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6 important signs of customer indifference and ways to solve this problem

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Customer orientation and giving customers the right is one of the important policies of today’s businesses. However, the complexities of today’s world require certain subtleties in dealing with customers. Many times, the difference between a company’s failure and success is summed up in the way it deals with its customers. In this article, we point out 6 signs that indicate customer indifference and ways to avoid them.

Research has shown that 86% of customers are willing to pay more to get the right services, provided they have the right support. Spending to satisfy a customer does not mean wasting money; it is an investment you make to make more profit in the future.

Ignoring and ignoring the needs of customers in the long run will severely damage your company’s revenue. So to prevent this from happening, you need to know some common mistakes in dealing with customers to prevent them from happening.

1. You do not know your customers

Your business may have a lot of customers, but do you know them well enough? Your customers want to be informed about new products and services. Advertising is the best way to introduce them; But without knowing the customers, it is impossible to produce a proper advertisement.

Understanding the needs and tastes of customers is the first step in designing an appropriate strategy for dealing with them. Today, there are companies that advise businesses in the field of marketing and customer recognition. If you do not have such a section in your business, you can use their expertise.

2. Customers do not have access to you

One of the most common weaknesses of businesses is poor customer support. If the customers of your products or services want to comment on their experience, you need to design an easy and fast way for them to get their point across.

One of the simplest and most inefficient ways is to use the “Contact Us” section. In this section, customers write their request in the form of a text message and their email address to respond to the agents of that business. Experience has shown that messages sent this way often go unanswered. This creates a sense of dissatisfaction among customers.

In recent years, due to the expansion of communication infrastructure and ease of use of social networks, many successful businesses have transferred part of their support to this space.

Whichever way you use it, it is very important that your customers have access to someone almost every hour of the day and night so that they can express their opinions and problems.

3. You do not listen to your customers

Listening to customers' opinions and complaints plays an important role in customer orientation

Simply designing a fast and easy channel for customers to reach you is not enough. You need to train people to communicate with customers in a positive way and interact constructively with them. If you are only supposed to listen to complaints but do nothing, you will soon lose your credibility.

It is important to ask the right questions to your customers when talking to them. This will help you to understand the root of the problem and reach the basic solution.

4. You ignore the goals and values ​​of your business

In an unstable economy, businesses work hard to maintain their goals and values, but you should know that ignoring them can have an irreversible impact on your brand reputation and image in the minds of your customers.

Today, people pay a lot of attention to the goals, ethical and work values ​​and social responsibilities of companies; For example, what is the attitude of a business towards racial issues, minority rights and the environment. So you need to be clear about your company’s goals and values ​​to your employees and incorporate them into your business advertising and performance.

5. The different parts of your business are not coordinated

One of the issues that causes negative attitude of customers about your brand is the inconsistency between different groups of the company. Establishing coordination between different departments is crucial not only in the discussion of customers, but also in the overall success of the business. It is necessary to define and explain customer orientation as an important value for all parts of the company and also to provide fast and effective solutions for responding to customers in all parts.

6. You are not transparent!

In 2019, a research company published very important results. According to their findings, 80% of customers should trust a company before using its services or products.

Transparency builds customer trust

The best way to gain that trust is through transparency. Businesses that hide their goals, values, shareholders, and financial and tax statements cannot win the trust of customers. Arrange to regularlyTell your customers about your company and business. In the face of crises, act honestly and transparently. Take responsibility for your mistakes and try to make up for them.


Every business is based on communication and trust. There is a simple rule: if you respect and value your customers, they will do the same to you. Creating a lasting relationship plays a very important role in the success of your business.




6 important signs of customer indifference and ways to solve this problem

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