is critical.

Contrary to popular belief, you are not going to read a detective novel at all. When we were orphans, it was mostly a real-life story that we were supposed to go through step by step and figure out what it was all about. Reviewing the memories, family issues, the relationship between the child and the parents and narrating it in the language of the child of the family greatly makes this book look like a part of the whole. Also, the fact that the author speaks of his philosophy and thoughts about life and people with a touch of humor is similar to the salient features of the part of the whole.

I do not remember now what happened to the dining room before or after the visit of the health worker. What I remember is that it was raining heavily that afternoon and as a result the atmosphere in the house was depressing and I was sitting in the library and solving my account problems under Miley.

۲. Strong Black Green

Strong Black Green Book A book for fans of the book component of the whole

the writer: David Mitchell
Translator: (User Suggestions): آرش خوش‌صفا
Publications: (User Suggestions): روزگار
number of pages: 754

“Strong Black Green” is a teenage novel about a 13-year-old boy who lives in a village with his family. It may seem like a novel for teens, but the author’s illustrations and characterization and atmosphere are so intriguing that you fall in love with this bored little boy.

When you sit at the feet of this boy, who speaks in a humorous way about himself and the world he knows, you remember Jasper Dean in a part of the whole.

Sometimes I wish I was a girl. They are really much more civilized than Maha. But if I confess publicly to such a thing, on the cupboard of my books they write in the handwriting of a crab: Misery on the ground.

3. The Amazing Short Life of Oscar Wao

The Amazing Short Life Book by Oscar Vao is a book for fans of the book Part of the Whole

the writer: Blood dias
Translator (suggested by users): Nader Qibla
Publications (suggested by users): خزه
number of pages: 343

As the title suggests, we are going to read the life story of Oscar Vao: a teenager who loves to write and seeks to discover the world and its beauties; But in fact, the author’s goal is not only to portray the lives of Oscar and his family, but also to portray them as a symbol of the Dominican people in a dark historical period. Using humor, the author tries to make the bitterness of reality more bearable.

The book tells the story of three generations of an immigrant family, which is close to the author’s experience. The story of Oscar, with a humorous narrative of what he and his family are going through in a bitter way, evokes Jasper Dean in the minds of the audience, except for the whole. Dominican-American author Khono Diaz won the Pulitzer Prize for his work. One of the interesting features of the book is its footnotes; This story may not be considered a historical novel, but the footnotes make the audience more familiar with Dominican historical characters and events.

No one knows if Trujillo was the servant of this curse or his master, his agent or his manager, but it was clear that he and Foucault had a mutual understanding and a strong bond. Even in educated circles, it was believed that whoever conspired against Trujillo, Foucault would do his best.

4. White tiger

The White Tiger Book is a book for fans of books that are part of the whole

the writer: Aravind Adiga
Translator (suggested by users): Accurate good news
Publications (suggested by users): Lotus
number of pages: 286

The book “White Tiger” is the life story of “Balram Halvai”. He is an Indian entrepreneur and tells his life story from childhood to adulthood in a letter to the Prime Minister of China. His account is a bitter satire on the state of modern Indian society after British colonization. This work in the form of a story provides the audience with a good knowledge of Indian society and history.

The White Tiger, this autobiography, was published in 2008 and won the Man Booker Prize.

I and thousands of others like me are raw in this country because we have never been allowed to study.Finish us. Open the bowl of our heads, look inside with a flashlight, and you will see a strange museum of thoughts: sentences from history or mathematics from a bookWe remember school lessons.

5. Cloud Atlas

Atlas Cloud Book is a book for fans of the part of the whole book

the writer: David Mitchell
Translator (suggested by users): Ali Mansouri
Publications (suggested by users): روزگار
number of pages: 624

The Cloud Atlas is a multi-narrative story at the heart of history that dates back to the 19th century and even into the future. The book is full of time jumps, and this is a bit confusing at first; But for those who like this style of timeless books with a trip to the heart of history and with the theme of influential and philosophical sentences, it is definitely an exciting option.

David Mitchell was a finalist for the Manbooker Prize in 2004. Regarding the original idea of ​​the book, he says: “The first time I read Italo Calvino’s” If a Night of Passenger Winter Nights “and its half-finished narratives, I wondered if there was a mirror at the end of the novel and the second half from the final narrative. “The beginning came back, what it looked like, and that’s how I got to the current form of the Cloud Atlas.”

In years past, this rural shore was a place for cannibals to roam, yes, where the stronger ones swallowed the weaker ones and spat out their teeth, just as we spit on your Excellency or the servant of the cherry kernel. But these mill teeth, Hazrat Agha, will turn to gold.

6. Time Squad

Book Squad Time is a book for fans of books that are part of the whole

the writer: Jennifer Egan
Translator (suggested by users): Forough Talusmadi
Publications (suggested by users): Bahman Knowledge
number of pages: 430

“Time Squad” tells the life story of people whose lives have taken them in a direction they never imagined. Bitter humor runs throughout the book, showing the author’s art of storytelling and increasing the effectiveness of his words. Bani Salazar is an elderly man who used to be a singer and music producer and his young assistant Sasha is the main characters in the book; But in this book, we are going to get acquainted with other characters whose life stories are interesting.

The work won the Pulitzer Prize for Literature in 2011 for its author, Jennifer Egan.

There is a definite boundary between thinking about someone and thinking about not thinking about someone. But if I have to, I have the patience and reluctance to walk on this border for hours or days.

7. Flowing sand

The book Ravan Ravan is a book for fans of books that are part of the whole

the writer: Steve Toltz

Translator (suggested by users): Peyman Khaksar

Publications (suggested by users): Fountain

number of pages: 440

“Running Sand” is another well-known work by Steve Toltz. The degree of philosophical nature of this work, of course, is greater than his previous book, that is, part of the whole.

In Rang Ravan, we read the life story of a police officer who has failed in almost every aspect of his life: in his passion for writing, in his emotional relationship with his wife, and even in his job. Not yet frustrated with his writing, he decides to write the life story of his friend Aldo, and this is where the story begins. Aldo is more defeated in every way than Liam himself, and has lived a tumultuous life.

Toltz conveys his personal philosophy to the audience in his own style and in the form of Aldo’s life story. Of course, in this book, he speaks more than the philosophy of other authors who are interested in and influenced by him, compared to the book Part of the Whole. If you like the whole part, you will definitely like the smooth sand; Because the main theme and philosophy of the author in this book is the fear of life and overcoming this fear.

The worst thing in the world is by no means loneliness or suffering. It is a combination: suffering alone.

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7 books that book lovers should read as a whole

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