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6 points about men’s emotional relationships that most women do not know

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to meet and date men? Many women think that it is easy for men to meet and start a relationship, because they are in a stronger position in emotional relationships. Believe it or not, men are also vulnerable to emotional relationships and may face the same problems as women when dating. Understanding the issues that men face in emotional relationships will help you get closer to your partner and better understand him / her, and it will be easier for you to get to know the issues and problems related to dating and building a relationship. Here are six things about men that most women are not aware of. be with us.

6. Men can not easily attract the attention of women

Women can easily get compliments or romantic attention from men. This can be seen in the comments below the posts of women on social networks. Most women know full well that they can get men’s attention, if they want to get their attention. Every woman has the power to accept or reject a man’s request; But this is not always the case with men.

Men are seldom noticed by women, especially if they do not have high self-esteem or are not very good-looking. Even when they meet or marry a woman, they seldom get her romantic attention; Because they are the ones who have to pay loving attention to the other side and express love and affection.

5. Men are more likely than women to hear the answer

According to social custom, it is usually men who, when they are interested in a woman, have to take the initiative and propose to her. That is, men are much more tolerant of hearing rejection than women. Exposing oneself to acceptance or rejection of others requires a high level of self-confidence. This makes it difficult for men without high self-esteem or charisma to propose. So if you feel that the man you love is hesitant and can not ask you to go out together, take the initiative and offer to go out.

4. Men do not have a high intuitive understanding

Men do not understand the meaning of gestures and body language as well as women - points that women do not know about men's emotional relationships

Men as well as women can not read the other person’s mind or understand the social signs. They are not very good at understanding body language or gestures. So if you want something from a man, tell him directly; Because trying to understand it by pointing to it will not get you anywhere. The ability to communicate and understand what is meant by acquaintance and relationship is very important.

3. Men think that it is very easy for women to have a relationship

Many men believe that the only thing a woman needs to start a relationship and meet men is physical beauty. They think that women should just make themselves beautiful in order to find their ideal man. They think that only beauty and attractiveness make a woman have many suitors. For this reason, most men think that “women can easily find someone for themselves.”

۲. Men are under great pressure from society

Young men are often pressured by their peers to have sex with girls before they are ready to do so. Most people look at men who attract a lot of women as heroes; In contrast, people who are shy and incapable of communicating with women are seen as helpless and helpless. Men who can not attract a woman’s attention feel ashamed. They should take the first step to meet and get acquainted; That is, they should take the risk of being rejected more than women.

1. Men receive conflicting messages about women’s desires from a young age

Men get a lot of advice about emotional relationships from others from a young age. Many of these advices are also contradictory. They receive conflicting messages from friends, parents, the media and even other girls. This contradiction can confuse young men; Because they have to understand and understand the needs and desires of women themselves. This confusion makes dating and relationship building seem even scarier for those who have no experience in this field!




6 points about men's emotional relationships that most women do not know

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