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5 Tommy Shelby Entrepreneurship Lessons in the Picky Blinders series

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If you’ve seen the Picky Blinders series, you know Tommy Shelby. He is a violent and experienced murderer. Despite the violent characters and story of the Picky Blinders series, some important features of Tommy Shelby, a criminal entrepreneur, cannot be ignored. Tommy Shelby is an intelligent businessman whose positive traits in business can inspire us in our economic activities. be with us. Here are five entrepreneurial lessons that Tommy Shelby teaches us in the Picky Blinders series.

1. Lies spread faster than the truth

Starting new economic activities faces countless challenges. This can encourage him to sometimes tell expedient lies. In general, trade is tied to lies. The person may lie to himself in various situations, such as at the time of the transaction, marketing, or even himself. It is often thought that entrepreneurs always lie and distort or exaggerate the facts to strengthen their image in order to succeed in attracting new customers, attracting capital and advertising.

However, lying can be like being on a slippery slope. Because if you do not remember what lies you have told in the past, you will have a problem. From the customer’s point of view, honesty is more valuable today. Customers value your credit, and in the meantime honesty can be a trait that boosts your credibility. Contrary to popular belief that there is no such thing as bad advertising, not all advertising is good. Of course, with the development of social networks, Shelby’s statement has come true. Because lies are spread sooner than the truth. Now the choice is yours. You better be honest. Because otherwise there is a risk that your lies will come back to haunt you and challenge you.

2. You can change your job but not your wishes

Discovering interests in life is a difficult task. One of the best things that can happen to us is to make money doing what we love to do. When we get to this point, we like to stay in the process. When we have a deep understanding of ourselves and our desires, not only can we discover our interests, but we can also understand who we want to become.

We usually dream about our favorite lifestyle and lifestyle. When we move from one job to another and from one idea to another, we are not satisfied until we can meet our needs. We can change our work, but we will not be satisfied until we are on the path to our greatest desires. If you want to start a business or activity, be sure to do what you love. Otherwise, you will gradually change after a while due to dissatisfaction.

3. Courage means going to a place where no one has gone before

Getting out of the safe and comfortable area is something that entrepreneurs should not have a problem with. We usually stay in our safe and comfortable area to feel comfortable. This can prevent us from achieving the things we truly love. Getting out of your comfort zone can be a daunting task. Because you have to accept the risk of entering the realm of the unknown. You can not predict what will happen because you have never experienced that path.

Of course, depending on what you intend to do, you can assess the severity of your risk somewhat (not accurately and completely). The only way to know exactly the details of something is to do it and get to the heart of it. You will usually find in the end that the consequences of your risk were not as bad as you worried. So be brave and enter the realm of the unknown. It is never possible to predict what doors will open for you.

4. Those who endure hardships will grow

You’ve probably all heard the story of the rabbit and turtle race. A story in which a slow turtle can win against a proud rabbit. This story teaches us that if we are steadfast on our path, our chances of success are greater than doing something with sudden and unstable excitement. We usually compare our success rate with that of others. Especially as an entrepreneur, we may compare ourselves to competitors and change our view of success, and over time we may find it difficult to stay motivated because it may seem like we can no longer win the competition.

This partly explains why some startups fail at the beginning. They can not get what they want quickly. Therefore, their desire decreases. However, if you believe in your idea and can overcome the ups and downs of the road, you will probably succeed. Every failure you experience allows you to learn new things and move forward. Shelby’s passion for success is unparalleled. He finds progress and success despite dangerous and deadly experiences and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

5. I have no rest in this world, but I may have it in the next world

Top 5 Entrepreneurship Lessons Tommy Shelby Teaches in Picky Blinders - An Entrepreneur Can't Stop His Business

As an entrepreneur you can not stop your business. You have to work longer hours than before to make your effort worthwhile. Lack of this work commitment causes many to fail in their entrepreneurial path. You need to understand that in order to succeed in business, you may come up with interesting and creative ideas on the weekends or holidays or at rest, which you should follow. You will have very little time to rest, especially early in your activity. Your mind is constantly getting ideas from what is happening around you. You even take your business with you on your leisure trips. Of course, career advancement with unhealthy methods is not right and you should think about the balance between work and life. But usually an entrepreneur has less time to rest and business is always going on in his mind!

Entrepreneurship is not all about fun and beauty, but if you crave it, it’s worth it. Do not underestimate the impact of hard work on your path, and as we learn from Tommy Shelby, as long as we have hope and self-confidence, we can learn from failures and grow. Hope and self-confidence are two key factors in entrepreneurial thinking.




5 Tommy Shelby Entrepreneurship Lessons in the Picky Blinders series

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