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5 practical ways to deal with a bad manager and a toxic work environment

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Have you ever encountered a bad manager in the workplace? The experience of having a bad manager is very unpleasant. Maybe you have worked in an environment where the manager treated his subordinates very badly, humiliated them, got angry easily and shouted, or worst of all, ended the success and achievements of other employees in his own name. Is. But how should we deal with such a manager? Follow us to the end of this article to answer this question.

Although classes and workshops are held regularly to train successful managers these days, a significant number of managers in organizations and departments still do not behave well. In the United States, for example, 56 percent of employees report that the management of their organization or company is behaving badly. Another statistic published by the American Psychological Association shows that 75% of employees in this country consider facing the boss and his presence as the most stressful part of their work environment. According to statistics Gallup Institute, Half of people who leave their jobs have problems with their manager at work. A bad manager will not only turn your workplace into hell for you, but will also have an adverse effect on your personal life. In fact, a bad manager can damage the health of your body and soul.

How can a bad manager kill you?

It may seem that after finding a job in a chaotic job market, it is better to compromise with the environment and the manager and not think about leaving the job. But the fact is that bad managers can endanger your health as well. According to a census of 3,122 people in Sweden, people who deal with bad managers are 60% more likely than others to have a stroke, heart attack or other heart problems. According to another study, having a bad boss can lead to chronic depression, anxiety and stress. All of this is due to a low level of immunity.

Some research even shows that it takes 22 months for stress levels to return to normal after exposure to a bad manager. A recent study has been published in the International Journal of Environmental Research. This study shows that adverse work environments increase the likelihood of increased risk factors for cardiovascular health. For example, they can cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol and various types of diabetes. Leaving a job that has an unfavorable work environment may seem difficult and not a very interesting option, but staying in an annoying environment will be far more harmful to the health of body and soul.

Ways to deal with a bad manager and an unfavorable work environment

When you evaluate your situation in an unfavorable work environment and consider other work options, you will find that there are ways to deal with a bad manager and manage your unfavorable situation at work. In the following, a number of these methods are discussed.

1. Sympathy

The bad manager you have at work may seem like a nightmare to you, but it is possible that his misbehavior is rooted in hidden truths; Therefore, it is better to sympathize with this person and put yourself in his place. Low emotional intelligence is one of the reasons why a bad manager shows cold and insincere behavior. Do not be upset with him for this defect and try to behave in a way that shows your sympathy and support for him. You may not be able to change the behavior of your bad manager, but by controlling your behavior in dealing with him, you will be able to manage the situation.

۲. Self-care

The manager is bullying

Taking care of your mind and body in stressful environments and situations is essential. Tell yourself that this is a temporary situation and you are not going to put up with it for the rest of your life. It is best to look outside the workplace and at other times for fun activities and programs that make you feel good. Look for programs like yoga and meditation. These activities can help you relax and increase your ability to live in the present.

Exercising and getting enough sleep are also essential in self-care. Another way to take self-care is to associate with people who understand you. It is better to make a chain of friendship and communication with them. It would also be a good idea to get help from a coach, mentor or inspirational person who can guide you to the right career path.

3. Creating boundaries in the workplace

If you have a manager who calls you at any time of the day and expects you to cancel your vacation trip to attend a meeting, you must set boundaries for him or her. One way to help with this is to try and say no. Prepare a set of answers in advance.

For example, when you are asked for a job and your head is very busy, tell the manager without compliments that you are very happy about your choice to do the job, but at the moment, your head is very busy and you are sure that someone is better to do it. There is work. Also, be prepared for situations where you have excessive demands on your duties or at the wrong time. For example, in the face of such suggestions, say that unfortunately you have family plans that must be addressed and you do not have enough time.

If you still do not have the ability to say no, you should immediately suggest another option to the manager; For example, say that you will not do this on Friday, but everything will be ready and complete by Saturday evening. You can also reject an unreasonable suggestion and agenda with a confident tone or note.

4. Your feedback tool

Bad manager

Let your management and human resources department hear your views on your situation. Do not let your grievances about working too hard and not being appreciated enough stay in your heart until the last day of work in a set. Talk to your manager and talk to him or her about your concerns and problems, give him or her feedback on how you feel at work, and suggest solutions if possible. You need to address your needs for management support. Even if management ignores your wishes, you will still be satisfied with your efforts to improve the situation.

5. The last solution

If all else fails, get ideas from others. For example, change your position in the same office or look for a change of job altogether. Self-employment or starting a business is also an option you can think of. Do not endanger your health in any way due to a bad manager and a toxic work environment. Remember that we are not leaving jobs, we are leaving bad managers; We all have the right to work with managers who are inspiring and know how to lead and motivate employees.



5 practical ways to deal with a bad manager and a toxic work environment

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