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5 reasons to use digital marketing in business development

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Futurology And digital marketing are two key and very important concepts in today’s business world. In futurology in general, the probable future conditions are predicted and a relative estimate is made about it (which includes the future of the business and the digital marketing arena); In digital marketing, using the Internet and electronic devices, services and products are introduced to customers and target audiences. In the following, we will provide you with more details and information about these two concepts, their role and importance in today’s business world, and finally, we will list the reasons that highlight the role of using digital marketing in business development. they do. be with us.

What is futures research and what is its role in business development?

Futurology is a branch of the social sciences. The main purpose of futures research in the business world is to identify common trends in the future. In other words, by applying futuristic knowledge, they try to understand where the business world is heading and in the future, which technologies and technologies will be used more for the expansion and development of businesses, marketing and activities related to digital marketing. They do this by examining common trends in the past and present in the business world, and by using the knowledge they gain, they relatively predict the future of business activities.

The role of futures research is crucial for business development; Because by using the knowledge obtained from Business FuturesThe work policies of the companies and the path they are going to take to achieve progress and development are determined.

Why do companies need to spend time and money on digital marketing to grow and sustain themselves in the future?

If you are not familiar with the world of business and digital marketing, you should first know that What does digital marketing mean?. Simply put, digital marketing refers to any type of marketing activity that takes place using the Internet and electronic devices. In fact, all marketing activities that take place in cyberspace and the Internet will be a subset of digital marketing and its components: activities such as social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing and SEO.

Digital marketing has grown exponentially over the past few years to this day, and the reason is very simple: the whole world today relies on the Internet, and most business and personal activities are carried out using it. According to some estimates, most people spend at least 24 hours a week using the Internet (usually with a smartphone). There is no denying that the number of Internet users is increasing day by day. So if you are a business owner and you want to grow and succeed, you must pay attention to these users and take full advantage of this opportunity.

Digital Branding Tools - Using Digital Marketing in Business Development

Nowadays, all companies and businesses, regardless of the size of their company and the amount of capital they have, are required to spend time and money in the field of digital marketing, of course, if they want to have a say among their competitors and a clearer vision of the future. Have. Given the importance of digital marketing in the business world, futurists spend most of their energy identifying common trends in the future of digital marketing so that they can lay the groundwork for business success and guide their policies and plans.

There are several reasons why the use of digital marketing in the development of business is important and vital. In the following sections we will tell you what these reasons are.

How does futures research help identify appropriate ways to work in the field of digital marketing?

We mentioned earlier that the main purpose of futures research is to identify common trends in the future of digital marketing and to guide business policies based on the knowledge gained from these studies; Therefore, futures studies play an important role in related activities Business research and development has it. In order to better understand the subject, in this part of the article, we will tell you how, using the science of futurology, they identify possible common trends in the future of the digital marketing world.

Futurology - Identifying appropriate methods of activity in the field of digital marketing with the help of futurology

Nearly emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality glasses and 3D printers are among the items that are given great importance in futurology. Foresight experts believe that businesses will use these technologies more in the future; For example, everyday repetitive work processes in the future will probably be done using artificial intelligence to spend the time and energy of human resources on more important tasks.

It is possible that in the future, customers will no longer need to be physically present and business products or services will be displayed to them using virtual reality glasses. 3D printers are also likely to play a big role in the future of the digital marketing world, and customers will be able to use these printers to print and view 3D models of their company’s products at home.

These assessments are only part of the achievements of futurists. The knowledge gained from the activities of these experts will guide the business policies and planning of businesses.

Why should we use digital marketing to grow our business?

We now know that the future of business depends to a large extent on the development of the role of technology and the use of digital tools. But if you still do not have enough justification, ‌ we recommend that you stay with us until the end of the article. In the following, we will discuss the reasons for the importance of using digital marketing in business development.

1. It does not matter what the size of your business is; Digital marketing boosts your business

Use of digital tools - Reasons why digital marketing is important in business development

Maybe you started a small business and don’t have that much time, capital and manpower right now. no problem; Even then, you can use digital marketing to reap the benefits of your business. All you need is Internet access, an electronic device, and specific planning for your digital marketing activities.

With proper marketing planning in digital marketing, you can grow your small business and have something to say among your well-known competitors: a goal that will never be achieved using traditional marketing methods. But do not forget that planning, determining the course of activities and spending enough time is very important and determines your success or failure in this direction.

2. The cost of digital marketing activities is lower and more cost-effective

With digital marketing, you will not only save time and reduce the need for manpower, but also carry a lighter burden in terms of costs. In digital marketing, as mentioned earlier, you only need an electronic device and the Internet, and if you know how to do it, you can start immediately. Of course, it is not bad if you use the help and experience of an expert at least at the beginning of the work. Compare the cost of doing this with when you plan to rent a billboard or billboard for your business. This comparison will give you a much better understanding of the cost of digital marketing compared to traditional marketing methods.

3. It is very easy to follow the trend of conversion rate changes in digital marketing

Another reason that highlights the role of digital marketing in business development is the simplicity of following the conversion rate change process and the possibility of increasing the conversion rate by using it. In digital marketing, with all the different programs available to you, following the conversion rate changes process will be easy for you. In addition, you can follow up in more detail and see which part of your digital marketing activity has the highest conversion rate and put more time and energy into it (e.g., social media marketing compared to email marketing).

4. Digital marketing is easy to use

Reasons for the Importance of Using Digital Marketing in Business Development - The Simplicity of Using Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is probably the easiest way to grow your business. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. After that, everything will be to your liking by itself.

You should not forget that people trust what they share more than the ads of the winners. Fortunately, digital marketing allows you to do this, as long as the content you use for your ads is useful and useful and worth sharing.

5. Audiences and customers can be well identified

The last reason we point to the use of digital marketing in business development is to make it possible to accurately identify your audience and customers. Who visits your website? Where are they from? What device do they use to visit your website? Do they share your content? In digital marketing, you will be able to find the answers to all these questions, and with the valuable knowledge you gain from your audience, you can guide your policies and work plans.

Introducing one of the Iranian companies active in the field of business future research and digital marketing

If you, too, want to reap the benefits of digital marketing and want to take a step towards smartening your business, we suggest that you take advantage of the help of great media consultants.

Azim Media is one of the active Iranian companies in the field of business future research and digital marketing and specializes in this field. Mr. Azim Rabiezadeh is the CEO and founder of this company. He has about ten years of experience in business futures consulting and digital marketing. Among Rabiezadeh’s great records, we can mention his collaboration with successful brands and well-known names such as IcePack. If through the site Massive media Contact this collection, you can get a free consultation session from Azim Rabiezadeh Get a gift.

what is your opinion? To what extent do you think futurism and digital marketing will dominate the future of the business world? If you are a business owner, will you consider working in these areas? How much have you used these methods to grow your business and secure its future? How important do you think they are? In the comments section, you can tell us and other readers about your experiences and opinions.

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5 reasons to use digital marketing in business development

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