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7 books about writing; To better write and overcome mental barriers

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Writing is one of the skills that is available to us, always and everywhere, whether it is for our heart or professionally or for a specific purpose. Writing and handwriting are available to us as we think and can speak; But how can this skill be used effectively? How and in what way can more and better be written? If you have experience with penmanship, you are probably familiar with its challenges. Introducing today’s book is for those who want to write better, as well as for those who have not yet overcome their fears and doubts about writing. Here are 7 books about writing; Do not miss this article.

1. Writing to the bone marrow

the writer: Natalie Goldberg
Translator: Shahram Adilipour
Publishers: Wistar
number of pages: 264

High internal resistance, ignoring oneself and ideas, fear of imitation and running away from writing are just some of the unpleasant feelings that every novice and even professional writer struggles with. In this book, Natalie Goldberg, like an experienced friend who is familiar with the pains and challenges of the writing path, tries to reconcile the author with the path ahead. His words, methods and experiences create a sense of acceptance and calm in the audience. Reading this book will encourage you to write by accepting yourself and creating a pleasant sense of style.

Take a step out of yourself and step into the existence of another. When you like the writing of another writer, it means that his abilities and talents are awakened in you. It only makes you bigger, not makes you an imitator.

۲. The right to write

The right book to write a book about authorship

the writer: Julia Cameron
Translator: Simin Movahed
Publishers: هیرمند
number of pages: 352

Julia Cameron is an American writer, screenwriter, and poet who has written numerous books on self-help, fostering creativity, and writing. In The Right to Write, he tells us about his personal experiences and those of others he knows about writing. Cameron believes that writing is like breathing, and we are all born writers. The book’s exercises encourage the audience to write creatively and help you write more fluently and fluently.

Words empower us. When we are a toddler, we first grasp things by hand and then by words. Every word we learn is a treasure, a piece of gold that enriches us.

3. The battle of the artist

the writer: Steven Presfield
Translator: نوشین دیانتی
Publishers: Peykan
number of pages: 200

Internal resistance is the biggest internal barrier to writing and increasing each person’s creativity. In this book, Steven Presfield specifically examines this internal barrier. The definition of resistance, the ways in which it penetrates the mind, and finally the ways to get rid of this deterrent form the main content of the book. If this is a deterrent to your writing, this book is for you.

Brain resistance means being willing to do anything, but postponing or refusing to do what we have to do. Consider an author who has to write 5 articles a week and by the end of the week has not completed even 3. A salesperson who was supposed to have 30 visits a week for his product; But at the end of the week it did not reach this number. The design, which was supposed to complete the design by the end of this week, is still at the starting point on Wednesday.

4. We are all authors

All My Writers A book about authorship

the writer: Anne Handley
Translator: Web Containing Department
Publishers: Alchemy effect
number of pages: 400

Anne Handley, the author of this work, is active in the field of digital marketing. He believes that content is very important in today’s world. “We all have a writer within us that we need to know and use properly,” says Handley. If you work in the field of content production, this book on writing is a good guide for your progress in this field.

The most important part of writing is the beginning of the sentence. Release resistance and correction. Try to convey to the reader what you want to say.

5. Letters to a young writer

Books to a young author A book about writing

the writer: Mario Vargas Llosa
Translator: Ramin Molayi
Publishers: Pearls
number of pages: 184

Mario Vargas Llosa is a leading Peruvian writer and winner of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Literature. In this book, he distances himself from the story and talks about his personal experiences in the field of writing. The book contains 12 letters, all addressed to young and novice writers, in which he tells of years of writing experience. In addition to the author’s personal experiences and worldview, the book also deals with educational issues in the field of fiction, which are some of the notable points of the book. This book is written for you if you are interested in this author’s pen or if you are looking for training in writing and storytelling.

It often occurs to me to write a letter to one of these great men. They were all alive in those days, and I was a contemporary of my childhood with their great days and fame. I wanted to write a letter to them and ask what is the way of growing up writers like them? But I never dared to do so, precisely because of the same pessimism, selfishness and self-restraint.

6. Writing begins with breathing

Writing a book begins with breathing A book about writing

the writer: Lern Herring
Translator: Hamid Hashemi
Publishers: بیدگل
number of pages: 249

A book about writing and breathing !! “Writing Begins with Breathing” is an educational work in the field of writing that looks at writing from a new perspective. The book tries to reconcile the author with himself and encourage him to write with full awareness of himself and his body. To do this, breathing exercises are also included in the book. The fluent and concise language of the book has made the audience take the story. The author expresses his explanations based on his personal experiences, and his honesty in everything he has learned so far in the field of writing has led the audience to establish a deep connection with the book.

If a hundred children are hungry and you can only feed one, feed one. Don’t worry about ninety-nine children you can’t feed. There is nothing you can do about it if you are worried about them. Do the same today, or tomorrow the same child will die.

7. How do I write?

How do we write a book?  A book about writing

the writer: Kazem Rahbar
Publishers: Book of the Sun.
number of pages: 170

This work is a 6-volume collection entitled “100 Methods from 100 Contemporary Writers”, “9 Methods from 9 Contemporary Fiction Writers”, “14 Methods from 14 Contemporary Journalists”, “7 Methods from 7 Contemporary Screenwriters”, “9 Methods from 9 Playwrights” “Contemporary” and “17 Methods from 17 Contemporary Creative Authors”. This collection has been compiled by Kazem Rahbar. The book in each volume deals with one of the fields of writing such as essay writing, screenwriting, storytelling, biography and creative writing. The content of the book includes interviews and opinions of well-known authors in various fields of writing. These few books on writing answer many of the most common questions asked by young writers and newcomers to the field, including “Where to start?”

From homework to college dissertations, from to-do notes and daily purchases to diaries, from personal text messages to office emails, we start and end each day with writing.

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How serious is writing for you? Have you ever studied for writing or better writing? What challenges do you face in writing? Which of the following books have you read? Tell us about your study experiences in this field.




7 books about writing; To better write and overcome mental barriers

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