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5 ways to have an optimal schedule with the help of technology

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Technology is a double-edged sword for busy people. On the one hand, smartphones and social media have caused us to waste hours every day without even realizing it; On the other hand, new software is released every day that is designed to organize our schedule. There are many benefits to using an effective and efficient program, such as increasing productivity, convenience and peace of mind. Using technology to control and optimize the schedule is a tempting feature that we can not ignore. So in this article, we will introduce some of the technology capabilities that you can use to control and optimize your schedule. Stay with us.

“Using technology to optimize the schedule” means identifying areas that need attention and then addressing those areas. Although there are hundreds of apps that the developers claim control over your schedule, none of them can meet all of your needs alone. In fact, using the wrong software is more harmful than helpful. Therefore, choosing the right software is very important, software that has useful and special capabilities, such as:

1. Calendar management

One way to use technology is to let it take full responsibility for our schedule. Calendar management-focused programs display the schedule in layouts that are easy to understand. They also prevent your work schedule from becoming overloaded. These features help us a lot. But a cluttered calendar can easily cause us to miss our appointments and disrupt our schedule.

The calendar management program does not simply keep track of our schedule; It does the same for those around us. There are dynamic calendar apps where the user can share their schedule with others. These softwares make meeting and event planning considerably easier; They also prevent you from wasting time finding a time frame in which everyone can attend your meeting or event. To use technology to organize your schedule, you must first find the right software for your schedule.

2. Time analysis

Understanding exactly how much time you spend doing different activities during the day is difficult. Employees spend an average of 28% of their time on unwanted work breaks. We can not understand exactly how we can avoid wasting time because of these interruptions. One of the best ways to make the most of your schedule is to divide your time into the smallest possible parts; Then look at how we spend every minute of our day. Using software that analyzes how we spend our time is an important step in balancing and optimizing our schedule.

Some calendar programs also have time analysis software. Some platforms are also entirely dedicated to time analysis. When you feel that your schedule is not working properly, pay attention to which parts of your schedule have problems and need to be corrected. Is the amount of time you spend in meetings really helpful? How about contacts? Understanding how you use your time now is the key to making better use of your time in the future.

3. Help hold dynamic meetings

Use video conferencing technology to communicate digitally

Meetings are an important part of a company’s working hours. But their over-traditional structure has significant downsides. Business executives find more than two-thirds of meetings completely unsuccessful. When people talk about meeting technology, they usually mean video conferencing technology. Video conferencing technology is an important tool for communicating digitally. It is true that communication tools are valuable for communicating with customers, contractors, and telecommuters who work remotely, but using these tools is not the only digital way available to improve meetings.

Simple tools such as anonymous online surveys have a great effect on making employees’ voices heard during meetings. More comprehensive and complete tools such as Trello’s Team Meetings Board pursue the same goal. These tools allow meetings to be run from the bottom up, not the top down. In meetings that are conducted dynamically, all related topics are covered and time is wasted as much as possible.

4. Small-scale automation

Do you know what one of the biggest wastes of time is? Doing small, mundane tasks that are an integral part of office work: tasks like checking emails, printing documents, editing and saving files. Many of these things are inevitable. So automating them is the only way to remove them from our schedule.

Office automation tools such as Zapier or IFTTT eliminate the need for small tasks. By creating simple programs that do repetitive and mundane tasks, we will have enough time to do more important tasks. Setting aside a schedule does not just mean emptying large time intervals; Also includes increasing free time.

5. Adjust clever breaks and breaks

Use programs to set breaks at work

Rest and breaks play an important role in keeping productivity high. Yet one-third of employees in the United States do not even rest for lunch. Research has shown that employee productivity reaches its highest level when employees work at 90-minute intervals and take a break between these intervals.

Many stress-focused programs remind you when it’s time to rest and what to do during those times. When we take a few breaks during the day and do useful activities during these times, such as walking, reading a book, or even meditating, our productivity increases significantly. By using rest periods to increase productivity, you can do more and achieve all the things you have planned.

Technology is very valuable and we should not abandon it. We must use technology in a way that is useful. Productivity programs can have a huge impact on our work day, without the need to do much work and work hard to improve our productivity. In 2019, we no longer have to have a messy schedule, because using the right technology will help us put our schedule in order.




5 ways to have an optimal schedule with the help of technology

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