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5 simple questions you need to answer to change your career path

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All of us human beings make our lives meaningful and able to express ourselves through what we do. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. In real life, when it comes to work, the issue of interest and job satisfaction is usually sidelined, and it is the necessity that takes precedence; But in order to really feel satisfied with life, we have to put aside this necessity to some extent and do something that we are really interested in, and by doing so, we can grow and progress. In this article, we want to see how we can fulfill this desire and by asking ourselves 5 simple questions, we can change our lives and find such a thing. After a short introduction, we will mention the questions and more details.

A year is too short to plan our lives based on it and to set goals that we can achieve after this time. As soon as we realize this fact, the celebration of New Year becomes a cliché for us.

The problem is that we should not look at New Year’s Eve as a time to plan for next year; It is enough to take this opportunity to show our gratitude for life and health. Real success in life is achieved when we are patient and allow our small advances to come together over the years and make an impact on our lives over a period of several years.

Many of us magnify the goals we can achieve in a year; On the other hand, we are unaware of the importance of what we can achieve in the longer term.

Simple but crucial questions

The following 5 questions are related to the personal life of a person who worked in a small private organization. He had reached a point in his life where the future was frightening and uncertain for him, and he did not know what path to take to continue his life. This situation continued until he became acquainted with a new approach by attending a lecture: by asking five questions, to find a path in his life that is really important to him and that he is interested in. Using these questions, he was able to change his life and get rid of the bad situation he was in.

Let’s see what these questions were.

1. What job would you like to have in the next 10 years?

Set aside today, this month, and the year ahead. Let’s go a little further. Our purpose in asking this question is not to see what we think we will do 10 years from now; The question is, what do we want to do 10 years from now?

We can not say in answer to this question that suppose we want to start traveling to different places in 10 years. Even if he retires by then, he still has to do something and take responsibility. If we put our hands together and do nothing, we will have no reason to survive. Those around us must somehow feel the impact of our existence.

On paper, write down your tradition plus 10 and write down in front of you what you would like to do at the time. Maybe you want to grow your business and work with international organizations or write a book. It can be anything; You just have to be interested in it.

Remember your dreams and fight to make them come true. You need to know what you want out of this life. There is only one thing that can stop you from achieving your dream: the fear of failure.

Paulo Coelho

۲. Who do you know whose current job will be your favorite 10 years from now?

Believe it or not, there are people whose lives today are something like the dream you have. Do you know such people? If the answer is no, search the internet right now and find them.

Try to find at least 5 of these people and do more research about them. Keep in mind that you should only select those whose current job is the same as your answer to question number 1.

3. Who among the people you found with the previous question, who should you follow to get closer to your dream?

Patterns to follow

In order for your dream to come true, you have to make changes in yourself and find new abilities. These will make you a new person. Your path will be decentralized and aimless until you realize what changes you need to make and who you need to become to have the life you want. From the list of people you prepared with the previous question, select the person whose job is closest to your interests and priorities; Then try to follow in his footsteps.

4. What job, responsibility or job prepares you to become the person you found out in the previous question?

It is no longer a question of the necessity of work: working for money and wealth and providing the necessities of life, or simply finding a good job and filling our time with it. We need to set a clear goal and find something that brings us closer to it.

You need experience or work experience to become the person of your dreams. This history gives you credentials and helps you find the right textbook over time. You need to put aside the need to work and take on a task in which you have the opportunity to grow and progress. Ultimately, this is the task that puts you on the path to your desired job. What do you think you should do to be able to have your favorite job in 10 years?

The greatest adventure of life that can be experienced is achieving dreams and living with them.

Oprah Winfrey

5. In order to qualify for the job of choice in question number 4, in what fields should you be trained?

Obtain training for the desired job

You may already have the expertise to do the job now. In this case, most of your time and attention will be spent searching for job opportunities.

But this is not true for everyone. Most people need to be trained to qualify after finding a job. In today’s world, with the advent of the Internet, finding these educational resources has become easier than ever. There are thousands of different educational resources in every field you can think of.

Even if you can not afford the cost of training classes, you can be sure that you will find free training resources in the field you want.

Another option you have is to attend online (virtual) training classes at universities and other educational institutions. It is not even bad if you take short-term internships related to your field of work and gain skills in its various sub-fields.

You will find various educational resources on the Internet for works of art, business, technical work and any other field in which you want to progress; You just have to take some time and look for these resources.

In order to get the job you want, you must first be trained and skilled. This basic skill will allow you to find work. After that, and over time, as you gain experience in your work, you will get better and better, and good things will happen to you.


Once you have found the relevant training resources, you will move from Question 5 to Question 1. Gaining skills allows you to find work. As you gain experience in your field, you will gradually become an expert. After that you can live as you like and you will have freedom of action.

Some people need 10 years to reach this goal, but there are many who achieve it in less time. In any case, the main issue is to put aside doubts and become accomplices. 10 years or less, if you want, you will finally find the job you have always dreamed of and your life will be the way you always wanted it to be.

The person we mentioned in the first part of the article, who became acquainted with these questions in a lecture, later left his job in a private organization and started working at the university, because he came to the conclusion that in order to have his favorite job, he must first work at the university. . After a while, he was promoted and then went to work in a bigger city to have more opportunities for advancement.

With a little perseverance and prioritization, anyone can be as successful as he or she is. what is your opinion? Do you have another suggestion for finding a job and making a difference in your life? Share your opinion with us and the readers of this article.




5 simple questions you need to answer to change your career path

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