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5 life lessons to learn from Nicole Kidman

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For some time now, Nicole Kidman has been widely known for her brilliant performance on HBO’s hit series Big Little Lies, The Big Lies; But the American-Australian actor and producer has been admired by viewers for decades. To date, Kidman’s performance has earned him two Emmy Awards, five Golden Globes and an Academy Award. She has been one of the highest paid actresses and influential people in the world since entering the world of cinema in the 80’s in Australia. Despite all the success in his life, it’s not bad to know the important points that Kidman himself thinks contributed to his success. So in this article we will see what lessons Nicole Kidman’s life has for us. be with us.

Nicole Kidman has starred in many prominent films, including Batman Forever, Eyes Wide Shut, The Hours, Moulin Rouge, and Cold Mountain. Cold Mountain), Stoker and…. His assets are valued at more than $ 130 million. She has been UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since 1994 and UN Goodwill Ambassador for Women since 2006.

1. He always dances to his own instrument

In an interview with Vanty Fair, Kidman explicitly states that nothing has changed since he started acting 30 years ago! In addition to dancing to his own instrument, he is also very strict in choosing his film projects. He only plays roles that are compatible with his acting. He describes himself as a hard-working, hard-working person with a strange taste.

“I’ve acted in weird movies and done seemingly stupid things,” he told Vogue. I still adhere to this policy; Because I love performing arts and not giving in to other people’s expectations. “I do not think in accordance with custom.”

Perhaps his wife, singer-songwriter Kate Urban, best describes him: “You are not a member of the Wind Party at all!”

Kidman believes you should only do things that speak to you. He believes that you are the only one who can recognize the end of your work! “Things no longer have a history of consumption like in the past,” he says. That’s why we have to change regularly. If we are lucky (compared to the past) we have a longer life; “So we have to use our huge amount of creative energy somewhere.”

۲. He recognizes his fears and embraces them

Nicole Kidman’s mother challenged everything: her daughter, the system, everything. This situation strengthened his strength and helped him build a different relationship from fear, a different relationship from most people’s relationship with fear. She admits that sometimes she wished her mother would hug her and tell her she was a wonderful girl; But his mother raised a girl who does not recognize any obstacles, even the most frightening experiences.

However, Nicole does not feel afraid, but sometimes feels that she has many fears; But he always decides to go through the fears and get over them. “I recently played in a theater in London that had a paralyzing fear in me,” he told W Magazine. Every day I had to be on stage and I told myself there was nothing wrong with that and I had to do it. I was terrified of the scene; In a way, my heart rate was going up and I was experiencing very horrible moments. Like many similar experiences, I had to face my fears and get the job done. “I think I have had to do the same thing all my life.”

3. He owns all his mistakes and successes

If you talk to the most successful and happiest people, they are unlikely to claim to have ever made a mistake. The reason for their success and happiness is not the right or low-risk choices. These people, like Kidman, were not fugitives from being human. They accept that man is infallible and the owner of all his right and wrong decisions.

Gene Campion, producer and film director, has worked with Kidman since the early 1980s. He shows us new dimensions of Nicole Kidman’s flexibility: “Nicole has the humility to change direction and reorganize. If something does not work, then it does not work! Accepting big mistakes and trying to correct them is an important feature. I have seen Nicole in a very bad situation. I have seen how he gets out of those situations. “His policy is truly inspiring.”

4. He always feels everything; ‌ Behind the scenes, on stage

5 daily habits to learn from Nicole Kidman

In all good relationships, there is a balance between the personalities of the parties. The same is true of the relationship between Kidman and his wife; Even though he believes that his wife feels things better and then becomes careless about them!

Kidman does not overlook any issues when processing issues. He lets his real self face problems and does not worry about getting hurt. “My wife thinks I’m an actor, but she’s just an extrovert,” she says. “My wife goes on stage and every night on stage she is immersed in music and love in her role and communicates with the audience.”

This may not sound like a good trait, but Kidman believes it has worked for him as an actor. He believes that in order to communicate with the audience, one must deeply engage with the maps. “I’m much more honest and caring now,” he says. I used to have more fears, but now I tell myself not to be hard, talk nonsense, share your ideas openly. This, of course, carries risks. You are very transparent and do not face people in any way; “But at the same time, you will feel closer to the people.”

5. In his opinion, the passage of life is beautiful

When you look at different parts of life, you remember some moments over and over again; But as the number of candles on your birthday cake increases, you realize that “time” is the greatest gift of life. This is at least true of Nicole Kidman!

“The older we get, the more meaningful everything becomes,” he says. This is insane. Big Little Lies becomes more meaningful. Lion’s success is more significant than Moulin Rouge’s success. When we are young, we often look at things more carefree. We say whatever the wind. “But the older we get, the more meaningful the issues become and the more we appreciate everything.”




5 life lessons to learn from Nicole Kidman

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