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6 questions to ask your employees when telecommuting

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One of the benefits of telecommuting is a great deal of flexibility and cost savings; But this approach also has its own challenges, such as remote management of employees and the greater impact of environmental factors on the work. On the other hand, with the outbreak of the Corona virus in the world, millions of people are experiencing telecommuting for the first time, and this has created new challenges. If you are an employer and you are involved in employee management during this period, ask them these six questions so that you can better understand the situation and therefore plan more accurately.

1. Do you have the necessary facilities for telecommuting?

The first step to telecommuting is to have a computer and high speed internet. If this is your company’s first telecommuting experience, باید as an employer you should provide some of the home-based work facilities for your team. If your team is already telecommuting, it’s easy; But there is always the opportunity to improve the situation, for example by providing headphones to cover the ears of employees in order to eliminate annoying noises or use newer communication software and….

۲. Do you need more flexible working hours?

One of the benefits of telecommuting is flexibility; But with the spread of the Corona virus, many programs have been disrupted; For example, schools have been closed and now children are always at home. Shopping is no longer the same as it used to be, most hours of the day and night. In such a situation, ask about the situation of your team members and, if necessary, give them a chance to adapt to the new living conditions.

3. What aspects of your family life affect your work?

As an employer, you need to be aware of some of the issues that are likely to affect team members’ work. Is anyone close to your employee sick? Does your employee have children with whom he or she should spend more time during quarantine and housekeeping? These are private questions; But if you can become more aware of the living conditions of your team members, it will help you plan better and establish a better relationship with your employees.

4. What makes you feel more supported?

Employee group video calling improves member relationships

Some employees prefer telecommuting and others are less interested in it. Talk to team members about working from home. Your employees need to feel that they are part of a team, not isolated. Spend an hour chatting online with members. This will make it more convenient between members and increase productivity. Show them that talking to members is not a time to waste; It is part of human relationships in the virtual work environment.

5. Do you want to talk on the phone?

Telecommuting is often done by email exchange; But sometimes you need to make voice or video calls to your team members. There is a big difference between reading an email and talking to someone. So it’s useful for both intimacy and cognition.

6. Do you have enough time for your free time?

Given the current situation, it is unlikely that anyone will be able to travel any time soon. Now that work and home life are intertwined, the risk of fatigue and depression increases. Advise your team members to devote an hour to personal affairs and home entertainment, and not to drown out all home quarantine hours.




6 questions to ask your employees when telecommuting

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