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5 skills to increase productivity and gain more time

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Is your head too busy? Do you need to plan your budget financially? Is there money left over? Do you have to manage rent and loan installments? Taking care of your children and work issues, on the other hand, has occupied your mind and time? We know you are not in a very interesting situation! In the midst of all this trouble, it is very difficult to find time to take care of yourself and get things done regularly; But remember, running out of time means you do not know how to plan and make decisions. If you want to hear more, join us to teach you 5 skills to increase productivity and gain more time.

Time Management; The art of skillful and intelligent people

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. Even if our budgeting is not right, we usually try to spend the money very carefully so that no problem arises; But when it comes to time, most of us are artless and careless. Maybe we think we will survive forever and that is why we do not manage time properly.

Have you noticed that most of the time we attend unnecessary meetings, roam social networks, do not prioritize tasks and take on all the responsibilities, and then reduce in the middle of the road? We need to know that we can still get the money that we value so much and that we manage it carefully; But we can not buy time again at any cost. Remember that many people, when they are on their deathbed, regret why they lost time and could not live better.

Here are some ways to teach time management; The methods that smart and skilled people in business and life use to increase productivity and gain more time.

1. Use of useful methods and technologies

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These days, thanks to technology, we have all kinds of possibilities and we can delegate many of our tasks to technology. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs and business owners do not use office automation or machines and technology to advance their business; While there are many cheap, simple, and at the same time fast and practical tools in this direction.

New methods also increase productivity. Take a look at the following examples that can drive your business and free up your time in different ways:

  • Use data mining and contract review techniques and tools for your legal work.
  • For sales, look for people who will be your potential future customers. If you work on a potential customer, he or she will come to you in the future. Connect with your customers in every part of the sales funnel. Use artificial intelligence techniques to identify customers and competitors. Identify and address customer needs and pre-organize and schedule your business meetings.
  • Use ready-made email templates and content production for marketing. Re-use previously generated content and republish it properly.
  • To manage the IT department of your business, use the methods of network management, proper support and maintenance of data and computer tools, organization and proper management of data (eg, production and transmission of data).
  • Use the right and modern methods of hiring and recruiting staff and appropriate payroll techniques for your human resource management department.
  • With the help of appropriate tools and technologies, make things like copying different files and repetitive computer affairs faster and easier during work.
  • Support them more with questionnaires and interact with others and your business customers.

There are several softwares in this field. Create more time for yourself by choosing the right and automating processes with the help of new management technology. You do not have to do all that we have said, just you and them in person.

۲. Outsourcing

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You can not rely on automation and technology-based automated processes for all business matters. In these cases, you should consider outsourcing. Outsourcing means delegating some of your duties and responsibilities to other forces so that they can take care of you. If what you want to delegate to others is not sensitive and complicated and others can do it, why not leave it to others and buy more time for yourself?

Always see if the work you are about to do is worth more than an hour of useful work. If you find that the cost to you is less valuable to you than your hourly wage, draw a line around it. You do many small tasks yourself, thinking that they will not take much time. This is where you make the big mistake; That is, you remember that these are small but numerous tasks that fill your entire day and leave you with no time. Note that the sum of tasks that take only 5 minutes of your day, but are repeated 5 times during the day, is at least 15 working days at the end of the year; So for better time management, you should use the outsourcing method and do not do the things that others can do and leave them to them.

3. Use of optimal and fast communication methods

Using the right communication methods makes people spend time in different businesses and organizations well for themselves and useful things. Many long working sessions waste staff time; While the message of these meetings can be conveyed to everyone through email and various media.

Compulsory sessions can be summed up in a short time, for example 15 to 30 minutes; But usually the formalities and rhetoric of the people in the meetings cause everyone to waste time. With the help of messenger and project management software, communication between different people and employees of the system can be managed and organized.

4. Classify different decisions according to their importance

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Rate different organizational and business decisions. If you make a mistake in some important decisions, it will have irreparable consequences. These kinds of decisions affect a wide range of people and are crucial. Another category of decisions is less important and if a mistake is made in them, it will not have very serious and important consequences.

You should know that most decisions in any business are secondary decisions; That is, because they are not very important, there is no need to hold long meetings and routines to get results. However, many organizations and companies waste meetings and formalities to make the second type of decision and waste people’s time. You do not do this. Try to make unimportant decisions quickly and without spending time and formalities.

5. Properly categorize different things to advance them simultaneously

Doing multiple tasks at the same time causes fatigue and reduces productivity; But there are ways in which you can do several things together and still have good productivity and stay away from fatigue; For example, if you do important tasks along with the things you are interested in, your productivity will increase. Do the exercise that you may not enjoy and that you always avoid (but it is necessary), along with listening to an interesting podcast. Doing pleasant and not so pleasant things at the same time helps to promote both and creates useful habits in you.

at the end

For better time management, put aside excuses and plan for your personal life and work. Proper planning and the right use of time will make you rich, do your favorite things and never regret lost time.

How do you plan daily? Do you pay attention to this important issue at all and do you use special methods to write a list of your daily tasks?




5 skills to increase productivity and gain more time

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